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https://golang.org Also known as: golang, google-go, go@1.10

Current versions

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require go to be installed:
hub 2.2.9 Add GitHub support to git on the command-line
gdrive 2.1.0 Google Drive CLI Client
exercism 2.4.1 Command-line tool to interact with exercism.io
docker-swarm 1.2.8 Turn a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual host
borg 0.0.3 Terminal based search engine for bash commands
github-release 0.7.2 Create and edit releases on Github (and upload artifacts)
gowsdl 0.2.1 WSDL2Go code generation as well as its SOAP proxy
monax 0.18.0 Blockchain application platform CLI
rack 1.2 CLI for Rackspace
rancher-compose 0.12.5 Docker Compose compatible client to deploy to Rancher
fleetctl 1.0.0 Distributed init system
scmpuff 0.2.1 Adds numbered shortcuts for common git commands
scw 1.14 Manage BareMetal Servers from command-line (as easily as with Docker)
sift 0.9.0 Fast and powerful open source alternative to grep
jid 0.7.2 Json incremental digger
path-extractor 0.2.0 UNIX filter which outputs the filepaths found in stdin
td 1.4.0 Your todo list in your terminal
termshare 0.2.0_1 Interactive or view-only terminal sharing via client or web
deis 2.18.0 The CLI for Deis Workflow
dockviz 0.5.0 Visualizing docker data
deisctl 1.13.4 Deis Control Utility
warp 0.0.3 Secure terminal sharing with one simple command
teleconsole 0.3.1 Free service to share your terminal session with people you trust
certstrap 1.1.1 Tools to bootstrap CAs, certificate requests, and signed certificates
apache-brooklyn-cli 0.12.0 Apache Brooklyn command-line interface
ssh-vault 0.12.3 Encrypt/decrypt using SSH keys
qpm 0.10.0 Package manager for Qt applications
cli53 0.8.12 Command-line tool for Amazon Route 53
cosi 0.8.5 Implementation of scalable collective signing
gotags 1.4.1 Tag generator for Go, compatible with ctags
gpm 1.4.0_1 Barebones dependency manager for Go
launch_socket_server 1.0.0_2 Bind to privileged ports without running a server as root
nsq 1.0.0_1 Realtime distributed messaging platform
snag 1.2.0 Automatic build tool for all your needs
uru 0.8.1 Use multiple rubies on multiple platforms
terraform-inventory 0.6.1 Terraform State → Ansible Dynamic Inventory
dvm 1.0.0 Docker Version Manager
terraform-docs 0.3.0 Tool to generate documentation from Terraform modules
artifactory-cli-go 1.3.0 Provides a command-line interface for Artifactory
compose2kube 0.0.2_1 Convert docker-compose service files to Kubernetes objects
emp 0.13.0 CLI for Empire
flint-checker 0.1.0 Check your project for common sources of contributor friction
fsql 0.3.1 Search through your filesystem with SQL-esque queries
gost 1.2.0 Simple command-line utility for easily creating Gists for Github
gofabric8 0.4.176 CLI for fabric8 running on Kubernetes or OpenShift
carina 2.1.3 Command-line client for Carina
spaceinvaders-go 1.2 Space Invaders in your terminal written in Go
syncthing-inotify 0.8.7 File watcher intended for use with Syncthing
wiki 1.4.0 Fetch summaries from MediaWiki wikis, like Wikipedia
gx 0.12.1 The language-agnostic, universal package manager
charm 2.2.3 Tool for managing Juju Charms
vert 0.1.0 Command-line version testing
fzf 0.17.3 Command-line fuzzy finder written in Go
kube-aws 0.9.9 CoreOS Kubernetes on AWS
megacmd 0.013 Command-line client for mega.co.nz storage service
serf 0.8.1 Service orchestration and management tool
slackcat 1.4 Command-line utility for posting snippets to Slack
perkeep 0.9_1 Lets you permanently keep your stuff, for life
sync_gateway 1.3.1 Make Couchbase Server a replication endpoint for Couchbase Lite
vultr 1.15.0 Command-line tool for Vultr
clipper 1.0 Share macOS clipboard with tmux and other local and remote apps
jump 0.18.0 Helps you navigate your file system faster by learning your habits
gauge 0.9.7 Test automation tool that supports executable documentation
docker-gen 0.7.4 Generate files from docker container metadata
