This is a listing of all casks available from the cask tap via the Homebrew package manager for macOS.

/api/cask.json (JSON API)

0-ad 0.0.26-alpha Real-time strategy game 0 A.D.
010-editor 14.0.1 Text editor 010 Editor
115 Client for the 115 cloud storage service 115
115browser Web browser 115Browser
1clipboard 0.1.8 Clipboard managing app 1Clipboard
1kc-razer 0.4.10 Open source colour effects manager for Razer devices Razer macOS
1password 8.10.36 Password manager that keeps all passwords secure behind one password 1Password
1password-cli 2.29.0 Command-line interface for 1Password 1Password CLI
1password-cli@1 1.12.9 Command-line helper for the 1Password password manager 1Password CLI
1password-cli@beta 2.30.0-beta.02 Command-line helper for the 1Password password manager 1Password CLI
1password@7 7.9.11 Password manager that keeps all passwords secure behind one password 1Password
1password@beta 8.10.38-13.BETA Password manager 1Password
1password@nightly latest Password manager 1Password Nightly
360safe 1.2.6 Protection and antivirus security 360 Total Security
3dgenceslicer 3.5.1,4.0 Prepare files for 3D printing based on CAD models for 3DGence printers 3DGence Slicer
4k-slideshow-maker 2.0.1 Slideshow maker 4K Slideshow Maker
4k-stogram 4.9.0 Download Instagram photos, accounts, hashtags and locations 4K Stogram
4k-video-downloader 4.31.2 Free video downloader 4K Video Downloader
4k-video-downloaderplus 1.8.0 Free video downloader 4K Video Downloader Plus
4k-video-to-mp3 3.0.1 Convert any video to MP3 4K Video to MP3
4k-youtube-to-mp3 5.5.0 Turn YouTube links into MP3 files 4K YouTube to MP3
4peaks 1.8 Visualise and edit DNA sequence trace files 4Peaks
5kplayer 6.9.0 Play 4K/1080p/360 degree video, MP3 AAC APE FLAC music without quality loss 5KPlayer
7777 1.1.14 Remote AWS database on local port 7777 7777
86box 4.1.1,5634 Emulator of x86-based machines based on PCem 86Box
8bitdo-ultimate-software 2.0.6 Control every piece of your controller 8BitDo Ultimate Software
8x8-work 8.14.2-6 Communications application with voice, video, chat, and web conferencing 8x8_work
a-better-finder-attributes 7.34 File and photo tweaking tool A Better Finder Attributes
a-better-finder-rename 12.07 Renamer for files, music and photos A Better Finder Rename
a-slower-speed-of-light 2020 First-person game A Slower Speed of Light
abbyy-finereader-pdf 1402.19 Scan, OCR, and convert documents to searchable PDFs and other formats ABBYY FineReader PDF
ableton-live-intro 12.0.10 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Intro
ableton-live-intro@11 11.3.25 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Intro
ableton-live-lite 12.0.10 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Lite
ableton-live-lite@11 11.3.25 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Lite
ableton-live-standard 12.0.10 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Standard
ableton-live-standard@11 11.3.25 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Standard
ableton-live-suite 12.0.10 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Suite
ableton-live-suite@10 10.1.43 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Suite
ableton-live-suite@11 11.3.25 Sound and music editor Ableton Live Suite
abscissa 4.1.1 Plotting software Abscissa
abstract 98.3.3 Collaborative design tool with support for Sketch files Abstract
abyssoft-teleport 1.3.5 Virtual KVM teleport
accessmenubarapps 2.6.1 Instant access for menubar apps AccessMenuBarApps
accord 1.7.1 Discord client written in Swift for modern Macs accord
accordance 14.0.9 Bible study software Accordance Bible Software
accurics 1.0.53 Security and compliance for Infrastructure as Code Accurics CLI
ace-link 2.1.0 Menu bar app that allows playing Ace Stream video streams in the VLC player Ace Link
acorn 7.4.4 Image editor focused on simplicity Acorn
acreom 1.20.1 Personal knowledge base for developers acreom
acronis-true-image 2021 Full image backup and cloning software Acronis True Image
active-trader-pro 1.0.55 Trading platform Active Trader Pro
activedock 2.601 Customizable dock, application launcher, dock replacement ActiveDock
activitywatch 0.13.1 Time tracker ActivityWatch
actual 0.0.148 Privacy-focused app for managing your finances Actual
actual-odbc-pack 1.0.23 Connect to enterprise databases using common desktop applications Actual ODBC Driver Pack
adapter 2.1.6 Converts video, audio and images Adapter
adguard Stand alone ad blocker AdGuard
adguard-vpn VPN for privacy and security AdGuard VPN
adguard-vpn@nightly VPN for privacy and security AdGuard VPN
adguard@nightly Stand alone ad blocker Adguard
adium Instant messaging application Adium
adobe-acrobat-pro 24.002.20933 View, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
adobe-acrobat-reader 24.002.20857 View, print, and comment on PDF documents Adobe Acrobat Reader
adobe-air Framework used in the development of applications and games Adobe AIR
adobe-connect 11,2024.4.729 Virtual meeting client Adobe Connect
adobe-creative-cloud Collection of apps and services for photography, design, video, web, and UX Adobe Creative Cloud
adobe-creative-cloud-cleaner-tool Utility to clean up corrupted installations of Adobe software Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool
adobe-digital-editions 4.5.12 E-book reader Adobe Digital Editions
adobe-dng-converter 16.4 DNG file converter Adobe DNG Converter
adoptopenjdk 16.0.1,9 JDK from the Java User Group (JUG) AdoptOpenJDK Java Development Kit
adrive 6.1.0 Intelligent cloud storage platform Aliyundrive
advancedrestclient 17.0.9 API testing tool Advanced REST Client
adze 1.4.12 Edit GPX documents Adze
aegisub 3.2.2 Create and modify subtitles Aegisub
aerial 3.3.8 Apple TV Aerial screensaver Aerial Screensaver
aerial@beta 3.2.7beta9 Apple TV Aerial screensaver Aerial Screensaver
aether 2.0.0-dev.15,2011... Peer-to-peer ephemeral public communities Aether
aethersx2 1.5-3939 Sony PlayStation 2 emulator for ARM based Macs AetherSX2
aexol-remote-mouse 1.3,5 Aexol Remote Mouse
affine 0.15.6 Note editor and whiteboard AFFiNE
affinity-designer 2.5.3,2516 Professional graphic design software Affinity Designer 2
affinity-designer@1 1.10.8 Professional graphic design software Affinity Designer
affinity-photo 2.5.3,2516 Professional image editing software Affinity Photo 2
affinity-photo@1 1.10.8 Professional image editing software Affinity Photo
affinity-publisher 2.5.3,2516 Professional desktop publishing software Affinity Publisher 2
affinity-publisher@1 1.10.8 Professional desktop publishing software Affinity Publisher
after-dark-classic 1.3 Classic After Dark screensaver set After Dark Classic Set
agenda 18.2 Note taking application focusing on dates Agenda
agi 3.3.1 Android GPU Inspector agi
aifun 0.8.5 AI chat and painting app AiFun
aimersoft-video-converter-ultimate Video converter app Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate
air-video-server-hd 2.3.0-beta1u1 Tool to stream videos to Apple devices Air Video Server HD
airbuddy 2.7.2,637 AirPods companion app AirBuddy
aircall 3.1.18 Cloud-based call center and phone system software Aircall
airdash 2.0.155 Transfer photos and files to any device AirDash
airdisplay 3.4.2 Utility for using a tablet as a second monitor Air Display
airdroid Mobile device management suite AirDroid
airflow 3.3.5 Watch local content on Apple TV and Chromecast Airflow
airfoil 5.12.1 Sends audio from computer to outputs Airfoil
airmedia 4.1.14 Touchless presentation and collaboration software Crestron AirMedia
airparrot 3.1.6 Tool to wirelessly mirror the screen or stream media files AirParrot
airpass 1.0.2 Status bar app to overcome time-constrained WiFi networks Airpass
airserver 7.2.7 Screen mirroring receiver AirServer
airtable 1.6.4 Spreadsheet-database hybrid cloud collaboration Airtable
airtame 4.10.1 Wireless screen sharing platform Airtame
airtool 2.5.4 Capture Wi-Fi packets Airtool
airtrash 1.0.0 Clone of Apple's Airdrop - easy P2P file transfer airtrash
airunlock 0.4 Tool to lock or unlock the macbook using an Android phone via Bluetooth AirUnlock
airy 3.29.2 YouTube video and MP3 downloader Airy
ajour 1.3.2 World of Warcraft addon manager Ajour
akiflow 2.43.25,c4f2a6b5 Time blocking and productivity platform Akiflow
akuity 0.15.0 Management tool for the Akuity Platform Akuity
alacritty 0.13.2 GPU-accelerated terminal emulator Alacritty
aladin 12.060 Interactive sky atlas Aladin Desktop
alchemy 008 Open drawing project Alchemy
alcom 0.1.11 Graphical frontend of vrc-get, open source alternative to VRChat Package Manager ALCOM
aldente 1.27.3 Menu bar tool to limit maximum charging percentage AlDente
aleph-one 20240712 Open-source continuation of Bungie's Marathon 2 game engine Aleph One
alex313031-thorium M124.0.6367.218 Web browser Thorium
alfaview 9.14.0 Audio video conferencing Alfaview
alfred 5.5,2257 Application launcher and productivity software Alfred
alfred@4 4.8,1312 Application launcher and productivity software Alfred
algodoo 2.1.3 Draw and interact with physical systems Algodoo
alipay-key-tool 2.0.3 Key generation tool Alipay Open Platform Key Tool
aliwangwang 10.01.06M Shopping communication tool for Taobao and Tmall users AliWangwang
aliworkbench 9.51.00QNM Merchant workbench for Taobao and Tmall sellers AliWorkBench
all-in-one-messenger 2.5.0 Combined interface for various messaging platforms All-in-One Messenger
alloy 6.0.0 Programming language for software modelling Alloy
almighty 2.6.7 Settings and tweaks configurator Almighty
alpha 9.2.3 Text editor based on Apple's Cocoa framework Alpha
alt-tab 6.72.0 Enable Windows-like alt-tab AltTab
altair-graphql-client 7.3.0 GraphQL client Altair GraphQL Client
altdeploy 1.1 AltDeploy
alternote 1.0.18,1018 Note-taking App for Evernote Alternote
altserver 1.7.1 iOS App Store alternative AltServer
alva 0.9.1 Create living prototypes with code components Alva
amadeus-pro 2.8.13 Multi-purpose audio recorder, editor and converter Amadeus Pro
amadine 1.6.2 Vector graphic and illustration software Amadine
amazon-chime 5.23.22167 Communications service Amazon Chime
amazon-luna 1.10100.6070.0 Play your favorite games straight from the cloud Amazon Luna
amazon-music,247809... Desktop client for Amazon Music Amazon Music
amazon-photos 1.10,323 Photo storage and sharing service Amazon Drive
amazon-q 1.3.2 AI-powered productivity tool for the command-line Amazon Q
amazon-workdocs 1.2.200445.0,20 Fully managed, secure content creation, storage, and collaboration service Amazon WorkDocs
amazon-workdocs-drive 1.0.11931.0 Fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service Amazon WorkDocs Drive
amazon-workspaces 5.21.0 Cloud native persistent desktop virtualization Amazon Workspaces
amd-power-gadget 0.7.2f1 Power management, monitoring and VirtualSMC plugin for AMD processors AMD Power Gadget
amethyst 0.21.1 Automatic tiling window manager similar to xmonad Amethyst
amie 240718.0.0 Calendar and task manager Amie
amitv87-pip 2.70 Always on top window preview PiP
amm 0.4.5 Aria2 Menubar Monitor AMM
ammonite 1.26 Tag visualiser and search utility Ammonite
amneziavpn VPN client Amnezia VPN
amorphousdiskmark 1.2.3,9 App to measure storage read/write performance AmorphousDiskMark
ampps 4.3 Software stack for website development AMPPS
anaconda 2024.06-1 Distribution of the Python and R programming languages for scientific computing Anaconda Distribution
ananas-analytics-desktop-edition 0.9.0 Hackable data integration & analysis tool Ananas Analytics Desktop Edition
anchor-wallet 1.3.12 EOSIO Desktop Wallet and Authenticator Anchor Wallet
android-commandlinetools 11076708 Command-line tools for building and debugging Android apps Android SDK Command-line Tools
android-file-transfer 5071136 Transfer files from and to an Android smartphone Android File Transfer
android-messages 3.1.0 Desktop client for Android Messages Android Messages Desktop
android-ndk 27 Toolset to implement parts of Android apps in native code Android NDK
android-platform-tools 35.0.1 Android SDK component Android SDK Platform-Tools
android-sdk 4333796 Tools for the Android SDK Android SDK
android-studio 2024.1.1.12 Tools for building Android applications Android Studio
android-studio-preview@beta 2024.1.2.9 Tools for building Android applications Android Studio Preview (Beta)
android-studio-preview@canary 2024.1.3.1 Tools for building Android applications Android Studio Preview (Canary)
androidtool 1.66 App for recording the screen and installing apps in iOS and Android AndroidTool
angband 4.2.5 Dungeon exploration game Angband
angry-ip-scanner 3.9.1 Network scanner Angry IP Scanner
anka-build-cloud-controller 1.42.0-92735895 Anka virtual machine orchestrator GUI & API Anka Build Cloud Controller
anka-build-cloud-controller-and-registry 1.39.0-d35842e6 Virtual machine management GUI/API and registry Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry
anka-build-cloud-registry 1.42.0-92735895 Anka virtual machine registry & API Anka Build Cloud Controller
anka-virtualization CLI tool for managing and creating virtual machines Anka Virtualization
ankama 3.12.16 Video game launcher Ankama Launcher
ankermake 0.9.44_6 Slicer for AnkerMake 3D printers AnkerMake
ankerwork 3.0.4 Webcam & audio device software AnkerWork
anki 24.06.3 Memory training application Anki
ankiapp 9.3.2 Spaced Repetition Flashcard App AnkiApp
anonym 2.3 Network access anonymiser Anonym
another-redis-desktop-manager 1.6.6 Redis desktop manager Another Redis Desktop Manager
ansible-dk 1.2.0,3 Omnibus-based toolkit for working on Ansible-based infrastructure code Ansible DK
antconc 4.2.4 Corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis AntConc
anybar 0.2.3 Menu bar status indicator AnyBar
anydesk 8.1.1 Allows connection to a computer remotely AnyDesk
anydo 5.0.68 Reminder, planner & calendar
anylist 1.2,3 Grocery shopping list AnyList
anypointstudio 7.18.1 Eclipse-based IDE for designing and testing Mule applications Anypoint Studio
