Install command:
brew install mkvtoolnix

Matroska media files manipulation tools

License: GPL-2.0-or-later

/api/formula-linux/mkvtoolnix.json (JSON API)

/api/bottle-linux/mkvtoolnix.json (Bottle JSON API)

Linux formula code on GitHub

Bottle (binary package) installation support provided for Linux platforms:

Intel big sur
64-bit linux
ARM64 big sur

Current versions:

stable 57.0.0
head ⚡️ HEAD

Revision: 1

Depends on:

boost 1.76.0 Collection of portable C++ source libraries
flac 1.3.3 Free lossless audio codec
fmt 7.1.3 Open-source formatting library for C++
gettext 0.21 GNU internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library
libebml 1.4.2 Sort of a sbinary version of XML
libmagic 5.40 Implementation of the file(1) command
libmatroska 1.6.3 Extensible, open standard container format for audio/video
libogg 1.3.5 Ogg Bitstream Library
libvorbis 1.3.7 Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
nlohmann-json 3.9.1 JSON for modern C++
pcre2 10.37 Perl compatible regular expressions library with a new API
pugixml 1.11.4 Light-weight C++ XML processing library
utf8cpp 3.2.1 UTF-8 with C++ in a Portable Way

Depends on when building from source:

docbook-xsl 1.79.2 XML vocabulary to create presentation-neutral documents
pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries
libxslt 1.1.34 C XSLT library for GNOME
ruby 3.0.1 Powerful, clean, object-oriented scripting language
gcc 11.1.0 GNU compiler collection

Requires: macOS >= 10.15


Installs (30 days)
mkvtoolnix 14
Installs on Request (30 days)
mkvtoolnix 14
Build Errors (30 days)
mkvtoolnix 4
Installs (90 days)
mkvtoolnix 53
Installs on Request (90 days)
mkvtoolnix 53
Installs (365 days)
mkvtoolnix 217
mkvtoolnix --HEAD 3
Installs on Request (365 days)
mkvtoolnix 216
mkvtoolnix --HEAD 3
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