Install command:
brew install librasterlite2

Library to store and retrieve huge raster coverages

License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2.0-or-later or LGPL-2.1-or-later

Formula JSON API: /api/formula/librasterlite2.json

Formula code: librasterlite2.rb on GitHub

Bottle (binary package) installation support provided for:

Apple Silicon sonoma
big sur
Intel sonoma
big sur
64-bit linux

Current versions:

stable 1.1.0-beta1

Revision: 4

Depends on:

cairo 1.18.0 Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
fontconfig 2.14.2 XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
freetype 2.13.2 Software library to render fonts
freexl 2.0.0 Library to extract data from Excel .xls files
geos 3.12.1 Geometry Engine
giflib 5.2.1 Library and utilities for processing GIFs
jpeg-turbo 3.0.0 JPEG image codec that aids compression and decompression
libgeotiff 1.7.1 Library and tools for dealing with GeoTIFF
libpng 1.6.40 Library for manipulating PNG images
librttopo 1.1.0 RT Topology Library
libspatialite 5.1.0 Adds spatial SQL capabilities to SQLite
libtiff 4.6.0 TIFF library and utilities
lz4 1.9.4 Extremely Fast Compression algorithm
minizip 1.3 C library for zip/unzip via zLib
openjpeg 2.5.0 Library for JPEG-2000 image manipulation
pixman 0.42.2 Low-level library for pixel manipulation
proj 9.3.1 Cartographic Projections Library
sqlite 3.44.2 Command-line interface for SQLite
webp 1.3.2 Image format providing lossless and lossy compression for web images
xz 5.4.5 General-purpose data compression with high compression ratio
zstd 1.5.5 Zstandard is a real-time compression algorithm

Depends on when building from source:

pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries


Installs (30 days)
librasterlite2 467
Installs on Request (30 days)
librasterlite2 110
Build Errors (30 days)
librasterlite2 0
Installs (90 days)
librasterlite2 990
Installs on Request (90 days)
librasterlite2 278
Installs (365 days)
librasterlite2 2,740
Installs on Request (365 days)
librasterlite2 789
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