Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

allure 2.6.0 Flexible lightweight test report tool
alluxio 1.7.0 Open Source Memory Speed Virtual Distributed Storage
alot 0.7_1 Text mode MUA using notmuch mail
alpine 2.21 News and email agent
alure 1.2 Manage common tasks with OpenAL applications
amap 5.4_2 Perform application protocol detection
amazon-ecs-cli 1.4.2 CLI for Amazon ECS to manage clusters and tasks for development
amber 0.7.2 CLI client for generating and scaffolding Amber web applications
amdatu-bootstrap 9 Bootstrapping OSGi development
ammonite-repl 1.1.0 Ammonite is a cleanroom re-implementation of the Scala REPL
ampl-mp 3.1.0_2 The AMPL modeling language solver library
amqp-cpp 3.0.1 C++ library for communicating with a RabbitMQ message broker
amtterm 1.6 Serial-over-LAN (sol) client for Intel AMT
analog 6.0_1 Logfile analyzer
angband 4.1.2 Dungeon exploration game
angular-cli 1.7.4 CLI tool for Angular
anjuta 3.28.0_1 GNOME Integrated Development Environment
annie 0.6.6 Fast, simple and clean video downloader
ansible 2.5.1 Automate deployment, configuration, and upgrading
ansible-cmdb 1.26.1 Generates static HTML overview page from Ansible facts
ansible-lint 3.4.21_1 Checks ansible playbooks for practices and behaviour
ansible@1.9 1.9.6_1 Automate deployment, configuration, and upgrading
ansible@2.0 Automate deployment, configuration, and upgrading
ansifilter 2.10 Strip or convert ANSI codes into HTML, (La)Tex, RTF, or BBCode
ansiweather 1.11 Weather in your terminal, with ANSI colors and Unicode symbols
ant 1.10.3 Java build tool
ant-contrib 1.0b3 Collection of tasks for Apache Ant
ant@1.9 1.9.9 Java build tool
antigen 2.2.3 Plugin manager for zsh, inspired by oh-my-zsh and vundle
antiword 0.37 Utility to read Word (.doc) files