anythingllm 1.5.11 Private desktop AI chat application AnythingLLM
anytype 0.41.1 Local-first and end-to-end encrypted notes app Anytype
ao 6.9.0 Elegant Microsoft To-Do desktop app Ao
apache-couchdb 3.3.3-3 Multi-master syncing database Apache CouchDB
apache-directory-studio 2.0.0.v20210717-M17 Eclipse-based LDAP browser and directory client Apache Directory Studio
apidog 2.6.4 API development platform Apidog
apidog-europe 2.6.4 API development platform hosted in Europe Apidog Europe
apifox 2.6.4 Platform for API documentation, debugging, and testing Apifox
apipost 8.0.18 Platform for API documentation, debugging, Mock and testing Apipost
apk-icon-editor 2.2.0 Editor for changing APK icons, name, version and other data APK Icon Editor
app-cleaner 8.3.1,1981 Uninstaller and cleaning assistant Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller
app-fair 0.8.137 Catalogue of free and commercial native desktop applications App Fair
app-tamer 2.8.3 CPU management application AppTamer
apparency 2.1,441 Inspect application bundles Apparency
appcleaner 3.6.8 Application uninstaller FreeMacSoft AppCleaner
appcode 2022.3.2,223.8617.49 IDE for Swift, Objective-C, C, and C++ development AppCode
appdelete 4.3.3 App uninstaller AppDelete
appflowy 0.6.4 Open-source project and knowledge management tool AppFlowy
appgate-sdp-client 6.3.2 Software-defined perimeter for secure network access AppGate SDP Client for macOS
appgrid 1.0.4 Window manager with Vim–like hotkeys AppGrid
appium 1.22.3-4 Graphical frontend to Appium automation server Appium Server Desktop GUI
appium-inspector 2024.3.1 GUI inspector for mobile apps Appium Inspector GUI
apple-events 1.6 Unofficial Apple Events app Apple Events
apple-hewlett-packard-printer-drivers 5.1.1,2021,071-46... HP printing and scanning software HP Printer Drivers
apple-juice 2020.12.0 Battery gauge that displays the remaining battery time and more Apple Juice
applepi-baker 2.2.3 Backup and restore SD cards, USB drives, external HDD, etc ApplePi-Baker
applite 1.2.5 User-friendly GUI app for Homebrew Applite
apppolice 1.1 App for quickly limiting CPU usage of any running process AppPolice
appstore-quickview 1.1.1 Quickview for the App Store App...Store Quickview
apptivate 2.2.1 Create global hotkeys for your files and applications Apptivate
apptrap 1.2.3 AppTrap
appzapper 2.0.3 Tool to uninstall unwanted applications and their support files AppZapper
aptakube 1.6.10 Kubernetes desktop client Aptakube
aptanastudio IDE for web development Aptana Studio
aptible 0.21.0,2024070218... Command-line tool for Aptible Deploy, an audit-ready App Deployment Platform Aptible Toolbelt
aqua 2024.1.2,241.1701... Tests writing environment Aqua
aqua-data-studio 23.2.0 Database IDE with data management and visual analytics Aquafold Aqua Data Studio
aquamacs 3.6 Text editor based on GNU Emacs Aquamacs
aquaskk 4.7.3 AquaSKK
aquaterm 1.1.1 Graphics renderer AquaTerm
araxis-merge 2024.6000 Two and three-way file comparison, merging and folder synchronisation Araxis Merge
arc 1.52.0,51895 Chromium based browser Arc
archaeology 1.2,155 Tool for digging into binary files Archaeology
archipelago 6.0.7 Terminal emulator built on web technology Archipelago
archiver 4.2.0 Open archives, compress files, as well as split and combine files Archiver
archy 2.28.1 YAML processor Archy
arctic 24.2.2,30,2024071... Display and manage Final Cut Pro X libraries Arctic
arctype 1.0.1 SQL client and database management tool Arctype
arduino 1.8.19 Electronics prototyping platform Arduino
arduino-ide 2.3.2 Electronics prototyping platform Arduino IDE
arduino-ide@nightly latest Electronics prototyping platform Arduino IDE
ares 139 Cross-platform, multi-system emulator, focusing on accuracy and preservation ares
aria-maestosa 1.4.13 Midi sequencer and editor Aria Maestosa
aria2d 1.3.9,433 Aria2 GUI Aria2D
aria2gui 1.4.1 Graphical user interface for Aria2 Aria2GUI
ariang 1.3.7 Better aria2 desktop frontend than AriaNg AriaNg Native
ark-desktop-wallet 2.9.5 Multi Platform ARK Desktop Wallet Ark Desktop Wallet
arkiwi 4.1.5 File archiver ArKiwi
arm-performance-libraries 24.04 Optimized standard core math libraries for Arm processors Arm Performance Libraries
armory 0.96.5 Python-Based Bitcoin Software Armory
around 1.2.35 Video calls designed for energy, ideas and action Around
arq 7.29 Multi-cloud backup application Arq
arq-cloud-backup 1.5.1 Backup software Arq Cloud Backup
arrsync 0.4.1 Graphical front end for the utility rsync arRsync
artisan 2.10.4 Visual scope for coffee roasters Artisan
artpip 2.7.1 Curated photographic desktop backgrounds Artpip
arturia-software-center Installer and license activation for Arturia products Arturia Software Center
as-timer 6.0,162 Timer app AS Timer
asana 2.1.4 Manage team projects and tasks Asana
ascension 3.0.0 ANSI/ASCII art viewer Ascension
asciidocfx 1.8.10 Asciidoc editor and toolchain to build books, documents and slides AsciidocFX
asix-ax88179 2.4.0,1472 USB 3.0 to gigabit ethernet drivers for ASIX Electronics devices AX88179
asset-catalog-tinkerer 2.7 Browse/extract images from .car files Asset Catalog Tinkerer
assinador-serpro 4.2.1 Validate and sign documents using digital certificates Assinador Serpro
astah-professional 9.2.0,0248cd Software modelling tool Change Vision Astah Professional
astah-uml 9.2.0,0248cd UML diagramming tool with mind mapping Change Vision Astah UML
astro-command-center latest Full configuration of the adjustable settings for ASTRO devices ASTRO Command Center
astrofox 1.4.0 Motion graphics program for music visualisations Astrofox
astropad 3.7.0 Utility to turn an iPad into a drawing tablet Astropad
astropad-studio 5.4.0,4871 Turn your iPad into a professional drawing tablet Astropad Studio
atemosc 5.0.17 Control BMD ATEM video switchers with OSC atemOSC
atext 3.19 Tool to replace abbreviations while typing aText
athens 2.0.0 Self-hosted knowledge graph Athens
atlauncher Minecraft launcher ATLauncher
atok 34.1 Japanese input method editor (IME) produced by JustSystems ATOK
atom 1.60.0 Text editor GitHub Atom
atomic-wallet 2.87.3 Manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, XLM and over 300 other coins and tokens Atomic Wallet
attachecase 4.2.1 Utility for encrypting/decrypting files and directories AttacheCase
au-lab 2.3 Digital audio mixing application AU Lab
audacity 3.6.1 Multi-track audio editor and recorder Audacity
audio-hijack 4.4.2 Records audio from any application Audio Hijack
audiobook-builder 2.2.8 Turn audio CDs and files into audiobooks Audiobook Builder
audiocupcake 1.0.18 Master your audiobook narration and podcasts AudioCupcake
audiogridder-plugin 1.2.0_1 VST2/VST3/AU/AAX DSP Server Plugin AudioGridder Plugin
audiogridder-server 1.2.0_1 VST2/VST3/AU DSP Server AudioGridder Server
audiorelay 0.27.5 Stream audio between your devices AudioRelay
audioscrobbler 0.9.15 Minimal, robust iTunes scrobbling Audioscrobbler
audioslicer 1.1.1 Finds all silences in an audio file AudioSlicer
audirvana 3.5.50 Audio playback software Audirvana
audius 1.5.66 Music streaming and sharing platform Audius
augur 1.16.11 App that bundles Augur UI and Augur Node together and deploys them locally Augur
aural 3.25.2 Audio player inspired by Winamp Aural Player
aurora-hdr 1.0.2,6495 HDR photo editor with filters, batch processing and more Aurora HDR
auryo 2.5.4 Unofficial desktop app for Soundcloud Auryo
authy 2.5.0 Two-factor authentication software Authy Desktop
autodesk-fusion latest Integrated CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software Autodesk Fusion 360
autodmg 1.9 App for creating deployable system images from a system installer AutoDMG
autofirma 1.8.3 Digital signature editor and validator AutoFirma
automattic-texts 0.83.21,d3340bd6d2 DM Manager
automute 1.1 Mute or unmute the system based on the current Wi-Fi network AutoMute
autopkgr 1.6.1 Install and configure AutoPkg AutoPkgr
autovolume 1.0.1 Tool that automatically sets the volume to a specified volume AutoVolume
autumn 1.0.7 Window manager for JavaScript development Autumn
ava 2024-04-21 Run language models locally on your computer Ava
avast-secure-browser 126.0.5646.127 Web browser focusing on privacy Avast Secure Browser
avast-security 15.8.0 Antivirus software Avast Security
avbeam 1.2.0 Audio file similarity viewer AVbeam
avg-antivirus 4.0,2.0 Antivirus software AVG Antivirus for Mac
aviatrix-vpn-client 2.17.7 VPN client that provides SAML authentication Aviatrix VPN Client
avidcodecsle 2.7.6,3B39AE16 Use QuickTime movies using Avid codecs on systems without Media Composer Avid Codecs LE
avidemux 2.8.1 Video editor Avidemux
avifquicklook 1.2.0 Quick Look Plugin for AVIF images AVIFQuickLook
avitools 3.7.2 Graphical interface for a variety of video file processing tools AVItools
avocode 4.15.6 Collaborate on design files Avocode
avogadro 1.99.0 Molecule editor and visualiser Avogadro
avtouchbar 3.0.7,2021.08 Audio Visualiser for the Touch Bar AVTouchBar
awa 1.5.7 Music streaming service AWA
aware 1.2.0 Menubar app to track active computer use Aware
awareness 1.1 Time tracking application Awareness
aws-vault 7.2.0 Securely stores and accesses AWS credentials in a development environment AWS Vault
aws-vpn-client 3.10.0 Managed client-based VPN service to securely access AWS resources AWS Client VPN
axure-rp Planning and prototyping tool for developers Axure RP
azure-data-studio 1.48.1 Data management tool that enables working with SQL Server Azure Data Studio
azure-data-studio@insiders latest Data management tool that enables working with SQL Server Azure Data Studio - Insiders
babeledit 5.2.0 Translation editor BabelEdit
backblaze Data backup and storage service Backblaze
backblaze-downloader Download Backblaze restored files more reliably Backblaze Downloader
background-music 0.4.3 Audio utility Background Music
backlog 1.8.0 Backlog
backuploupe 3.12.3 Alternative GUI for Time Machine BackupLoupe
badlion-client 4.3.1 Minecraft launcher Badlion Client
baiduinput,1000e Baidu Input
baidunetdisk 4.36.2 Cloud storage service Baidu NetDisk
balance-lock 1.1 Prevents audio balance from drifting left or right Balance Lock
balenaetcher 1.19.21 Tool to flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives Etcher
ball 1 Utility that adds a ball to your dock Ball
ballast 2.0.0 Status Bar app to keep the audio balance from drifting ballast
balsamiq-wireframes 4.7.5 UI wireframing tool Balsamiq Wireframes
bambu-studio,20240... 3D model slicing software for 3D printers, maintained by Bambu Lab Bambu Studio
banana-cake-pop 16.0.3 IDE to interact with GraphQL servers Banana Cake Pop
bandage 0.9.0 Bioinformatics app for navigating de novo assembly graphs Bandage
bankid 7.14.2 Swedish personal electronic identification (eID) system BankID Security Application (Sweden)
banking-4 8.5.0,8966 German accounting software Banking 4
banksiagui 0.58 Chess GUI banksiagui
banktivity 9.2.12,282 App to manage bank accounts in one place Banktivity
banshee 2.6.1 Multimedia management and playback application Banshee
baretorrent 0.4.4 Bittorrent client baretorrent
baritone 1.0.9 Spotify controls that live in the menu bar Baritone
barrier 2.4.0 Open-source KVM software Barrier
bartender 5.0.54 Menu bar icon organiser Bartender
base 2.5.2 App to create, design, edit and browse SQLite 3 database files Menial Base
basecamp 3,2.3.14 All-In-One Toolkit for Working Remotely Basecamp
basictex 2024.0309 Compact TeX distribution as alternative to the full TeX Live / MacTeX BasicTeX
batchoutput-pdf 3.1.3 Automate PDF printing BatchOutput PDF
bathyscaphe 3.2.1,1101 2-channel browser BathyScaphe
batteries 2.2.8 Track all your devices' batteries Batteries
battery 1.2.2 App for managing battery charging. (Also installs a CLI on first use.) Battery
battery-buddy 1.0.3 Replacement of the default battery indicator in the menu bar Battery Buddy
battery-report 1.2.0 Creates technical summaries of power supplies Battery Report
batteryboi 2.4.1,27 Battery indicator for the menu bar BatteryBoi
battle-net Online gaming platform Blizzard
battlescribe 2.03.21 Army list creator for tabletop wargamers BattleScribe
baudline 1.08 Time-frequency browser baudline
bazecor 1.4.1 Graphical configurator for Dygma Raise keyboards Bazecor
bbc-iplayer-downloads 2.14.0 Download programmes from the BBC iPlayer website BBC iPlayer Downloads
bbedit 15.1.1 Text, code, and markup editor BBEdit
bbedit@14 14.6.9 Text, code, and markup editor BBEdit
bdash 1.16.3 Simple SQL Client for lightweight data analysis Bdash
bdinfo 1.0 Collect video and audio technical specifications from Blu-ray discs BDInfo
beacon-scanner 1.1.13 Utility to scan for iBeacon-compatible devices BeaconScanner
beaker-browser 1.1.0 Experimental peer-to-peer web browser Beaker Browser
beamer 4.1.17 Desktop casting/streaming app for Apple TV and Chromecast Beamer
bean 3.7.0 Word processor Bean
beardedspice 2.2.3 Control web-based media players with media keys BeardedSpice
beardie Control various media players with your keyboard Beardie
beast2 2.7.7 Bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees BEAST2
beatunes 5.2.34 Analyze, inspect, and play songs beaTunes
bee 3.1.5,5468 Issue tracker frontend Bee
beekeeper-studio 4.6.2 Cross platform SQL editor and database management app Beekeeper Studio
beeper 3.107.2 Universal chat app powered by Matrix Beeper
beersmith 3.2.8 Beer brewing software BeerSmith
bepo 1.1rc2 Keyboard layout designed to facilitate input of French and computer languages Bépo layout
berrycast 0.38.3 Screen recorder Berrycast
bespoke 1.2.1 Software modular synth Bespoke Synth
bestres 1.0,100,1426778671 Quickly change your screen resolution from the menubar BestRes
betaflight-configurator 10.10.0 Configuration tool for the Betaflight firmware Betaflight-Configurator
betelguese 1.1 Odysseyra1n installer GUI for jailbroken devices Betelguese
better-window-manager 1.14,15 Tools to save/restore window states Better Window Manager
