Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

w-calc 2.5_1 Very capable calculator
w3m 0.5.3_5 Pager/text based browser
wabt 1.0.0 Web Assembly Binary Toolkit
wait_on 1.1 Provides shell scripts with access to kqueue(3)
wakatime-cli 8.0.3 Command-line interface to the WakaTime api
wakeonlan 0.41 Sends magic packets to wake up network-devices
walkmod 3.0.0 Java-based open source tool to apply and share code conventions
wallpaper 1.3.0 Get or set the desktop wallpaper
wandio 1.0.4 LibWandio I/O performance will be improved by doing any compression
waon 0.11 Wave-to-notes transcriber
warp 0.0.3 Secure terminal sharing with one simple command
wartremover 2.1.1 Flexible Scala code linting tool
watch 3.3.14 Executes a program periodically, showing output fullscreen
watch-sim 1.0.0 Command-line WatchKit application launcher
watchexec 1.8.6 Execute commands when watched files change
watchman 4.9.0 Watch files and take action when they change
watson 1.5.2_1 Command-line tool to track (your) time
wavpack 5.1.0 Hybrid lossless audio compression
wbox 5 HTTP testing tool and configuration-less HTTP server
wdc 1.0.1 WebDAV Client provides easy and convenient to work with WebDAV-servers
wdfs 1.4.2 Webdav file system
wdiff 1.2.2 Display word differences between text files
web100clt Command-line version of NDT diagnostic client
webalizer 2.23-08_1 Web server log file analysis
webarchiver 0.9 Allows you to create Safari .webarchive files
webdis 0.1.3 Redis HTTP interface with JSON output
webfs 1.21_1 HTTP server for purely static content
webkit2png 0.7 Create screenshots of webpages from the terminal
weboob 1.3_1 Web Outside of Browsers
webp 0.6.1 Image format providing lossless and lossy compression for web images