GObject based library for handling and rendering XPS documents

Current versions:

stable 0.2.5
head ⚡️ HEAD
bottle 🍾 high_sierra, sierra, el_capitan, yosemite

Revision: 2


--without-jpeg Build without jpeg support
--without-libtiff Build without libtiff support
--without-little-cms2 Build without little-cms2 support
--with-gtk+ Build with gtk+ support

Depends on:

cairo 1.14.12 Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
libarchive 3.3.2 Multi-format archive and compression library
freetype 2.9.1 Software library to render fonts
libpng 1.6.34 Library for manipulating PNG images

Depends on recommended:

jpeg 9c Image manipulation library
libtiff 4.0.9 TIFF library and utilities
little-cms2 2.9 Color management engine supporting ICC profiles

Depends on optionally:

Depends on when building from source:

autoconf 2.69 Automatic configure script builder
automake 1.16.1 Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries

JSON API for libgxps

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