betterandbetter 2.6.1,2024061301 Keyboard, mouse and touchpad motion gestures Better And Better
betterdiscord-installer 1.3.0 Installer for BetterDiscord BetterDiscord
betterdisplay 2.3.9 Display management tool BetterDisplay
bettermouse 1.5.4813 Utility improving 3rd party mouse performance and functionalities BetterMouse
bettertouchtool 4.644,46440 Tool to customise input devices and automate computer systems BetterTouchTool
betterzip 5.3.4 Utility to create and modify archives BetterZip
betwixt 1.6.1 Web Debugging Proxy based on Chrome DevTools Network panel Betwixt
beyond-compare Compare files and folders Beyond Compare
beyond-compare@beta Compare files and folders Beyond Compare
bezel 1.5.2 iOS screen output recorder Bezel
bfxr 1.5.1 Make sound effects for computer games Bfxr
bias-fx Guitar amp and effects processing software Positive Grid Bias FX 2
bibdesk 1.9.4 Edit and manage bibliographies BibDesk
big-mean-folder-machine 2.43 File/folder management utility Big Mean Folder Machine
biglybt Bittorrent client based on the Azureus open source project biglybt
bike 1.18.4,180 Record and process your ideas Bike
bili-downloader 1.7.2 BiliBili media downloader BiliDownloader
bilibili 1.14.0 Official bilibili video streaming and sharing platform Bilibili
bilimini 1.5.7 Small window bilibili client bilimini
billings-pro 1.7.20,37904 Invoices, estimates, quotes and time-tracking Billings Pro
binance 1.52.11 Cryptocurrency exchange Binance
binary-ninja 4.1.5747 Reverse engineering platform Binary Ninja
bing-wallpaper 1.1.3 Use the Bing daily image as your wallpaper Bing Wallpaper
bingpaper 0.11.1,46 Use the Bing daily photo as your wallpaper BingPaper
bino 1.6.6 Video player Bino
binocs 0.7.5 CLI-first uptime and performance monitoring tool for websites, apps and APIs Binocs
birdfont 6.7.1 Font editor BirdFont
biscuit 1.2.29 Browser to organise apps Biscuit
bisq 1.9.17 Decentralised bitcoin exchange network Bisq
bit-fiddle 1.4.2 Converts decimal, hexadecimal, binary numbers and ASCII characters Bit Fiddle
bit-slicer 1.8.0 Universal game trainer Bit Slicer
bitbar 1.10.1 Utility to display the output from any script or program in the menu bar BitBar
bitbox 4.43.0 Protect your coins with the latest Swiss made hardware wallet BitBox
bitcoin-core 27.1 Bitcoin client and wallet Bitcoin Core
bitmessage P2P communications protocol Bitmessage
bitrix24 Online workspace for your business Bitrix24
bitwarden 2024.6.4 Desktop password and login vault Bitwarden
bitwig-studio 5.1.9 Digital audio workstation Bitwig Studio
black-ink 2.3.2 Download, solve, and print crossword puzzles Black Ink
black-light 3.0 Apply special vision effects on your screen Black Light
black-light-pro 1.2 Colour effects on a schedule Black Light Pro
blackhole-16ch 0.6.0 Virtual Audio Driver BlackHole 16ch
blackhole-2ch 0.6.0 Virtual Audio Driver BlackHole 2ch
blackhole-64ch 0.6.0 Virtual Audio Driver BlackHole 64ch
blender 4.2.0 3D creation suite Blender
blender-benchmark 3.1.0,2.0 3D performance benchmarking tool Blender Open Data Benchmark
blender@lts 3.6.14 Free and open-source 3D creation suite Blender
bleunlock 1.12.2 Lock/unlock Apple computers using the proximity of a bluetooth low energy device BLEUnlock
blheli-configurator 1.2.0 BLHeli Configurator
blink1control 2.2.9 Utility to control blink(1) USB RGB LED devices Blink1Control
blip 1.0.9,20240319141104 Send any size file between devices blip
blisk Developer-oriented browser Blisk Browser
blitz-gg 2.1.165 Performance analysis software Blitz
blobby-volley2 1.1.1 Head-to-head multiplayer ball game Blobby Volley 2
blobsaver 3.6.0 GUI for automatically saving SHSH blobs blobsaver
blockbench 4.10.4 3D model editor for boxy models and pixel art textures Blockbench
blockblock 2.2.2 Monitors common persistence locations BlockBlock
blockstack 0.37.0 Explore the Blockstack internet Blockstack
blockstream-green 2.0.8 Multi-platform Bitcoin and Liquid wallet Blockstream Green
blocs 5.2.4 Visual web design software Blocs
bloodhound 4.3.1 Six Degrees of Domain Admin bloodhound
bloomrpc 1.5.3 GUI Client for GRPC Services BloomRPC
bloop 0.6.5 Code search engine bloop
blu-ray-player 3.3.22,231010_0359 Player for Blu-ray content Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player
blu-ray-player-pro 3.3.22,231010_0359 Blu-ray player software Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro
bluebubbles 1.9.7 Server for forwarding iMessages BlueBubbles
bluefish 2.2.12 Open source code editor Bluefish
bluegriffon 3.1 Web and EPUB editor BlueGriffon
blueharvest 8.3 Remove metadata files from external drives BlueHarvest
bluej 5.3.0 Java Development Environment designed for beginners BlueJ
bluejeans Video conferencing for the digital workplace BlueJeans
bluesense 1.3.1 Detect the presence of your Bluetooth device BlueSense
bluesnooze 1.2 Prevents your sleeping computer from connecting to Bluetooth accessories Bluesnooze
bluestacks,f1d20... Mobile gaming platform BlueStacks
bluetility 1.5.1 Bluetooth Low Energy browser Bluetility
bluewallet 6.6.8 Bitcoin wallet and Lightning wallet BlueWallet
bluos-controller 4.4.1,2024,07 Manage audio systems BluOS Controller
blurred 1.2.0 Utility to dim background/inactive content in the screen Blurred
blurscreen 1.0 Blur any part of your screen BlurScreen
bob 0.10.3 Translation application for text, pictures, and manual input Bob
boinc 8.0.2 Downloads scientific computing jobs and runs them invisibly in the background Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
boltai 1.16.11 AI chat client BoltAI
bome-network 1.6.0 Create MIDI connections between computers Bome Network
bonitastudiocommunity 2023.2-u0 Business process automation and optimisation Bonita Studio Community Edition
bonjeff 2.0.1 Shows a live display of the Bonjour services published on your network Bonjeff
bonjour-browser 1.5.6 Display all the bonjour services on your local network Bonjour Browser
bookends 15.0.4 Reference management and bibliography software Bookends
bookletcreator 2.1.0 Booklet to PDF utility BookletCreator
bookmacster 3.1.3 Bookmarks manager BookMacster
bookwright 3.1.0 Make a book with this tool and the Blurb printing service bookwright
boom 1.7.13,101.7.13008 Transforms audio input Boom
boom-3d 2.2.0,102.2.0054 Volume booster and equaliser software Boom 3D
boop 1.4.0 Scriptable scratchpad for developers Boop
boost-note 0.23.1 Markdown note editor for developers Boostnote.Next
boosteroid 1.8.11 Cloud gaming service Boosteroid
bootstrap-studio 6.7.2 Design and prototype websites using the Bootstrap framework Bootstrap Studio
bootxchanger 2.0 Utility to change the boot logo on old Macs BootXChanger
bose-updater Software updates for Bose products Bose Device Updater
bossa 1.9.1 bossa
bot-framework-emulator 4.14.1 Test and debug chat bots built with the Bot Framework SDK Microsoft Bot Framework Emulator
bowtie 1.5 Control your music with customisable shortcuts Bowtie
box-drive 2.39.179 Client for the Box cloud storage service Box Drive
box-notes 1.4.0 Online notes for secure, real-time collaboration Box Notes
box-sync 4.0.8088 Cloud based collaboration and management platform focusing on security Box Sync
box-tools Create and edit any file directly from a web browser Box Tools
boxcryptor 3.13.680 Tool to encrypt files and folders in various cloud storage services Boxcryptor
boxy-suite 2.1.4 Gmail, Calendar, Keep and Contacts apps Boxy Suite
brackets 2.2.0 Open-source code editor for web-development Brackets
brain-workshop 4.8.4 Brain Workshop
brainfm 0.1.5 Desktop client for
brave-browser Web browser focusing on privacy Brave
brave-browser@beta Web browser focusing on privacy Brave Beta
brave-browser@dev Web browser focusing on privacy Brave Dev
brave-browser@nightly Web browser focusing on privacy Brave Nightly
breaktimer 1.2.0 Tool to manage periodic breaks BreakTimer
breitbandmessung 3.6.0 Official internet speed test from the German Bundesnetzagentur Breitbandmessung
brewlet 1.7.4 Missing menulet for Homebrew Brewlet
brewservicesmenubar 4.1 Menu item for starting and stopping homebrew services Brew Services Menubar
brewtarget 3.0.11 Beer recipe creation tool brewtarget
bria 6.7.2,124591 Softphone application Bria
bricklink-partdesigner 2.24.2_1 Design your own LEGO parts PartDesigner
bricklink-studio 2.24.6_2 Build, render, and create LEGO instructions Studio
bricksmith 3.1.0 Virtual Lego modelling Bricksmith
brickstore 2024.5.2 BrickLink offline management tool BrickStore
bridge 2023.1.0 Your gateway to Megascans and Metahumans Quixel Bridge
brightintosh 1.6.1 Utility that allows increased screen brightness BrightIntosh
brightness-sync 2.3.2 Utility to synchronise the brightness of LG UltraFine display(s) Brightness Sync
brisk 1.2.0 App for submitting radars Brisk
brisync 1.3.1 Utility to automatically control the brightness of external displays Brisync
brl-cad-mged 7.24.0 Solid modelling system BRL-CAD
brooklyn 2.1.0 Screen saver based on animations presented during Apple Special Event Brooklyn Brooklyn
browser-deputy 1.6.3 Command palette in any application Browser Deputy
browserosaurus 20.8.0 Open-source browser prompter Browserosaurus
browserstacklocal 3.6.4 Test localhost and staging websites BrowserStack Local Testing
bruno 1.21.0 Opensource IDE for exploring and testing api's Bruno
btcpayserver-vault 2.0.10 App that allows web applications to access a hardware wallet BTCPayServer Vault
btp 2.64.0 CLI for the SAP Business Technology Platform SAP Business Technology Platform Command Line Interface
bubo 1.0 Fixes broken bluetooth headset control Bubo
buckets 0.75.0 Budgeting tool Buckets
buckets@beta 0.76.0 Budgeting tool Buckets Beta
bugdom 1.3.4 Bug-themed 3D action/adventure game from Pangea Software Bugdom
bugdom2 4.0.0 Bug-themed 3D action/adventure game sequel from Pangea Software Bugdom 2
buildsettingextractor 1.4.7 Xcode build settings extractor BuildSettingExtractor
bunch 1.4.17,180 Automation tool Bunch
bunqcommunity-bunq 0.9.10 Unofficial desktop application for the bunq API bunqDesktop
burn 3.1.7 CD burning application Burn
burp-suite 2024.5.5 Web security testing toolkit Burp Suite Community Edition
burp-suite-professional 2024.5.5 Web security testing toolkit Burp Suite Professional
busycal 2024.3.2 Calendar software focusing on flexibility and reliability BusyCal
busycontacts 2024.1.2 Contact manager focusing on efficiency BusyContacts
butler 4.4.8 Arrange your tasks in a customisable configuration Butler
butt 0.1.39 Shoutcast and Icecast streaming client Broadcast Using This Tool
buttercup 2.27.0 Javascript Secrets Vault - Multi-Platform Desktop Application Buttercup
buzz 1.0.1 Transcribes and translates audio Buzz
bwana 2.8.1 Bwana
bzflag 2.4.26 3D multi-player tank battle game BZFlag
c0re100-qbittorrent Bittorrent client qBittorrent Enhanced Edition
cabal 8.0.0 Desktop client for the chat platform Cabal Cabal
cacher 2.47.5 Code snippet organiser Cacher
cad-assistant 1.6.0,2021-10-06 3D viewer and converter for CAD and mesh files CAD Assistant
caffeine 1.1.3 Utility that prevents the system from going to sleep Caffeine
cahier 0.7.0 Knowledge base with native support for research Cahier
cakebrew 1.3 GUI app for Homebrew Cakebrew
cakebrewjs 2.2.6 Homebrew GUI app cakebrewjs
calcservice 3.5.1 Enter calculations into any Service-aware app CalcService
caldigit-docking-utility 1.9.31 Utility to disconnect all drives connected to a Caldigit dock CalDigit Thunderbolt Docking Station Utility
caldigit-thunderbolt-charging 1.2 Improved Apple device support CalDigit Thunderbolt Station USB Charging & SuperDrive Support Driver
calendar-366 2.15.5 Menu bar calendar for events and reminders Calendar 366 II
calhash 1.3.3 Calculate and compare file checksums CalHash
calibre 7.15.0 E-books management software calibre
calibrite-profiler 1.3.2 Display calibration software for Calibrite, ColorChecker and X-Rite devices calibrite PROFILER
calmly-writer 2.0.53 Word processor with markdown formatting and select themes Calmly Writer
camed 3.2.2 XML editor CAM Editor
camera-live 11 Syphon server for connected Canon DSLR cameras Camera Live
camerabag-photo 2024.2.0 Filter and edit photos CameraBag
cameracontroller 1.4.0 Control USB Cameras from an app CameraController
camo-studio 2.1.5,12260 Use your phone as a high-quality webcam with image tuning controls Camo Studio
camtasia 2024.0.3 Screen recorder and video editor Camtasia
camunda-modeler 5.25.0 Workflow and Decision Automation Platform Camunda Modeler
candybar 3.5 Tool to manage file icons CandyBar
canon-eos-utility,0200007... Communication with Canon EOS cameras Canon EOS Utility
canon-ufrii-driver 10.19.17 Printer driver for Canon imageRUNNER office printers Canon UFR II/UFRII LT/LIPSLX/CARPS2 Printer Driver
cantata 2.3.2 Qt5 Graphical MPD Client Cantata
canva 1.91.0 Design tool Canva
capacities 1.39.10 App to write and organise your ideas Capacities
capcut Video editing and image design platform CapCut
caprine 2.60.1 Elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app Caprine
capslocknodelay 1.0.8 Removes delay when pressing the caps lock CapsLockNoDelay
captain 10.5.0 Manage Docker containers from the menu bar Captain
captin 1.3.1 Tool to show caps lock status Captin
caption 2.0.1 Finds and sets up subtitles automatically Caption
capto 2.0.0,1002.0.0022 Screen capture/recorder and video editor Capto
carbide-create 777 CAD/CAM software for CNC routers Carbide Create
carbon-copy-cloner 7.0.1,8016 Hard disk backup and cloning utility Carbon Copy Cloner
carbon-copy-cloner@5 Hard disk backup and cloning utility Carbon Copy Cloner 5
carbon-copy-cloner@6 Hard disk backup and cloning utility Carbon Copy Cloner 6
cardhop 2.2.19 Contacts manager Cardhop
cardinal 24.05 Virtual modular synthesiser plugin Cardinal
cardo-update 4.2.0 Update Packtalk and Freecom motorcycle intercoms Cardo Update
cardpresso Card software tool for professional card production cardpresso
caret 3.4.6 Caret
