Install command:
brew install docker

Pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container

License: Apache-2.0

/api/formula-linux/docker.json (JSON API)

/api/bottle-linux/docker.json (Bottle JSON API)

Linux formula code on GitHub

Bottle (binary package) installation support provided for Linux platforms:

Intel big sur
64-bit linux
ARM64 big sur

Current versions:

stable 20.10.9
head ⚡️ HEAD

Depends on when building from source:

go 1.17.2 Open source programming language to build simple/reliable/efficient software
go-md2man 2.0.1 Converts markdown into roff (man pages)

Conflicts with: docker-completion


Installs (30 days)
docker 561
Installs on Request (30 days)
docker 554
Build Errors (30 days)
docker 15
Installs (90 days)
docker 1,743
Installs on Request (90 days)
docker 1,713
Installs (365 days)
docker 6,703
Installs on Request (365 days)
docker 6,533
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