Package listing

This is a listing of all packages available via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

awk 20121220 Text processing scripting language
aws-apigateway-importer 1.0.1_1 AWS API Gateway Importer
aws-cfn-tools 1.0.12 Client for Amazon CloudFormation web service
aws-cloudsearch Client for Amazon CloudSearch web service
aws-elasticache 1.12.000 Client for Amazon ElastiCache web service
aws-elasticbeanstalk 3.12.4 Client for Amazon Elastic Beanstalk web service
aws-es-proxy 0.8 Small proxy between HTTP client and AWS Elasticsearch
aws-keychain 3.0.0 Uses macOS keychain for storage of AWS credentials
aws-sdk-cpp 1.4.30 AWS SDK for C++
aws-shell 0.2.0_1 Integrated shell for working with the AWS CLI
aws-sns-cli 2013-09-27 Client for Amazon Simple Notification web service
awscli 1.15.0 Official Amazon AWS command-line interface
awslogs 0.10 Simple command-line tool to read AWS CloudWatch logs
axel 2.15 Light UNIX download accelerator
azure-cli 2.0.31 Microsoft Azure CLI 2.0