cashnotify 3.6.7 Monitor your Stripe and Paypal accounts from your menubar CashNotify
castr 2.7.0 Desktop application for controlling Castr streaming platform castr
catch 2.3 Broadcatching made easy Catch
catlight 3.7.3 Action center for developers catlight
cave-story 0.1.0,2 Action-adventure game reminiscent of classic 8- and 16-bit games Cave Story
ccleaner 2.09.187 Remove junk and unused files Piriform CCleaner
ccmenu 15.0 Application to monitor continuous integration servers CCMenu
cctalk 7.10.15-1390 Real-time interactive education platform CCtalk
cd-to 3.1.3 Finder Toolbar app to open the current directory in the Terminal cd to
celestia 1.6.4 Space simulation for exploring the universe in three dimensions Celestia
celestialteapot-runway 2.0 UML (Unified Modelling Language) design app Runway
cellprofiler 4.2.6 Open-source application for biological image analysis CellProfiler
cemu 1.3 TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE calculator emulator CEmu
cerebro 0.11.0 Open-source launcher Cerebro
cernbox Cloud storage for CERN users CERNBox Client
chai 3.3.0 Utility to prevent the system from going to sleep Chai
chainner 0.24.1 Flowchart-based image processing GUI chaiNNer
chalk 1.7.5 Calculator software Chalk
charles 4.6.6 Web debugging Proxy application Charles
charlessoft-timetracker 0.6.4 TimeTracker
charmstone 1.31 App launcher and switcher Charmstone
chatall 1.82.107 Concurrently chat with ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Bard, Claude, ChatGLM and more ChatALL
chatbox 1.3.10 Desktop app for GPT-4 / GPT-3.5 (OpenAI API) chatbox
chatgpt 1.2024.179,172046... OpenAI's official ChatGPT desktop app ChatGPT
chatmate-for-whatsapp 4.3.1,482,1537891987 Extension app WhatsApp ChatMate for WhatsApp
chatology 1.2.5 Chat manager and message search software Chatology
chatterino 2.5.1 Chat client for Chatterino
chatty 0.26 Twitch chat client Chatty
chatwork 2.8.4 Group chat software ChatWork
cheatsheet 1.6.4 Tool to list all active shortcuts of the current application CheatSheet
checkra1n 0.12.4 Jailbreak for iPhone 5s through iPhone X, iOS 12.0 and up checkra1n
cheetah3d 8.1.1 3D modelling, rendering and animation software Cheetah3D
chef-workstation 24.6.1066 All-in-one installer for the tools you need to manage your Chef infrastructure Chef Workstation
chemdoodle 12.6.0 2D chemical drawing, publishing and informatics ChemDoodle
chessx 1.6.0 Chess database ChessX
chia 2.4.2 GUI Python implementation for the Chia blockchain Chia Blockchain
chiaki 2.2.0 PlayStation remote play client Chiaki
chime 2.2.5,157 Text and code editor Chime
chipmunk 3.12.9 Log analysis tool Chipmunk Log Analyzer & Viewer
chirp 20240706 Tool for programming amateur radio CHIRP
choosy 2.3.1 Open links in any browser Choosy
chrome-devtools 1.1.0 Standalone Chrome development tools Chrome DevTools
chrome-remote-desktop-host 127.0.6533.8 Remotely access another computer through the Google Chrome browser Chrome Remote Desktop
chromedriver 126.0.6478.182 Automated testing of webapps for Google Chrome ChromeDriver
chromedriver@beta 127.0.6533.57 Automated testing of webapps for Google Chrome ChromeDriver
chromium latest Free and open-source web browser Chromium
chromium-gost 126.0.6478.182 Browser based on Chromium with support for GOST cryptographic algorithms Chromium-Gost
chronoagent 11.1.0 Remote file sharing for ChronoSync ChronoAgent
chronos 6.3.0 Desktop client for JIRA and Trello Chronos Timetracker
chronosync 11.0.2 Synchronisation and backup tool ChronoSync
chronycontrol 1.4.15 Install and configure chronyd ChronyControl
chrysalis 0.13.3 Graphical configurator for Kaleidoscope-powered keyboards Chrysalis
cilicon 2.2.2 Self-Hosted ephemeral CI on Apple Silicon Cilicon
cinc-workstation 24.6.1066 Installer for Chef infrastructure management tools Cinc Workstation
cinch 1.2.4 Window management tool Cinch
cinco 2.0.1 Generator-driven Eclipse IDE for domain-specific graphical modelling tools Cinco
cinder 0.9.2 C++ library for creative coding Cinder
cinderella 3.0b.2087 Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella
cinebench 2024 Hardware benchmarking utility Cinebench
circuitjs1 2.9.0js Electronic circuit simulator Falstad CircuitJS
cirrus 1.14,2024.02 Inspector for iCloud Drive folders Cirrus
cisco-jabber 20240401022744 Jabber client from Cisco Cisco Jabber
cisco-proximity 4.0.0 Content sharing and video conference system control Cisco Proximity
cisdem-data-recovery 17.2.0 Recover lost data Cisdem Data Recovery
cisdem-document-reader 5.5.1 Document reader to open and view Windows-based files Cisdem Document Reader
cisdem-duplicate-finder 6.5.0 Duplicate Finder Cisdem Duplicate Finder
cisdem-pdf-converter-ocr 9.3.0 PDF Converter with OCR capability Cisdem PDF Converter OCR
citra 2.0 Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra
citrix-workspace Managed desktop virtualization solution Citrix Workspace
cityofzion-neon 2.23.13 Light wallet for the NEO blockchain Neon Wallet
ckan 1.34.4 Mod management solution for Kerbal Space Program Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network
ckb-next 0.4.4 RGB driver ckb-next
clamxav 3.6.3,10255 Anti-virus and malware scanner ClamXAV
clash-verge-rev 1.7.5 Continuation of Clash Verge - A Clash Meta GUI based on Tauri Clash Verge Rev
classicftp 4.03 FTP File Transfer Software ClassicFTP
classroom-assistant 2.0.4 Tool to clone student repositories in bulk GitHub Classroom Assistant
classroom-mode-for-minecraft 1.83 Classroom management app for Minecraft Education Edition Classroom Mode for Minecraft
clay 2.17.9 Private rolodex to remember people better Clay
clean-me 1.4.2 System cleaner for logs, caches and more Clean-me
cleanapp 5.1.3 Synium Software CleanApp
cleanclip 2.1.5 Clipboard manager CleanClip
cleaneronepro 6.7.5,5453 All-in-one Cleaner App CleanerOnePro
cleanmymac 4.15.4,41504.0.24... Tool to remove unnecessary files and folders from disk CleanMyMac X
cleanmymac-zh 4.15.4 Tool to remove unnecessary files and folders from disk Chinese edition CleanMyMac X Chinese
cleanshot 4.7.3 Screen capturing tool CleanShot
cleanupbuddy 1.1,10 Clean keyboard and trackpad CleanupBuddy
cleartext 2.45 Text editor Cleartext
clearvpn 3.0.8,202406.12.1... VPN client ClearVPN
clementine 1.3.1 Music player and library organiser Clementine
clibor 1.4 Clipboard manager Clibor for Mac
clickcharts 9.28 Diagram and flowchart software ClickCharts
clicker-for-netflix 2.13.0 Best standalone Netflix player Clicker for Netflix
clicker-for-youtube 1.22 Standalone YouTube app Clicker for YouTube
clickhouse Column-oriented database management system Clickhouse
clickup 3.4.9,240703ei2pb... Productivity platform for tasks, docs, goals, and chat ClickUp
clion 2024.1.4,241.1803... C and C++ IDE CLion
clion@eap 2024.2,242.20224.66 CLion Early Access Program CLion EAP
clip-studio-paint 2.3.4 Software for drawing and painting Clip Studio Paint
clipgrab 3.9.10 Downloads videos and audio from websites ClipGrab
clips-ide 6.4.1 Tool for building expert systems CLIPS IDE
clipy 1.2.1 Clipboard extension app Clipy
clix CLIX
cljstyle 0.16.626 Tool for formatting Clojure code cljstyle
clock-bar 1.0,1801968 Macbook | Clock, right on the touch bar Clock Bar
clock-signal 2024-06-03 Latency-hating emulator of 8- and 16-bit platforms Clock Signal
clocker 23.01 Menu bar timezone tracker and compact calendar Clocker
clockify 2.10.9 Time tracking tool for agencies and freelancers Clockify
clocksaver 0.7.3 Screensavers inspired by Braun watches Clock.saver screensaver
clone-hero Guitar Hero clone Clone Hero
clonk 1.0 Single player and multiplayer action game Clonk Rage
clop 2.5.5 Image, video and clipboard optimiser Clop
cloud-pbx Cloud-based telephone system Cloud PBX
cloud189 1.1.0 Public cloud storage service Cloud189
cloudash 1.22.1 Monitoring and troubleshooting for serverless architectures cloudash
cloudcompare 2.12.3 CloudCompare
cloudflare-warp 2024.6.416.0 Free app that makes your Internet safer Cloudflare WARP
cloudmounter 4.7 Mounts cloud storages as local discs Eltima CloudMounter
cloudnet Enterprise-level meshVPN cloud service CloudNet for Mac client
cloudup 1.15.5 Instantly and securely share anything Cloudup
cloudytabs 2.0 Menu bar application that lists iCloud Tabs CloudyTabs
clover-configurator Clover EFI bootloader configuration helper Clover Configurator
cmake 3.30.1 Family of tools to build, test and package software CMake
cmd-eikana 2.2.3 Eikana
cmdtap 1.9.4 Adds other functions to Task Switcher CmdTap
cncjs 1.10.3 Interface for CNC milling controllers CNSjs
cncnet 2.1 Multiplayer platform for classic Command & Conquer games CnCNet: Classic Command & Conquer
coccinellida 0.7 Simple SSH tunnel manager Coccinellida
cockatrice 2.9.0,2023-09-14,... Virtual tabletop for multiplayer card games Cockatrice
cocktail 17.4.1 Cleans, repairs and optimises computer systems Cocktail
cocoapods 1.5.2 Dependency manager for Cocoa projects
cocoarestclient 1.4.7 App for testing HTTP/REST endpoints CocoaRestClient
coconutbattery 3.9.17,C29E0D4F Tool to show live information about the batteries in various devices coconutBattery
coconutid 3.4 Shows a Macs or iPhones manufacturing date coconutID
coda 2.7.7,217503 Text editor Panic Coda
code-composer-studio Integrated development environment Code Composer Studio (CCS)
code-notes 1.2.4 Code snippet manager Code Notes
code42-crashplan 8.2.3,15252000068... Endpoint backup and recovery Code42 CrashPlan
codeedit 0.2.0 Code editor CodeEdit
codeexpander 4.3.8 Cloud synchronisation development tool CodeExpander
codekit 3.27,34576 App for building websites CodeKit
codelite 17.0.0 IDE for C, C++, PHP and Node.js CodeLite
codeql 2.18.0 Semantic code analysis engine CodeQL
coderunner 4.3 Multi-language programming editor CodeRunner
codespace 1.6.1 Code snippet manager Codespace
codux 15.31.0 React IDE built to visually edit component styling and layouts Codux
coffitivity-offline 1.0.2 Ambient sound generator Coffitivity Offline
cog 2848,0f5f11a5 Audio player Cog
coherence-x 4.7.1 Turn websites into apps Coherence X
coin-wallet 6.5.0 Digital currency wallet Coin Wallet
coinomi-wallet 1.2.4 Securely store, manage and exchange many blockchain assets Coinomi Wallet
cold-turkey-blocker 4.5 Block websites, games and applications Cold Turkey
color-oracle 1.3 Color Oracle
color-studio 1.0.4 Coherent colour scheme creator Color Studio
colorchecker-camera-calibration 2.3.0 Software to build custom camera profiles ColorChecker Camera Calibration
colorpicker-developer 1.5.4 Developer Color Picker
colorpicker-materialdesign 2.0.0 Material Design
colorpicker-propicker 1.1 Pro Picker
colorpicker-skalacolor 2.10 Colour picker Skala Color
colorsnapper 1.6.4 Colour picker ColorSnapper 2
colortester 1.0 Colour accessibility and contrast tester ColorTester
colorwell 7.4.3 Colour picker and colour palette generator ColorWell
colour-contrast-analyser 3.5.3 Colour contrast checker Colour Contrast Analyser
combine-pdfs 5.6.1 PDF file editor Combine PDFs
comictagger 1.5.5 Metadata editor for digital comics ComicTagger
comma-chameleon 0.5.2 Comma Chameleon
command-pad 0.1.2 Start and stop command-line tools and monitor the output Command Pad
command-tab-plus 2.6 Keyboard-centric application and window switcher Command-Tab Plus
command-x 1.4.0-1705659953,... Cut and paste files in Finder Command X
commander-one 3.9 Two-panel file manager Commander One
commandpost 1.4.27 Workflow enhancements for Final Cut Pro CommandPost
commandq 3.0.1 Never accidentally quit an app again CommandQ
composercat 0.4.0 Graphical interface for Composer (PHP) Composercat
compositor 1.26.0 WYSIWYG LaTeX editor Compositor
concept2-utility 7.14.00 Utilities for the Concept2 Performance Monitor Concept2 Utility
confectionery 1.2.1 Website screenshot tool Confectionery
conferences 0.0.1-alpha22 App to watch conference videos
confluent-cli 3.65.0 Enables developers to manage Confluent Cloud or Confluent Platform Confluent CLI
connectiq 7.2.1,2024-06-25,... Build wearable experiences for Garmin devices and sensors with ConnectIQ SDK Garmin Connect IQ SDK
connectmenow 3.0.7 Mount network shares quick and easy ConnectMeNow
console 0.3.1 Replacement for console application Console
container-ps 1.3.0 App to show all docker images Container PS
contexts 3.9.0 Allows switching between application windows Contexts
continuity-activation-tool 1.0 Enable continuity features on compatible hardware Continuity Activation Tool
contour Terminal emulator contour
contraste 1.0 Check accessibility of text against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Contraste
controllermate 4.11.1 Create virtual mouse, tablet, and joystick devices ControllerMate
controlplane 1.6.7 Context-sensitive application launcher ControlPlane
convert3dgui 1.0.0 Command-line tool for converting 3D images between common file formats Convert3DGUI
cookie 7.3.6 Protection from tracking and online profiling Cookie
cool-retro-term 1.2.0 Terminal emulator mimicking the old cathode display Cool Retro Term
coolterm Serial port terminal CoolTerm
copilot 4.3.3,219-c47abdd3 Track and budget money Copilot
copilot-for-xcode 0.33.6 Xcode extension for GitHub Copilot Copilot for Xcode
copyclip Clipboard manager CopyClip
copyq 9.0.0 Clipboard manager with advanced features CopyQ
copytranslator 11.0.0 Tool that translates text in real-time while copying CopyTranslator
coqide 8.13.1 Formal proof management system Coq
cord 0.5.7 Remote desktop client CoRD
core-data-editor 5.2 Core Data Editor
core-tunnel 3.8.10 SSH tunnel manager Core Tunnel
corelocationcli 4.0.2 Prints location information from CoreLocation Core Location CLI
cornercal 1.1 Clock app CornerCal
cornerstone 4.2 Subversion client Cornerstone
corona-tracker 1.7.2 Coronavirus tracker app with maps and charts Corona Tracker
corretto OpenJDK distribution from Amazon AWS Corretto JDK
corretto@11 OpenJDK distribution from Amazon AWS Corretto JDK
corretto@17 OpenJDK distribution from Amazon AWS Corretto JDK
