Graph visualization software from AT&T and Bell Labs

Current versions

graphviz requires the following formulae to be installed:
pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries
libtool 2.4.6_1 Generic library support script
pango 1.40.14 Framework for layout and rendering of i18n text
gts 0.7.6 GNU triangulated surface library
librsvg 2.42.2 Library to render SVG files using Cairo
freetype 2.9 Software library to render fonts
gd 2.2.5 Graphics library to dynamically manipulate images
libpng 1.6.34 Library for manipulating PNG images

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require graphviz to be installed:
tamarin-prover 1.2.2 Automated security protocol verification tool
bokken 1.8_1 GUI for the Pyew and Radare projects
dnsviz 0.6.7 Tools for analyzing and visualizing DNS and DNSSEC behavior
makefile2graph 1.5.0 Create a graph of dependencies from GNU-Make
eralchemy 1.1.0 Simple entity relation (ER) diagrams generation
gprof2dot 2017.9.19 Convert the output from many profilers into a Graphviz dot graph
llvm@3.9 3.9.1_1 Next-gen compiler infrastructure
root 6.12.04_1 Object oriented framework for large scale data analysis
simgrid 3.18_1 Studies behavior of large-scale distributed systems
fobis 2.2.8_1 KISS build tool for automaticaly building modern Fortran projects
llvm 5.0.1 Next-gen compiler infrastructure
plantuml 1.2018.1 Draw UML diagrams
gammaray 2.9.0 Examine and manipulate Qt application internals at runtime

Recent formula history

ilovezfs graphviz: depend on python instead of :python
ilovezfs graphviz: use mirrors (#21793)
Viktor Szakats graphviz: secure url(s)
s172262 graphviz: disable php bindings (#19709)
ilovezfs Indentation style fixes (#19679)

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