Command-line outline and bitmap font editor/converter

Current versions:

stable 20170731
bottle 🍾 high_sierra, sierra, el_capitan

Revision: 3


--with-giflib Build with GIF support
--with-extra-tools Build with additional font tools
--without-jpeg Build without jpeg support
--without-libtiff Build without libtiff support
--with-libspiro Build with libspiro support
--with-libuninameslist Build with libuninameslist support

Depends on:

libtool 2.4.6 Generic library support script
gettext GNU internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library
pango 1.42.1 Framework for layout and rendering of i18n text
cairo 1.14.12 Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
fontconfig 2.13.0 XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
libpng 1.6.34 Library for manipulating PNG images
python@2 2.7.15 Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

Depends on recommended:

jpeg 9c Image manipulation library
libtiff 4.0.9 TIFF library and utilities

Depends on optionally:

giflib 5.1.4 Library and utilities for processing GIFs
libspiro 0.5.20150702 Library to simplify the drawing of curves
libuninameslist 20170807 Library of Unicode names and annotation data

Depends on when building from source:

pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries

JSON API for fontforge

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