corretto@21 OpenJDK distribution from Amazon AWS Corretto JDK
corretto@8 8.422.05.1 OpenJDK distribution from Amazon Amazon Corretto JDK
coscreen 7.10.41 Collaboration tool with multi-user screen sharing CoScreen
coteditor 4.8.7 Plain-text editor for web pages, program source codes and more CotEditor
couchbase-server-community 7.6.2 Distributed NoSQL cloud database Couchbase Server
couchbase-server-enterprise 7.6.2 Distributed NoSQL cloud database Couchbase Server
couchpotato 3.0.1 Automatic Movie Downloading via NZBs & Torrents CouchPotato
couleurs 1.2.1 Grab and tweak the colours you see on your screen Couleurs
countdown 0.1.0 Countdown Screensaver
coverload 2.4.0-800 Download high quality artwork for movies, music albums, and more CoverLoad
cozy-drive 3.39.0 File synchronisation for Cozy Cloud Cozy Drive
cpuinfo 1.5.1 CPU meter menu bar app cpuinfo
cr 3.0.56,10 XML/CSS based eBook reader Cool Reader
craft 2.8.5 Native document editor Craft
craftmanager 1.8.4 Helps keep your Craft tools up to date CraftManager
crashplan 11.4.0,503 Backup and recovery software CrashPlan
creality-print,21e5a2... Slicer and cloud services for some Creality FDM 3D printers Creality Print
creality-slicer 4.8.2 Slicer for all Creality FDM 3D printers Creality Slicer
create-recovery-partition-installer 1.1 Create Recovery Partition Installer
createuserpkg 1.2.4 Create packages to deploy user accounts CreateUserPkg
creative 1.5.3,103 Control panel for the Creative hardware Creative
creepy 1.4.1 Geolocation OSINT tool Creepy
crescendo 1.0.4 Real time event viewer Crescendo
criptext 0.31.0,2.0.82 Email service that's built around privacy Criptext
cro-mag-rally 3.0.1 Prehistoric-themed 3D racing game from Pangea Software Cro-Mag Rally
cronnix 3.0.2 CronniX
crossover 24.0.4 Tool to run Windows software CrossOver
crosspack-avr 2013-12-16 Development environment for Atmel’s AVR microcontrollers CrossPack
crunch 5.0.0 PNG image optimiser Crunch
crushftp 11 File transfer server CrushFTP
crypter 5.0.0 Encryption software Crypter
cryptomator 1.13.0 Multi-platform client-side cloud file encryption tool Cryptomator
cryptr 0.6.0 GUI for Hashicorp's Vault Cryptr
crystaldiffract 7.0.2 Powder diffraction software including phase ID & Rietveld refinement CrystalDiffract
crystalfetch 2.1.1 UI for creating Windows installer ISO from UUPDump Crystalfetch
crystalmaker 11.1.0 Energy modelling for crystal & molecular structures CrystalMaker
crystalviewer 11.2.1 Interactive galleries of 3D crystal & molecular structures CrystalViewer
cscreen 2012.09 Command-line display management utility cscreen
cubicsdr 0.2.5 Cross-platform software-defined radio application CubicSDR
cuda-z 0.10.251 Show basic information about CUDA-enabled GPUs and GPGPUs CUDA-Z
cumulus 0.10.1 SoundCloud player that lives in the menu bar Cumulus
cura-lulzbot 3.6.21,ce3e47a080... 3D printing solution Cura LulzBot Edition
curio 29.0,29004 Note-taking and organisation tool Curio
curiosity 0.5.5 SwiftUI Reddit client Curiosity
curseforge 1.251.0-0 Download and manage your addons and mods CurseForge
cursor 0.37.1,240714yrr3... Write, edit, and chat about your code with AI Cursor
cursorcerer 3.5 Preference Pane for controlling cursor hiding Cursorcerer
cursorsense 2.4 Adjusts cursor acceleration and sensitivity CursorSense
cursr 1.7.2 Customise mouse movements between multiple displays Cursr
customshortcuts 1.1 Customise menu item keyboard shortcuts CustomShortcuts
cutesdr 1.20 Demodulation and spectrum display program CuteSDR
cutter 2.3.4 Reverse engineering platform powered by Rizin Cutter
cyberduck 9.0.0,41777 Server and cloud storage browser Cyberduck
cyberghost-vpn 8.3.8,164 VPN client CyberGhost
cycling74-max 8.6.4_240709 Flexible space to create your own interactive software Cycling ‘74 Max
dadroit-json-viewer 2.0.1,845 JSON Viewer Dadroit JSON Viewer
daedalus-mainnet 5.4.0,67194,8dc75... Cryptocurrency wallet for ada on the Cardano blockchain Daedalus Mainnet
daisydisk 4.30 Disk space visualiser DaisyDisk
dangerzone 0.7.0 Convert potentially dangerous PDFs or Office documents into safe PDFs Dangerzone
darkmodebuddy 1.2,13 Automatically switch between light and dark modes based on ambient light sensor DarkModeBuddy
darktable 4.8.0 Photography workflow application and raw developer darktable
darwindumper 3.1.1 App to dump system information to aid troubleshooting DarwinDumper
dash 7.2.4 API documentation browser and code snippet manager Dash
dash-dash 20.1.1 Dash - Reinventing Cryptocurrency Dash
dash@6 6.4.3 API documentation browser and code snippet manager Dash
dashcam-viewer 4.0.0 View videos, GPS data, and G-force data recorded by dashcams and action cams Dashcam Viewer
dat 3.0.1 Peer to peer data sharing app built for humans Dat Desktop
data-integration End to end data integration and analytics platform Pentaho Data Integration
data-rescue 6.0.8 Data recovery software Data Rescue 6
data-science-studio 1.3.8 Quick experimentation and operationalization for machine learning at scale Dataiku Data Science Studio
datadog-agent 7.55.1-1 Monitoring and security across systems, apps, and services Datadog Agent
datagraph 5.3,66 Scientific/statistical graphing software DataGraph
datagrip 2024.1.4,241.1789... Databases and SQL IDE DataGrip
datasette 0.2.3 Desktop application that wraps Datasette Datasette
dataspell 2024.1.3,241.1803... IDE for Professional Data Scientists DataSpell
datazenit 1.1.0 Datazenit
datovka 4.24.0 Access and store data messages in a local database Datovka
datweatherdoe 5.2.0 Menu bar weather app DatWeatherDoe
davmail 6.2.2,3546 Use any mail/calendar client with an Exchange server DavMail
db-browser-for-sqlcipher@nightly latest Database browser for SQLCipher DB Browser for SQLCipher Nightly
db-browser-for-sqlite 3.12.2 Browser for SQLite databases DB Browser for SQLite
db-browser-for-sqlite@nightly latest Database browser for SQLite DB Browser for SQLite Nightly
dbeaver-community 24.1.3 Universal database tool and SQL client DBeaver Community Edition
dbeaver-enterprise 24.1.0 Universal database tool and SQL client DBeaver Enterprise Edition
dbeaverlite 24.1.0 Universal database tool and SQL client DBeaver Lite Edition
dbeaverultimate 24.1.0 Universal database tool and SQL client DBeaver Ultimate Edition
dbgate 5.3.1 Database manager for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, SQLite and others DbGate
dbglass 0.1.0-beta.6 PostgreSQL client built with Electron DBGlass
dbkoda Open-source, next generation IDE for MongoDB dbKoda
dbngin 7.1,71 Database version management tool DBngin
dbschema 9.6.1 Design, document and deploy databases DbSchema
dbvisualizer 24.2.1 Database management and analysis tool DbVisualizer
dcommander Two-pane file manager DCommander
dcp-o-matic 2.16.89 Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP (Digital Cinema Package) DCP-o-matic
dcp-o-matic-batch-converter 2.16.89 Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP (Digital Cinema Package) DCP-o-matic Batch converter
dcp-o-matic-combiner 2.16.89 Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP (Digital Cinema Package) DCP-o-matic-combiner
dcp-o-matic-disk-writer 2.16.89 Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP (Digital Cinema Package) DCP-o-matic Disk Writer
dcp-o-matic-editor 2.16.89 Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP (Digital Cinema Package) DCP-o-matic Editor
dcp-o-matic-encode-server 2.16.89 Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP (Digital Cinema Package) DCP-o-matic Encode Server
dcp-o-matic-kdm-creator 2.16.89 Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP (Digital Cinema Package) DCP-o-matic KDM Creator
dcp-o-matic-player 2.16.89 Play Digital Cinema Packages DCP-o-matic Player
dcp-o-matic-playlist-editor 2.16.89 Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP (Digital Cinema Package) DCP-o-matic Playlist Editor
dcv-viewer 2023.1.6703 Client for NICE DCV remote display protocol NICE DCV Viewer
dd-utility 1.11 Write and backup operating system IMG and ISO files dd Utility
ddnet 18.3.1 Cooperative online platform game based on Teeworlds DDNet
ddpm Monitors and peripherals manager DDPM
deadbeef@nightly latest Modular audio player DeaDBeeF
deadbolt 1.0.0 File encryption tool Deadbolt
deathtodsstore 1.0.5 DeathToDSStore
debookee 8.1.5 Network traffic analyser Debookee
decentr 1.7.0 Web3 blockchain/metaverse browser Decentr
deckset 2.0.33,2697 Presentations from Markdown Deckset
decloner 1.6.3 Duplicate files finder Decloner
deco 0.7.1 IDE for building React Native applications Deco
decrediton 2.0.3 GUI for the Decred wallet Decrediton
deelay 1.2.1,2023,10 Delay plugin Deelay
deeper 3.0.7 Tool to enable and disable hidden functions of Finder and other apps Deeper
deepgit 4.4 Tool to investigate the history of source code DeepGit
deepl 24.7.11105906 Trains AIs to understand and translate texts DeepL
deepnest 1.0.5 Nesting application for CNC machines Deepnest
deepstream 7.0.10 Data-sync realtime server deepstream
deezer 6.0.181 Music player Deezer
default-folder-x 6.0.8 Utility to enhance the Open and Save dialogs in applications Default Folder X
defold 1.9.1 Game engine for development of desktop, mobile and web games Defold
defold@alpha 1.9.2 Game engine for development of desktop, mobile and web games Defold
defold@beta 1.9.1 Game engine for development of desktop, mobile and web games Defold
dehelper latest Chinese-German dictionary Dehelper
dejalu 1.0,217 DejaLu
deltachat 1.46.1 Chat via the e-mail server network DeltaChat
deltawalker 2.6.4 Tool to compare and synchronise files and folders DeltaWalker
deluge BitTorrent client Deluge
dendroscope 3.8.10 Interactive viewer for rooted phylogenetic trees and networks Dendroscope
denemo 2.2 Music notation program Denemo
descript 94.0.1-release.20... Audio and video editor Descript
deskpad 1.3.1 Virtual monitor for screen sharing DeskPad
deskreen 2.0.4 Turns any device with a web browser into a secondary screen Deskreen
desktoppr 0.5,218 Command-line tool to set the desktop picture desktoppr
desktoputility 5.2 Quick access to useful system tasks DesktopUtility
desmume 0.9.13 Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME
detail 3.4.4 Pro camera for video calls Detail
detectx-swift 1.0982 Searching and troubleshooting tool DetectX Swift
detexify 1.0.2 LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition Detexify
devbook 0.1.18 Search engine for developers Devbook
devcleaner 2.6.0-475 Reclaim tens of gigabytes of your storage used for various Xcode caches DevCleaner
devdocs 0.7.2 Full-featured desktop app for DevDocs App
deveco-studio Development platform for HarmonyOS and OpenHarmony DevEco Studio
developerexcuses 2.1.4 Developer Excuses Screensaver
deviceinfo 1.0 Display device information DeviceInfo
devilutionx 1.5.2 Diablo build for modern operating systems DevilutionX
devkinsta 2.13.2 Local WordPress Development Suite by Kinsta DevKinsta
devolo-cockpit Configuration and network monitoring software Devolo dLAN Cockpit
devonagent 3.11.8 Tool to help searching the web more efficiently DEVONagent Pro
devonthink 3.9.6 Collect, organise, edit and annotate documents DEVONthink
devpod 0.5.18 UI to create reproducible developer environments based on a devcontainer.json DevPod
devtoys Utilities designed to make common development tasks easier DevToys
devtunnel 1.0.1301+f410beb2af Provides developers secure tunnels to share local web services Microsoft Dev Tunnels
devutils 1.17.0 All-in-one toolbox for developers DevUtils
dexed 0.9.7 DX7 FM synthesiser Dexed
dhs 1.5.1 Scans for dylib hijacking Dylib Hijack Scanner
dia 0.97.2,7 Draw structured diagrams Dia
diagnostics 1.4.1 Diagnostic (crash) reports viewer Diagnostics
dialpad 2406.2.0 Cloud communication platform Dialpad
diashapes 0.3.0 Additional shapes for Dia Dia
dictater 1.2 Dictater
dictcc-en-de-dictionary-plugin 2011-05-26 English-German dictionary plugin
dictionaries 2.4 Translate words without ever opening a dictionary Dictionaries
dictunifier 2.1 Dictionary conversion tool DictUnifier
difffork Compare both folders and files, present the differences in a visual format DiffFork
diffmerge Visually compare and merge files DiffMerge
diffusionbee 2.5.1 Run Stable Diffusion locally Diffusion Bee
digikam 8.4.0 Digital photo manager digiKam
digital 0.30 Logic designer and circuit simulator Digital
dingtalk 7.6.0_38343729 Teamwork app by Alibaba Group DingTalk
dingtalk-lite 5.1.21 Teamwork app by Alibaba Group DingTalk Lite
dintch 1.6,2023.05 Check the integrity of your files Dintch
direqual 5.8.5,58521 Advanced directory compare utility DirEqual
discord 0.0.311 Voice and text chat software Discord
discord@canary 0.0.563 Voice and text chat software Discord Canary
discord@development 0.0.45 Voice and text chat software Discord Development
discord@ptb 0.0.124 Voice and text chat software Discord PTB
discretescroll 1.2.1 Utility to fix a common scroll wheel problem DiscreteScroll
disk-arbitrator 0.8.0 Disk Arbitrator
disk-diet 5.5.1 Free up disk space Disk Diet
disk-drill 5.5.1517 Data recovery software Disk Drill
disk-expert 3.8.2,376 Disk space analyzer Disk Expert
disk-inventory-x 1.3 Disk usage utility Disk Inventory X
diskcatalogmaker 9.0.8 Disk management tool DiskCatalogMaker
diskmaker-x 9.0 Tool to build a system install disk DiskMaker X
displaperture 2.3 Rounds your display corners Displaperture
displaycal Display calibration and characterization powered by ArgyllCMS DisplayCAL
displaylink 1.10.2,2024-05 Drivers for DisplayLink docks, adapters and monitors DisplayLink USB Graphics Software
displays 1.9.10 Monitor resolution and settings manager Displays
ditto 1.11.4 Screen mirroring and digital signage Ditto
divvy 1.5.1 Application window manager focusing on simplicity Divvy
dixa 4.0.12 Customer service platform Dixa
djv 1.3.0 Review software for VFX, animation, and film production DJV Imaging
djview 4.12,3.5.28,2 DjVu viewer and browser plugin DjView
dmenu-mac 0.7.2 Keyboard-only application launcher dmenu-mac
