Install command:
brew install ucon64

ROM backup tool and emulator's Swiss Army knife program


License: GPL-2.0-or-later

/api/formula/ucon64.json (JSON API)

/api/bottle/ucon64.json (Bottle JSON API)

Formula code on GitHub

Bottle (binary package) installation support provided for macOS releases:

Intel big sur
64-bit linux
Apple Silicon big sur

Current versions:

stable 2.2.1
head ⚡️ HEAD
You can copy/move your DAT file collection to $HOME/.ucon64/dat
Be sure to check $HOME/.ucon64rc for configuration after running uCON64
for the first time.


Installs (30 days)
ucon64 5
Installs on Request (30 days)
ucon64 5
Build Errors (30 days)
ucon64 0
Installs (90 days)
ucon64 12
Installs on Request (90 days)
ucon64 12
Installs (365 days)
ucon64 71
Installs on Request (365 days)
ucon64 70
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