gobuster 1.4.1 Directory/file & DNS busting tool written in Go
overmind 1.1.1 Process manager for Procfile-based applications and tmux
elvish 0.11 Friendly and expressive shell
micro 1.4.0 Modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor
s-search 0.5.12 Web search from the terminal
acmetool 0.0.67 Automatic certificate acquisition tool for ACME (Let's Encrypt)
dashing 0.3.0 Generate Dash documentation from HTML files
forego 20180216151118 Foreman in Go for Procfile-based application management
pilosa 0.8.8 Distributed bitmap index that queries across data sets
mongodb@3.0 3.0.15 High-performance document-oriented database
git-lfs 2.4.0 Git extension for versioning large files
gomplate 2.4.0 Command-line Golang template processor
snap-telemetry 2.0.0 Snap is an opensource telemetry framework
envconsul 0.7.3 Launch process with environment variables from Consul and Vault
docker-machine 0.14.0 Create Docker hosts locally and on cloud providers
consul-backinator 1.6.4 Consul backup and restoration application
kubernetes-helm 2.8.2 The Kubernetes package manager
prometheus 2.2.1 Service monitoring system and time series database
kapacitor 1.4.1 Open source time series data processor
cfssl 1.3.1 CloudFlare's PKI toolkit
landscaper 1.0.14 Manage the application landscape in a Kubernetes cluster
terraform-provisioner-ansible 0.0.2 Ansible provisioner for Terraform
rclone 1.40 Rsync for cloud storage
amazon-ecs-cli 1.4.2 CLI for Amazon ECS to manage clusters and tasks for development
lean-cli 0.18.2 Command-line tool to develop and manage LeanCloud apps
gnatsd 1.1.0 Lightweight cloud messaging system
ipfs 0.4.14 Peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol
algernon 1.8 Pure Go web server with Lua, Markdown, HTTP/2 and template support
noti 3.1.0 Trigger notifications when a process completes
etcd 3.3.3 Key value store for shared configuration and service discovery
kubeless 0.5.0 Kubernetes Native Serverless Framework
nats-streaming-server 0.9.2 Lightweight cloud messaging system
gron 0.5.2 Make JSON greppable
cockroach 2.0.0 Distributed SQL database
bettercap 2.4 Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring
faas-cli 0.6.5 CLI for templating and/or deploying FaaS functions
c14-cli 0.3 Manage your Online C14 archives from the command-line
uwsgi 2.0.17 Full stack for building hosting services
doctl 1.8.0 Command-line tool for DigitalOcean
aws-es-proxy 0.8 Small proxy between HTTP client and AWS Elasticsearch
git-town 7.1.1 High-level command-line interface for Git
container-diff 0.9.0 Diff your Docker containers
terraform 0.11.7 Tool to build, change, and version infrastructure
kops 1.9.0 Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management
coreos-ct 0.8.0 Convert a Container Linux Config into Ignition
skaffold 0.4.0 Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development
armor 0.4.7 Uncomplicated, modern HTTP server
modd 0.6 Flexible tool for responding to filesystem changes
docker2aci 0.17.2 Library and CLI tool to convert Docker images to ACIs
influxdb 1.5.2 Time series, events, and metrics database
go-jira 1.0.17 Simple jira command-line client in Go
frugal 2.17.0 Cross language code generator for creating scalable microservices
gollum 0.5.2 n:m message multiplexer written in Go
chronograf Open source monitoring and visualization UI for the TICK stack
mongodb 3.6.4 High-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database
apm-server 6.2.4 Server for shipping APM metrics to Elasticsearch
auditbeat 6.2.4 Lightweight Shipper for Audit Data
hcloud 1.4.0 Command-line interface for Hetzner Cloud
fn 0.4.72 Command-line tool for the fn project
akamai 1.0.1 CLI toolkit for working with Akamai's APIs
kompose 1.12.0 Tool to move from `docker-compose` to Kubernetes

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METO go 1.10.1
Leon Klingele go 1.10
ilovezfs go 1.10rc2 (devel)
Leon Klingele go 1.9.4
ilovezfs go 1.10rc1 (devel) (#23307)

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