dmg-canvas 4.0.9 Stylised disk images made easy DMG Canvas
dmidiplayer 1.7.3 Multiplatform MIDI File Player dmidiplayer
dnsmonitor 1.2.0 Monitor DNS activity dnsmonitor
do-not-disturb 1.3.0 Open-source physical access (aka 'evil maid') attack detector Do Not Disturb
dockdoor 1.1.4 Window peeking utility app DockDoor
docker 4.31.0,153195 App to build and share containerised applications and microservices Docker Desktop
docker-toolbox 19.03.1 Install Docker, Docker Machine, Docker Compose, and Kitematic Docker Toolbox
dockey 1.2 Advanced Dock preferences dockey
dockmate 0.8.7 Window previews and controls Dock Mate
dockstation 1.5.1 DockStation
dockview 1.5.3 Utility to preview application windows in the dock dockview
dockx 1.1.10 Display content in the dock and menu bar DockX
dogecoin 1.14.7 Cryptocurrency Dogecoin
doll Utility to show apps badges from the dock in the menu bar Doll
dolphin 2407 Emulator to play GameCube and Wii games Dolphin
dolphin@beta 5.0-21460,0b,8c Emulator to play GameCube and Wii games Dolphin Beta
dolphin@dev latest Emulator to play GameCube and Wii games Dolphin Dev
domzilla-caffeine 1.4.3 Utility that prevents the system from going to sleep Caffeine
doomsday-engine 2.3.1 Enhanced source port of Doom, Heretic, and Hexen Doomsday Engine
doppler 2.1.22 Music player Doppler
dosbox 0.74-3,3 Emulator for x86 with DOS DOSBox
dosbox-staging 0.81.2 DOS game emulator DOSBox Staging
dosbox-x 2024.07.01,202407... Fork of the DOSBox project DOSBox-X
doteditor 0.3.1 GUI editor for dot language used in graphviz DotEditor
dotnet 8.0.7,ae4430fd-26... Developer platform .Net Runtime
dotnet-sdk 8.0.303,763ab233-... Developer platform .NET SDK
dotnet-sdk@preview 9.0.100-preview.6... Developer platform .NET SDK
dotnet@preview 9.0.0-preview.6.2... Developer platform .Net Runtime
double-commander 1.1.16 File manager with two panels Double Commander
doubletwist 3.2.0,11870 Sync your music, videos and pictures over USB or WiFi doubleTwist
doughnut 2.0.1 Podcast client Doughnut
douyin 3.9.0,70441455852... Social software for creating music short videos Douyin
douyin-chat 1.1.19,11970632 Chat client for Douyin Douyin Chat
downie 4.7.22,4767 Downloads videos from different websites Downie
doxie 3.3 Companion app for scanner hardware Doxie
doxygen 1.11.0 Generate documentation from source code Doxygen
dozer 4.0.0 Tool to hide status bar icons Dozer
drata-agent 3.6.1 Security audit software Drata Agent
draw-things 1.20240717.2-c9b9... Run Stable Diffusion locally Draw Things
drawbot 3.130 Write Python scripts to generate two-dimensional graphics DrawBot
drawio 24.6.4 Online diagram software Desktop
drawpile 2.1.20 Collaborative drawing app Drawpile
dremel-slicer 1.2.3 Securely slice your CAD files Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer
drivedx 1.12.1 Drive health diagnostic & monitoring tool DriveDX
drivethrurpg 3.4.6 Sync DriveThruRPG libraries to compatible devices DriveThruRPG Library App
droidcam-obs 2.3.3 Use your phone as a camera directly in OBS Studio DroidCam OBS
droidid 1.4,7 DroidID
drop-to-gif 1.28 Zero-click animated Gifs Drop to GIF
dropbox 203.4.4857 Client for the Dropbox cloud storage service Dropbox
dropbox-capture 115.1.0 Share your work and ideas with video messages and screenshots Dropbox Capture
dropbox-dash 3.24.10 Universal search tool Dropbox Dash
dropbox-passwords 8.2.14 Password manager that syncs across devices Dropbox Passwords
dropbox@beta 204.3.5363 Client for the Dropbox cloud storage service Dropbox
dropdmg 3.6.7 Create DMGs and other archives DropDMG
dropletmanager 0.5.0 Digital Ocean droplet manager DigitalOcean Droplets Manager
droplr 5.9.19,478 Screenshot and screen recorder Droplr
dropshare 5.51,5665 File sharing solution Dropshare
dropshelf 1729 Drag and drop helper app Dropshelf
dropzone 4.80.17 Productivity app Dropzone
drovio 3.5.2 Remote pair programming and team collaboration tool Drovio
dteoh-devdocs 0.7.0 API documentation viewer DevDocs
duckduckgo 1.97.0,229 Web browser focusing on privacy DuckDuckGo
duckietv 1.1.5 Tool to track TV shows with semi-automagic torrent integration duckieTV
duefocus 2.5.0 Time tracking and productivity software DueFocus
duet Remote desktop and second display tool Duet
dungeon-crawl-stone-soup-console 0.31.0 Game of dungeon exploration, combat and magic Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
dungeon-crawl-stone-soup-tiles 0.31.0 Game of dungeon exploration, combat and magic Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
duo-connect 2.0.4 Access your organisation’s SSH servers DuoConnect
dupeguru 4.3.1 Finds duplicate files in a computer system dupeGuru
duplicacy 2.1.2 Cloud backup tool Duplicacy
duplicacy-cli 3.2.3 Cloud backup tool Duplicacy Command Line Version
duplicacy-web-edition 1.8.0 Cloud backup tool Duplicacy Web Edition
duplicate-annihilator-for-photos 9.1.0,1 Photo duplicate detector Duplicate Annihilator for Photos
duplicate-file-finder 6.17.3,588 Find and remove unwanted duplicate files and folders Duplicate File Finder
duplicateaudiofinder 0.1 Bulk audio file fingerprinting & similarity detector Duplicate Audio Finder
duplicati Store securely encrypted backups in the cloud Duplicati
dupscanub 2.4.1 Searches for duplicated files in specified folders DupScan
dust3d 1.0.0-rc.9 Open-source 3D modelling software Dust3D
dvdstyler 3.2.1_1 DVD authoring application DVDStyler
dwarf-fortress 0.47.05 Single-player fantasy game Dwarf Fortress
dwarf-fortress-lmp 0.47.05+dfhack-r1 Use and switch graphics packs with Dwarf Fortress without corrupting your game Dwarf Fortress LMP (Lazy Mac Pack)
dwgsee 1.0 DWG viewer and editor DWGSee
dwihn0r-keepassx 0.4.4 KeePassX
dyalog 19.0.48958 APL-based development environment Dyalog APL
dymo-label Software for DYMO LabelWriters Dymo Label
dyn-updater 5.5.0 Dyn Updater
dynalist 1.0.6 Outlining app for your work Dynalist
dynamic-dark-mode 1.5.2 Automatic Dark Mode toggle Dynamic Dark Mode
dynamodb-local latest Development tool for DynamoDB Amazon DynamoDB Local
dynobase 2.3.0,230416d1lkz... GUI Client for DynamoDB Dynobase
ea Electronic Arts game launcher EA App
eagle 9.6.2 Electronic design automation software Autodesk EAGLE
eaglefiler 1.9.14 Organise files, archive e-mails, save Web pages and notes, search everything EagleFiler
ealeksandrov-cd-to 2.8.0 Finder Toolbar app to open the current directory in the Terminal cd_to
ears 1.6,21 Instant audio switcher Ears
easy-move-plus-resize 1.7.0 Utility to support moving and resizing using a modifier key and mouse drag Easy Move+Resize
easydevo 0.3.4 Elegant tool built for coding EasyDevo
easydict 2.7.2 Dictionary and translator app Easydict
easyeda 6.5.44 PCB design tool EasyEDA
easyfind 5.0.2 Find files, folders, or contents in any file EasyFind
ebibookreader Ebook reader ebi.BookReader
ebmac 1.46.1 Electronic dictionary viewer EBMac
ecamm-live 4.3.4 Live streaming & video production studio Ecamm Live
eclipse-cpp 4.31.0,2024-06 Eclipse IDE for C and C++ developers Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
eclipse-dsl 4.31.0,2024-06 Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL developers Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers
eclipse-ide 4.31.0,2024-06 Eclipse integrated development environment Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers
eclipse-installer 4.31.0,2024-06 Install and update your Eclipse Development Environment Eclipse Installer
eclipse-java 4.31.0,2024-06 Eclipse IDE for Java developers Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
eclipse-javascript 4.18.0,2020-12 Eclipse IDE for JavaScript and web developers Eclipse IDE for JavaScript and Web Developers
eclipse-jee 4.31.0,2024-06 Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
eclipse-modeling 4.31.0,2024-06 Tools and runtimes for building model-based applications Eclipse Modeling Tools
eclipse-php 4.31.0,2024-06 Eclipse IDE for PHP developers Eclipse IDE for PHP Developers
eclipse-platform 4.32,202406010610 SDK for the Eclipse IDE Eclipse SDK
eclipse-rcp 4.31.0,2024-06 Eclipse IDE for RCP and RAP developers Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers
eclipse-testing 4.18.0,2020-12 Eclipse IDE for testing purposes Eclipse for Testers
ecodms-client 2401 Document Management System ecoDMS Client
eddie 2.21.8 OpenVPN UI Air VPN
edex-ui 2.2.8 Sci-fi themed terminal emulator and system monitor eDEX-UI
edfbrowser 1.84,81b147ef0648... EDF+ and BDF+ viewer and toolbox EDFbrowser
editaro 1.7.1 Text editor Editaro
edrawmind 11.0.5,5378 Mind mapping software EdrawMind
effect-house 4.3.0,7157,0626 Create vibrant AR effects for TikTok TikTok Effect House
egnyte 0.14.1,2137 Client for the Egnyte cloud storage service Egnyte
egovframedev 4.2.0 Open-source framework by South Korea for web-based public service development eGovFrameDev
eiskaltdcpp 2.4.2 Filesharing using Direct Connect and ADC protocols EiskaltDC++
ejector 0.8.1 Adds an Eject icon to the menu bar Ejector
elan 6.8 Annotation tool for audio and video recordings ELAN
elasticwolf 5.1.7 Manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud resources AWS ElasticWolf Client Console
elecom-mouse-util Software to more effectively use an ELECOM mouse ELECOM Mouse Assistant
electerm 1.39.88 Terminal/ssh/sftp client electerm
electorrent 2.8.3 Desktop remote torrenting application Electorrent
electric-sheep 3.0.2 Collaborative abstract artwork software Electric Sheep
electricbinary 9.07 Electrical CAD system for the design of integrated circuits Electric VLSI Design System
electrocrud 3.0.19 Database CRUD application ElectroCRUD
electron 31.2.1 Build desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Electron
electron-api-demos 2.0.2 Explore the Electron APIs Electron API Demos
electron-cash 4.4.1 Thin client for Bitcoin Cash Electron Cash
electron-fiddle 0.36.3 Create and play with small Electron experiments Electron Fiddle
electronic-wechat 2.0 WeChat Client Electronic WeChat
electronmail 5.2.2 Unofficial ProtonMail Desktop App ElectronMail
electrum 4.5.5 Bitcoin thin client Electrum
electrum-grs 4.5.4 Groestlcoin thin client Electrum-GRS
electrum-ltc Litecoin wallet Electrum-LTC
electrumsv 1.3.16 Desktop wallet for Bitcoin SV ElectrumSV
elektron-overbridge 2.8.4,81d9083e-9d... Integrate Elektron hardware into music software Overbridge
elektron-transfer 1.8.11,a8c32131-0... Transfer samples, presets, sounds, projects and firmware to Elektron devices Elektron Transfer
element 1.11.71 Matrix collaboration client Element
element@nightly latest Matrix collaboration client Element Nightly
elephas 9.27 Personal AI Writing Assistant Elephas
elephas@beta 9.27 Personal AI Writing Assistant Elephas
elephicon 3.0.4 Create icns and ico files from png Elephicon
elgato-camera-hub Elgato FACECAM configuration tool Elgato Camera Hub
elgato-capture-device-utility 1.3.0,629 Update and configure Elgato Capture devices Elgato Capture Device Utility
elgato-control-center 1.7.20497 Control your Elgato key lights Elgato Control Center
elgato-game-capture-hd 2.11.14 Elgato video capture and streaming app Elgato Game Capture HD
elgato-stream-deck Assign keys, and then decorate and label them Elgato Stream Deck
elgato-video-capture Capture video from analogue sources Elgato Video Capture
elgato-wave-link Software custom-built for content creation Elgato Wave Link
elk 0.4.0 Mastodon web client Elk Native
elmedia-player 8.18 Video and audio player Elmedia Player
eloquent 2.6.7 Free/open-source Bible study application, based on the SWORD Project Eloquent
eloston-chromium 126.0.6478.182-1.1 Google Chromium, sans integration with Google Ungoogled Chromium
elpass 1.5.7,503 Password manager Elpass
emacs 29.3 Text editor Emacs
emacs@nightly 2024-07-11_00-14-... GNU Emacs text editor Emacs
emacs@pretest 29.1.90 Text editor Emacs
emailchemy 14.6 Email migration, conversion and archival software Emailchemy
emby 2.2.23,22 Client for emby media server Emby
embyserver Personal media server with apps on just about every device Emby Server
emclient 10.0.3266 Email client eM Client
emclient@beta 10.0.2362 Email client eM Client
eme 0.15.1 Markdown editor EME
emmetapp 1.5.1 Tiling and stacking window manager and window resizing tool emmetapp
emojipedia 20190306 Dictionary containing Emoji and their meanings Emojipedia
empoche 0.4.5 Automatic time-tracking with task and project management Empoche
enclave 2024.7.13 Safely build private networks without configs, firewalls or access control lists Enclave
encryptme 4.4.0 VPN and encryption software EncryptMe
encryptr 2.1.0 Zero-knowledge cloud-based password manager SpiderOak Encryptr
endless-sky 0.10.8 Space exploration, trading, and combat game Endless Sky
endless-sky-high-dpi 0.10.8 High-DPI plugin for Endless Sky Endless Sky High-DPI
endnote Reference manager EndNote
endurance 3.2.6 Battery monitoring and management Endurance
energia 1.8.10E23 Electronics prototyping platform Energia
energiza 1.3.1 Charging manager for your MacBooks Energiza Pro
energybar 1.7.19321 Touch Bar widget application EnergyBar
enfusegui 3.24.1 HDR image creator EnfuseGUI
engine-dj 4.0.0,af2cdcfdbe9... DJ software suite Engine DJ Desktop
engine-prime 1.6.1,5f4b42a70b Music Management Software for Denon's Engine OS Hardware Engine Prime
enigma 1.30 Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd and Rock'n'Roll Enigma
enjoyable 1.2 Use your gamepad or joystick like a mouse and keyboard Enjoyable
enpass Password and credentials manager Enpass
ente 1.7.2 Desktop client for Ente Photos Ente
ente-auth 3.0.17 Desktop client for Ente Auth Ente Auth
entry 2.1.16 Block-based coding platform entry
envkey 1.5.10 Protects credentials and syncs configurations EnvKey
enzymex 3.33 Visualise and edit DNA sequence files EnzymeX
eobcanka 3.4.2 Czech national identity card app eObčanka
epic 120.0.6099.71 Private, secure web browser Epic Privacy Browser
epic-games 15.17.1 Launcher for *Epic Games* games Epic Games Launcher
