Low-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick and graphics

Current versions

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require sdl to be installed:
sdl_image 1.2.12_7 Image file loading library
sdl_net 1.2.8 Sample cross-platform networking library
sdl_sound 1.0.3_1 Library to decode several popular sound file formats
sdl_ttf 2.0.11_1 Library for using TrueType fonts in SDL applications
smpeg 0.4.5 SDL MPEG Player Library
libagg 2.5 High fidelity 2D graphics library for C++
ballerburg 1.2.0 Castle combat game
sdl_rtf 0.1.0 Sample library to display Rich Text Format (RTF) documents
einstein 2.0 Remake of the old DOS game Sherlock
neopop-sdl 0.2 NeoGeo Pocket emulator
curseofwar 1.2.0 Fast-paced action strategy game
mp3blaster 3.2.6 Text-based mp3 player
sz81 2.1.7 ZX80/81 emulator
xsw 0.3.5 Slide show presentation tool
xu4 1.0beta4+r3088 Remake of Ultima IV
openmsx 0.14.0 MSX emulator
dosbox-x 0.801_1 DOSBox with accurate emulation and wide testing
mupen64plus 2.5 Cross-platform plugin-based N64 emulator
gpac 0.7.1 Multimedia framework for research and academic purposes
fceux 2.2.3 The all in one NES/Famicom Emulator
libagar 1.5.0_1 Cross-platform GUI toolkit
nuvie 0.5 The Ultima 6 engine
opensyobon 1.0rc2_1 Parody of Super Mario Bros
quasi88 0.6.4 PC-8801 emulator
abuse 0.8 Dark 2D side-scrolling platform game
qdae 0.0.10 Quick and Dirty Apricot Emulator
instead 3.1.2_1 Interpreter of simple text adventures
sdl_mixer 1.2.12_3 Sample multi-channel audio mixer library
freeciv 2.5.10 Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game
mlt 6.6.0 Author, manage, and run multitrack audio/video compositions
gegl 0.3.28 Graph based image processing framework
schismtracker 20180209 Portable reimplementation of Impulse Tracker
libav 12.3 Audio and video processing tools
advancemenu 2.9 Frontend for AdvanceMAME/MESS
supermodel 0.2a Sega Model 3 arcade emulator
gnuradio 3.7.11_3 SDK providing the signal processing runtime and processing blocks
open-scene-graph 3.5.10 3D graphics toolkit

Recent formula history

FX Coudert sdl: drop universal
Jessica Stokes sdl: use pkgshare instead of share for tests
Jessica Stokes sdl: Update comments about test to be more helpful
Mike McQuaid sdl: remove LLVM compiler check no-op.
Mike McQuaid Use hash rockets again. (#5177)

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