Install command:
brew install tiger-vnc

High-performance, platform-neutral implementation of VNC


License: GPL-2.0-or-later

/api/formula-linux/tiger-vnc.json (JSON API)

/api/bottle-linux/tiger-vnc.json (Bottle JSON API)

Linux formula code on GitHub

Bottle (binary package) installation support provided for Linux platforms:

Intel big sur
high sierra
64-bit linux
ARM64 big sur

Current versions:

stable 1.11.0

Depends on:

fltk 1.3.7 Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit
gettext 0.21 GNU internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library
gnutls 3.6.16 GNU Transport Layer Security (TLS) Library
jpeg-turbo 2.1.1 JPEG image codec that aids compression and decompression
pixman 0.40.0 Low-level library for pixel manipulation
linux-pam 1.5.2 Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux
libx11 1.7.2 X.Org: Core X11 protocol client library
libxcursor 1.2.0 X.Org: X Window System Cursor management library
libxdamage 1.1.5 X.Org: X Damage Extension library
libxext 1.3.4 X.Org: Library for common extensions to the X11 protocol
libxfixes 6.0.0 X.Org: Header files for the XFIXES extension
libxft 2.3.4 X.Org: X FreeType library
libxi 1.8 X.Org: Library for the X Input Extension
libxinerama 1.1.4 X.Org: API for Xinerama extension to X11 Protocol
libxrandr 1.5.2 X.Org: X Resize, Rotate and Reflection extension library
libxrender 0.9.10 X.Org: Library for the Render Extension to the X11 protocol
libxtst 1.2.3 X.Org: Client API for the XTEST & RECORD extensions

Depends on when building from source:

cmake 3.21.3 Cross-platform make


Installs (30 days)
tiger-vnc 6
Installs on Request (30 days)
tiger-vnc 6
Build Errors (30 days)
tiger-vnc 0
Installs (90 days)
tiger-vnc 12
Installs on Request (90 days)
tiger-vnc 12
Installs (365 days)
tiger-vnc 76
Installs on Request (365 days)
tiger-vnc 76
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