epichrome 2.4.26 Tool to create web-based applications that work like standalone apps Epichrome
epilogue-playback 1.3.1 Play and manage Game Boy cartridges on your computer Epilogue Playback
epoccam 3.4.1 Turn your phone into a webcam EpocCam
epoch-flip-clock 0.0.5 Flip clock screensaver Epoch Flip Clock Screensaver
epub-to-pdf 3.1 epub-2-pdf
epubmdimporter 1.8 EPUB Spotlight
epubquicklook 1.8 Quick Look generator and Spotlight importer EPUB QuickLook
eqmac 1.8.7 System-wide audio equaliser eqMac
equinox 3.0 Create dynamic wallpapers equinox
eset-cyber-security 7.4.1600.0 Security including web and email protection ESET Cyber Security
eset-cyber-security-pro 6.11.414.0 Security including personal firewall and parental control ESET Cyber Security Pro
espanso 2.2.1 Cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust Espanso
espresso 5.9.1 Website editor focusing on flair and efficiency Espresso
ethereum-wallet 0.11.1 Browser for Ðapps on the Ethereum network Ethereum Wallet
etrecheckpro 6.8.5 Utility to finds and fix problems on computer systems EtreCheck
eu 1.3.1,14 Program of the EDI Provider of the State Tax Service of Ukraine IIT Certification
eudic latest European dictionary Eudic
eul 1.6.2 Status monitoring eul
eurkey 1.2 Keyboard Layout for Europeans, Coders and Translators EurKEY keyboard layout
eusamanager 1.3.1,16 Program of the EDI Provider of the State Tax Service of Ukraine for web browsers IIT Certification Signature
ev3-classroom 1.50 Companion app for the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set EV3 Classroom
eve-launcher 2377803 EVE Online client Eve Online
evernote 10.97.3,202407181... App for note taking, organising, task lists, and archiving Evernote
evkey 3.3.8 Vietnamese keyboard EVKey
exactscan 23.2 Document scanner ExactScan
exfalso 4.4.0 Music tag editor Ex Falso
exifcleaner 3.6.0 Metadata cleaner ExifCleaner
exifrenamer 2.4.0,15 Tool to rename digital photos, movie- and audio-clips ExifRenamer
exist-db 6.2.0 Native XML database and application platform eXist-db
expandrive 7,2023.4.1 Network drive and browser for cloud storage ExpanDrive
explorer 1.104 Data Explorer Explorer
expo-orbit 1.1.1 Launch builds and start simulators from your menu bar Expo Orbit
expo-xde 2.25.0 Tool for developing and testing React Native apps Expo Development Environment (XDE)
expressions Regular expressions manager app Expressions
expressscribe 13.11 Foot pedal controlled digital transcription audio player Express Scribe Transcription Software
expressvpn VPN client for secure internet access and private browsing ExpressVPN
extraterm 0.78.1 Swiss army chainsaw of terminal emulators extraterm
f-bar 5.0.5 Manage Laravel Forge servers from the menubar F-Bar
fabfilter-micro 1.29 Filter plug-in FabFilter Micro
fabfilter-one 3.40 Synthesiser plug-in FabFilter One
fabfilter-pro-c 2.20 Compressor plug-in FabFilter Pro-C
fabfilter-pro-ds 1.24 De-esser plug-in FabFilter Pro-DS
fabfilter-pro-g 1.34 Gate/expander plug-in FabFilter Pro-G
fabfilter-pro-l 2.24 Limiter plug-in FabFilter Pro-L
fabfilter-pro-mb 1.31 Multiband compressor plug-in FabFilter Pro-MB
fabfilter-pro-q 3.26 Equaliser plug-in FabFilter Pro-Q
fabfilter-pro-r 2.04 Reverb plug-in FabFilter Pro-R
fabfilter-saturn 2.11 Multiband distorsion/saturation plug-in FabFilter Saturn
fabfilter-simplon 1.39 Filter plug-in FabFilter Simplon
fabfilter-timeless 3.08 Tape delay plug-in FabFilter Timeless
fabfilter-twin 3.05 Synthesiser plug-in FabFilter Twin
fabfilter-volcano 3.07 Filter plug-in FabFilter Volcano
factor 0.99 Programming language Factor
fake 1.9.1 Browser for web automation and testing Fake
falcon-sql-client 4.1.0 Free, open-source SQL client Falcon SQL Client
fanny 2.3.0 Notification Center widget and menu bar application to monitor fans FannyWidget
fantastical 3.8.21 Calendar software Fantastical
fantasy-grounds latest Fantasy Grounds
fantasy-map-generator 1.89.36 Generate interactive and highly customizable maps Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator
far2l 2.6.2 Unix fork of FAR Manager v2 far2l
farrago 2.0.7 Audio playback Farrago
fastclicker 1.1 Auto clicker and mouse automation utility FastClicker
fastmarks 1.3,8 Search and open web browser bookmarks Fastmarks
fastrawviewer Opens RAW files and renders them on-the-fly FastRawViewer
fastscripts 3.3.2 Tool for running time-saving scripts FastScripts
fauxpas 1.7.2 Faux Pas
favro 1.0.124 Collaborative planning app Favro
faxbot 2.6.2 Send Faxes via FRITZ!Box Faxbot
fbreader 2.1 Book reader FBReader
fedistar 1.9.9 Multi-column Mastodon, Pleroma, and Friendica client for desktop fedistar
fedora-media-writer 5.1.2 Tool to write Fedora images to portable media files Fedora Media Writer
feed-the-beast 1.25.15 Minecraft mod downloader and manager Feed the Beast
feem 4.4.2 Local file transfer Feem
feishu 7.22.5,d8ec86cd Project management software Feishu
fellow 1.4.40 Collaborative meeting agendas, notes, and action items Fellow
fenix 2.0.0 Simple and visual static web server with collaboration features Fenix
ferdium 6.7.5 Multi-platform multi-messaging app Ferdium
fertigt-slate 1.0 Window management application Slate (arm64)
fetch 5.8.3 File transfer client Fetch
ff-works 4.1.2 Video-encoding and transcoding app ff·Works
fig 2.19.0 Reimagine your terminal fig
fightcade 2.1.45 Matchmaking platform for retro gaming Fightcade
figma 124.1.16 Collaborative team software Figma
figma-agent 124.1.16 Font installers for Figma Agent
figma@beta 124.3.0 Collaborative team software Figma Beta
figtree 1.4.4 Phylogenetic tree viewer FigTree
fiji 20240614-2117 Open-source image processing package Fiji
file-juicer 4.99 Extract images from PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other Files File Juicer
filebot 5.1.3 Tool for organising and renaming movies, TV shows, anime or music FileBot
filemaker-pro Relational database and rapid application development platform FileMaker Pro
filemon 2.0 FSEvents client File Monitor
filemonitor 1.3.0 Monitor filesystem activity FileMonitor
filen 2.0.24 Desktop client for Filen
filepane 1.10.7,1576186002 File management multi-tool FilePane
final-cut-library-manager 3.98 Displays Final Cut Pro X libraries Arctic Whiteness Final Cut Library Manager
final-fantasy-xiv-online pnvdkzgk77dj10 Story-driven massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV
finalshell 4.3.11 SSH tool, server management and remote desktop acceleration software FinalShell
finbar 1.13.2 Menu bar searching utility Finbar
finch 1.2.2 Open source container development tool Finch
find-any-file 2.4.1 File finder Find Any File
find-empty-folders 1.3.1 Finds empty folders Find Empty Folders
findergo 1.4.0 Open terminal quickly from Finder FinderGo
fing 3.7.0 Network scanner Fing Desktop
fing-cli 5.5.2 Network scanner Fing Desktop Embedded CLI
finicky 3.4.0 Utility for customizing which browser to start Finicky
firealpaca 2.11.26 Digital painting software Fire Alpaca
firebase-admin 1.0.1 Firebase Admin
firebird-emu 1.6 TI Nspire calculator emulator firebird
firecamp 2.6.1 Multi-protocol API development platform Firecamp
firefly 2.0.11 Official wallet for IOTA Firefly
firefly-shimmer 2.1.15 Official wallet for IOTA Firefly Shimmer
firefox 128.0 Web browser Mozilla Firefox
firefox@beta latest Web browser Mozilla Firefox
firefox@cn 116.0 Chinese version of Firefox firefox-cn
firefox@developer-edition 129.0b6 Web browser Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition
firefox@esr 115.13.0 Web browser Mozilla Firefox ESR
firefox@nightly latest Web browser Mozilla Firefox Nightly
firestorm Viewer for accessing Virtual Worlds Phoenix Firestorm viewer for Second Life
fireworks 1.2 Particle effects editor Fireworks
fiscript 1.0.1 FiScript
fishing-funds 8.2.3 Display real-time trends of Chinese funds in the menubar Fishing Funds
fission 2.8.5 Audio editor Fission
fitbit-os-simulator 0.9.4 Build apps and clock faces for Fitbit Fitbit OS Simulator
fixkey 1.5.0 Keyboard-focused AI copilot for writing fixkey
fl-studio Digital audio production application FL Studio
flacon 11.4.0 Open source audio file encoder Flacon
flame 3.0.0,80 Rendezvous service browser for iPhone / iPod touch Flame
flameshot 12.1.0 Screenshot software Flameshot
flash-decompiler-trillix 5.3.1301 Convert SWF files to editable FLA projects Flash Decompiler Trillix
fldigi 4.2.05 Ham radio digital modem application fldigi
fleet 1.37.84 Hybrid IDE and text editor Fleet
flexoptix 5.23.0-latest Connect to your FLEXBOX without cables and configure transceivers FLEXOPTIX App
flic 2.1.0 Driver for the Flic bluetooth button Flic
flickr-uploadr 1.2,2142 Photo upload tool Flickr Uploadr
flightgear 2020.3.19 Flight simulator FlightGear
flipper 0.259.0 Desktop debugging platform for mobile developers Facebook Flipper
fliqlo 1.9.3 Flip clock screensaver Fliqlo
flirc 3.27.15 IR USB receiver configurator Flirc
flixtools 3.3.1,667 Downloads subtitles for movies OpenSubtitles FlixTools Lite
flock 2.2.513 Business messaging and team collaboration app Flock
flomo 0.1.5 Memo note taking and management app flomo
floorp 11.15.0 Privacy-focused Firefox-based browser Floorp browser
flotato 36,1 Tool to turn any web page into a desktop app Flotato
flow Task and project management software Flow
flox 1.2.0 Manages environments across the software lifecycle flox
flrig 2.0.05 Ham radio rig control flrig
fluent-reader 1.1.4 RSS/Atom news aggregator Fluent Reader
fluid 2.1.2 Tool to turn a website into a desktop app Fluid
fluor 2.5.1 Change the behavior of the fn keys depending on the active application Fluor
flutter 3.22.3 UI toolkit for building applications for mobile, web and desktop Flutter SDK
flux 42.2 Screen colour temperature controller f.lux
fly 7.11.2 Official CLI tool for Concourse CI fly
flycast 2.3 Dreamcast, Naomi and Atomiswave emulator Flycast
flycut 1.9.6 Clipboard manager for developers Flycut
flying-carpet 8.0.1 File transfer over ad-hoc wifi Flying Carpet
flykey 1.6.5,2024052201 One-click display of shortcuts FlyKey
fmail 2.7.6 Unofficial native application for Fastmail FMail
fmail2 2.6.8 Unofficial native application for Fastmail FMail2
fman 1.7.3 fman
fme 2024.1,24612 Platform for integrating spatial data FME Form
focus 2.0.8 Website and application blocker Focus
focus-booster 2.2.0 Time tracker Focus Booster
focusatwill 3.4.0 Personalised focus music Focus@Will
focused 3.6,1853 Markdown writing app Focused
focusrite-control 3.18 Focusrite interface controller Focusrite Control
focusrite-control-2 Focusrite interface controller for devices of the 4th generation and newer Focusrite Control 2
focusrite-saffire-mixcontrol 3.9.3168_0 Software for Focusrite products Focusrite Saffire MixControl
fog 1.4.5 Unofficial podcast app Fog
folder-colorizer 4.11.7 Folder icon editor and manager Folder Colorizer
folding-at-home 8.3.18 Graphical interface control for Folding Folding@home
folding-at-home@beta 8.3.17 Protein folding simulation for scientific research Folding@home Client Beta
foldingtext 2.2 Markdown text editor with productivity features FoldingText
foldit 39 Protein folding computer game Foldit
folx 5.27 Download manager with a torrent client Folx
fontbase 2.20.7 Font manager FontBase
fontfinagler 2.0.3 Help troubleshoot misbehaving fonts Font Finagler
fontforge 2023-01-01,a1dad3e Font editor and converter for outline and bitmap fonts FontForge
fontgoggles 1.8.1 Font viewer for various font formats FontGoggles
fontlab Professional font editor Fontlab
fontplop 1.3.0 Open Source Webfont Converter Fontplop
fontsmoothingadjuster 2.0.0 Re-enable the font smoothing controls Font Smoothing Adjuster
fontstand 2.4.0 Font discovery and rental platform Fontstand
foobar2000 2.6.4 Audio player foobar2000
force-paste 1.0.1 Force Paste
forecast 0.9.5,138 Podcast MP3 encoder with chapters Forecast
fork 2.44.3 GIT client Fork
forkgram-telegram 5.2.3 Fork of Telegram Desktop Forkgram
forklift 4.1.5 Finder replacement and FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Amazon s3 client ForkLift
fossa 3.9.28 Zero-configuration polyglot dependency analysis tool fossa
fotokasten 4.13.0,230824.1252 Create and buy photo products Fotokasten
foxglove-studio 2.9.0 Visualisation and debugging tool for robotics Foxglove Studio
foxit-pdf-editor 13.1.2 PDF Editor Foxit PDF Editor
foxitreader 2024.2 PDF reader Foxit Reader
foxmail Email client Foxmail
fpc-laz 3.2.2,3.4 Pascal compiler for Lazarus Pascal compiler for Lazarus
fpc-src-laz 3.2.2-20210709,3.4 Pascal compiler source files for Lazarus Pascal compiler source files for Lazarus
fractal-bot 3.00.18 Send and receive data to and from your Fractal Audio Systems products Fractal Bot
framer 2024.24.1 Tool that helps teams design every part of the product experience Framer
framer-x 36854,1590141192 Tool that helps teams design every part of the product experience Framer X
franz 5.10.0 Messaging app for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and more Franz
frappe-books 0.21.2 Book-keeping software for small businesses and freelancers Frappe Books
freac 1.1.7 Audio converter and CD ripper fre:ac
fredm-fuse 1.5.6 Port of the UNIX ZX Spectrum emulator Fuse Fuse for Mac OS X
free-download-manager 6.24 Download accelerator and organiser Free Download Manager
free-gpgmail 7.2,2023.3, Apple Mail plugin for GnuPG encrypted e-mails Free-GPGMail
free-podcast-transcription 0.0.4,20230417.15... Transcribe Your Podcast Free Podcast Transcription
free-ruler 2.0.8 Horizontal and vertical rulers Free Ruler
free42-binary 3.1.8a HP-42S calculator simulator Free42 Binary
free42-decimal 3.1.8a HP-42S calculator simulator Free42 Decimal
freecad 0.21.2 3D parametric modeller FreeCAD
freecol 1.2.0 Turn-based strategy game FreeCol
freedom 2.22.2 App and website blocker Freedom
freedome VPN client F-Secure Freedome
freemind 1.0.1 Mind-mapping software written in Java FreeMind
freenettray 2.2.0 Menu bar application to control Freenet Freenet
freeorion Turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game FreeOrion
freeplane 1.11.14 Mind mapping and knowledge management software Freeplane
freeshow 1.1.9 Presentation software FreeShow
freesmug-chromium 85.0.4183.102 Google Chromium built to solve Chrome incompatibility issue Chromium
freesurfer 7.4.1 Software suite for processing and analyzing brain MRI images FreeSurfer
freetube 0.21.1 YouTube player focusing on privacy FreeTube
freeyourmusic 8.15.1 Move playlists, tracks, and albums between music platforms FreeYourMusic
freeze 4.0,316 Amazon Glacier file transfer client Freeze
frescobaldi 3.3.0 LilyPond editor Frescobaldi
fresh 4.0.7 Keep your recently modified files at hand and up-to-date Fresh
frhelper latest French-Chinese dictionary and learning tool Frhelper
fromscratch 1.4.3 Autosaving Scratchpad. A simple but smart note-taking app FromScratch
front 3.57.4 Customer communication platform Front
fs-uae 3.1.66 Amiga emulator FS-UAE
fs-uae-launcher 3.1.68 Amiga emulator launcher FS-UAE Launcher
fsmonitor 1.2,137 FSMonitor
fsnotes 6.8.2 Notes manager FSNotes
fspy 1.0.3 Still image camera matching fSpy
fstream 1.4.9 WebRadio listener/recorder software FStream
ftdi-vcp-driver 1.5.0 Virtual COM port driver FTDI VCP Driver
fugu 1.2.1pre1 Frontend for OpenSSH's sftp/scp tools Fugu
fujifilm-x-raw-studio 1.24.0,vvr6ik27 Convert RAW images captured with Fujifilm cameras FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO
fujitsu-scansnap-home 2.22.0 Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner software ScanSnap Home
functionflip 2.2.4 Function key control FunctionFlip
funter 6.2.4 Shows hidden files and folders and switches their visibility in Finder Funter
fuse 1.9.0 Visual desktop tool suite for working with the Fuse framework Fuse Studio
futubull 14.12.7008 Trading application Futubull
futurerestore-gui 1.98.3 Graphical interface for FutureRestore FutureRestore GUI
fuwari 1.0.0 Floating screenshot like a sticky Fuwari
fuzzyclock 2.3.0 Displays the time in your menubar FuzzyClock
fvim 0.3.549,ee4316c GUI for the Neovim text editor FVim
fx-cast-bridge 0.3.0 Bridge helper for fx_cast Firefox extension to enable Chromecast support fx_cast Bridge
fxfactory 8.0.16,7877 Browse, install and purchase effects and plugins from a huge catalogue FxFactory
g-desktop-suite 0.3.1 G Desktop Suite
gactions 3 CLI tool for Google Actions SDK gactions
galaxybudsclient 5.1.0 Unofficial manager for the Buds, Buds+, Buds Live and Buds Pro GalaxyBudsClient
gama 1.9.3 IDE for building spatially explicit agent-based simulations GAMA Platform
gama-jdk 1.9.3 IDE for building spatially explicit agent-based simulations GAMA Platform with embedded JDK
gamemaker 2024.06.2.162 Complete development tool for making 2D games GameMaker
gameranger 1.0 GameRanger
gamma-control 6.3.5 Per-screen colour adjustments Gamma Control
ganache 2.7.1 Personal blockchain for Ethereum development Ganache
ganttproject 3.3.3309 Gantt chart and project management application GanttProject
gaphor 2.26.0 UML/SysML modelling tool Gaphor
garagesale 9.7.5 Manage eBay Listings GarageSale
gargoyle 2023.1 IO layer for interactive fiction players Gargoyle
garmin-basecamp 4.8.13 3D mapping application Garmin BaseCamp
garmin-express,7220100 Update maps and software, sync with Garmin Connect and register your device Garmin Express
gas-mask 0.8.6 Hosts file editor/manager Gas Mask
gather 1.10.1 Virtual video-calling space Gather Town
gb-studio 4.0.0 Drag and drop retro game creator GB Studio
gcc-aarch64-embedded 13.3.rel1 Pre-built GNU bare-metal toolchain for 64-bit Arm processors GCC ARM Embedded
gcc-arm-embedded 13.3.rel1 Pre-built GNU bare-metal toolchain for 32-bit Arm processors GCC ARM Embedded
gcollazo-mongodb 7.0.3-build.2 App wrapper for MongoDB MongoDB
gcs 5.25.1 Character sheet editor for the GURPS Fourth Edition roleplaying game gcs
gdat 2024r03,1lnA5hFiC... App that utilises autosomal DNA to aid in the research of family trees Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool
gdevelop 5.4.205 Open-source, cross-platform game engine designed to be used by everyone GDevelop
gdisk 1.0.10 Disk partitioning tool GPT fdisk
gdlauncher 1.1.30 Custom Minecraft Launcher GDLauncher
geany 2.0 Small and lightweight IDE Geany
gearboy 3.5.0 Gearboy
gearsystem 3.5.0 Sega Master System, Game Gear and SG-1000 emulator Gearsystem
geburtstagschecker 1.8.2,195 GeburtstagsChecker
geekbench 6.3.0 Tool to measure the computer system's performance Geekbench
geekbench-ml 0.6.0 Cross-platform AI benchmark to evaluate AI workload performance Geekbench ML
geektool 3.3.1,331.014,147... Desktop customization tool GeekTool
gemini 2.9.11,399,169686... Disk space cleaner that finds and deletes duplicated and similar files Gemini
geneious-prime 2024.0.7 Bioinformatics software platform Geneious Prime
genesis-plus 1.3.5 Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator Genesis Plus
genesys-cloud 2.37.598,98 Run Genesys Cloud as a stand-alone program, keeping it separate from web browser Genesys Cloud for macOS
genymotion 3.7.1 Android emulator Genymotion
geogebra 6.0.848.0 Solve, save and share math problems, graph functions, etc GeoGebra
geogebra@5 5.2.848.0 Solve, save and share math problems, graph functions, etc GeoGebra
geomap 3.7.2 Browse, visualise and analyze geoscience data sets GeoMapApp
geotag 5.3.1 Geo location editor for images GeoTag
geotag-photos-pro 1.9.7 Geotagging software Geotag Photos Pro
geph 4.10.1 Modular Internet censorship circumvention system Geph
gephi 0.10.1 Open-source platform for visualizing and manipulating large graphs Gephi
get-api 1.1.2 HTTP Client GetAPI
get-backup-pro 3.7.3 Backup software with folder synchronisation Get Backup Pro 3
get-iplayer-automator 1.26.1,20240329001 Download and watch BBC and ITV shows Get iPlayer Automator
get-lyrical 3.8 Automatically add lyrics to songs in iTunes Get Lyrical
getoutline 1.3.1,240227x80f4... Knowledge management tool Outline
gfxcardstatus 2.5 Menu bar app to monitor graphics card usage gfxCardStatus
ghdl 4.1.0 VHDL 2008/93/87 simulator ghdl
ghidra 11.1.2,20240709 Software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools Ghidra
ghost-browser Web browser Ghost Browser
ghosttile 15,15,1510040474 Hide your running applications from Dock Kernelpanic GhostTile
gifcapture 1.1.0 GifCapture
gifox 2.6.4,020604.00 GIF recording and sharing gifox
gimp 2.10.38,1 Free and open-source image editor GIMP
gimp@dev 2.99.18 Free and open-source image editor GIMP development version
gingko 2.4.15 Word processor that shows structure and content Gingko
gisto 1.13.4 Snippets management desktop application with (team) sharing options Gisto
git-credential-manager 2.5.1 Cross-platform Git credential storage for multiple hosting providers Git Credential Manager
git-it 4.4.0 Desktop app for learning Git and GitHub Git-it
gitahead 2.7.1 Git Client GitAhead
gitblade 1.0.8 Graphical client for Git GitBlade
gitbutler 0.12.13,1102 Git client for simultaneous branches on top of your existing workflow GitButler
gitdock 0.1.31 Displays all your GitLab activities in one place GitDock
gitee Status bar application for GitHub Gitee
gitfiend 0.45.3 Git client GitFiend
gitfinder 1.7.10 Git client with Finder integration GitFinder
gitfox 3.9.4,9613 Git client Gitfox
github 3.4.2-27793d93 Desktop client for GitHub repositories GitHub Desktop
github@beta 3.4.3-beta2-8e84595e Desktop client for GitHub repositories GitHub Desktop
githubpulse 0.3.10 Statusbar app to help you remember to contribute every day on Github GithubPulse
gitify 5.11.0 GitHub Notifications on your menu bar Gitify
gitkraken 10.1.1 Git client focusing on productivity GitKraken
gitkraken-cli 2.1.0 CLI for GitKraken GitKraken CLI
gitkraken-on-premise-serverless 10.1.1 Git client focusing on productivity GitKraken Serverless
gitnote 3.1.0 gitnote
gitpigeon 1.0 GitPigeon
gitscout 1.0.0-rc.3,1c55c97 GitHub issues and notifications Gitscout
gittyup 1.4.0 Graphical Git client gittyup
gitup 1.4.1 Git interface focused on visual interaction GitUp
gitx 1.0 Git GUI GitX
glance 1.2.0 Utility to provide quick look previews for files that aren't natively supported Glance
glance-chamburr 1.5.1 Utility to provide quick look previews for files that aren't natively supported Glance
glaze 2.1 Art style AI mimicry disruptor Glaze
glimmerblocker 1.6.6 HTTP based ad blocker GlimmerBlocker
gltfquicklook 0.3.0 Quick Look plugin for glTF files GLTFQuickLook
gluemotion 2.2.2 Create and correct time lapse movies GlueMotion
glyphs 3.3,3311 Font editor Glyphs
gmail-notifier 2.1.0 Minimalist Gmail inbox notifications app Gmail Notifier
gmvault 1.9.1 Gmvault
gns3 GUI for the Dynamips Cisco router emulator GNS3
gnucash 5.8-2 Double-entry accounting program GnuCash
go-agent 24.2.0,19076 Agent for the Go Continuous Delivery platform Go Agent
go-server 24.2.0,19076 Server for the Go Continuous Delivery platform Go Server
go-shiori 1.7.0 Shiori is a simple bookmarks manager written in the Go language Shiori
go2shell 2.5 Opens a terminal window to the current directory in Finder Go2Shell
go64 1.4 Scan computer disk for 32-bit applications Go64
godot 4.2.2 Game development engine Godot Engine
godot-mono 4.2.2 C# scripting capable version of Godot game engine Godot Engine
godot@3 3.5.3 Game development engine Godot Engine
godspeed 1.6.7 Keyboard-focused todo manager Godspeed
gog-galaxy Game client GOG Galaxy
gogs 0.13.0 Self-hosted Git service Go Git Service
goland 2024.1.4,241.1803... Go (golang) IDE Goland
goldencheetah 3.6 Performance software for cyclists, runners and triathletes GoldenCheetah
goldendict 1.5.0-RC2 Feature-rich dictionary lookup program GoldenDict
goldenpassport 0.1.7 Native implementation of Google Authenticator based on Swift3 GoldenPassport
golly 4.3 Explore Conway's Game of Life and other types of cellular automata Golly
goneovim 0.6.8 Neovim GUI written in Golang, using a Golang qt backend Goneovim
goodsync 12.7.2 File synchronisation and backup software GoodSync
goofy 3.5.4 Desktop client for Facebook Messenger Goofy
google-ads-editor latest Managing your campaigns Google Ads Editor
google-analytics-opt-out 1.0.1 Prevent website visitor's data from being used by Google Analytics JavaScript Google Analytics Opt Out
google-assistant 1.1.0 Cross-platform unofficial Google Assistant Client for Desktop Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client
google-chat 20.11.241 Chat
google-chat-electron 2.20.0 Standalone app for Google Chat google-chat-electron
google-chrome 126.0.6478.183 Web browser Google Chrome
google-chrome@beta 127.0.6533.57 Web browser Google Chrome Beta
google-chrome@canary latest Web browser Google Chrome Canary
google-chrome@dev 128.0.6601.2 Web browser Google Chrome Dev
google-cloud-sdk 484.0.0 Set of tools to manage resources and applications hosted on Google Cloud Google Cloud SDK
google-drive 94.0 Client for the Google Drive storage service Google Drive
google-earth-pro Virtual globe Google Earth Pro
google-japanese-ime 2.29.5330 Japanese input software Google Japanese Input Method Editor
google-japanese-ime@dev latest Japanese input software Google Japanese Input Method Editor
google-trends 1.0 Google Trends Screensaver
google-web-designer Create interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics Google Web Designer
googleappengine 1.9.89 Cloud computing platform Google App Engine
gopanda 2.8.0 Pandanet client GoPanda
gopass-ui 0.8.0 Password manager for teams Gopass UI
gosign 2.2.0 Digital signature and time stamp app GoSign Desktop
gotiengviet 2.4,32 Type Vietnamese conveniently, accurately, and quickly GoTiengViet
gotomeeting 19950 Online meetings, desktop sharing, and video conferencing GoToMeeting
goxel 0.15.0 Open Source Voxel Editor Goxel
gpg-suite 2023.3 Tools to protect your emails and files GPG Suite
gpg-suite-no-mail 2023.3 Tools to protect your files GPG Suite (without GPG Mail)
gpg-suite-pinentry 2023.3 Pinentry GUI for GPG Suite GPG Suite Pinentry
gpg-suite@nightly 3519n Tools to protect your emails and files GPG Suite Nightly
gpg-sync 0.3.6 GPG Sync
gpgfrontend 2.1.3 OpenPGP/GnuPG crypto, sign and key management tool GpgFrontend
gplates 2.2 Plate tectonics program GPlates
gpodder 3.11.4 Podcast client gPodder
gpxsee 13.22 GPS log file viewer and analyzer GPXSee
gqrx 2.17.5 Software-defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt Gqrx
graalvm-jdk 22.0.2 GraalVM from Oracle GraalVM Java Development Kit
graalvm-jdk@17 17.0.12 GraalVM from Oracle GraalVM Java Development Kit
graalvm-jdk@21 21.0.4 GraalVM from Oracle GraalVM Java Development Kit
grads 2.2.1 Access, manipulate, and visualise earth science data Grid Analysis and Display System
grafx 2.8.3104,67 256 colour painting program GrafX2
grammarly 1.5.81 Utility to fix grammar errors and style issues in text Grammarly
grammarly-desktop Grammarly for desktop Grammarly Desktop
gramps 5.2.3,1 Genealogy software Gramps
grandperspective 3.4.2 Graphically shows disk usage within a file system GrandPerspective
grandtotal Create invoices and estimates GrandTotal
graphicconverter 12.1.1,6485 For browsing, enhancing and converting images GraphicConverter
graphiql 0.7.2 Light, Electron-based Wrapper around GraphiQL GraphiQL App
graphql-ide 1.1.1 IDE for exploring GraphQL APIs GraphQL IDE
graphql-playground 1.8.10 GraphQL IDE for better development workflows GraphQL Playground
graphsketcher 2.0_test_46 Graph drawing and data plotting app GraphSketcher
gray 0.17.0 Tool to set light or dark appearance on a per-app basis Gray
greenery 0.9.9 Cryptocurrency bookkeeping and accounting wallet Greenery
greenfoot 3.8.2 Teach object orientation with Java Greenfoot
gretl 2024b Software package for econometric analysis gretl
grid 1.4 Window manager Grid
grid-clock 0.0.5 Grid Clock Screensaver
gridea 0.9.3 Static blog writing client Gridea
grids 8.5.8 Instagram desktop application Grids
gridtracker 1.24.0715 Warehouse of amateur radio information presented in an easy to use interface GridTracker
grisbi 3.0.4 Personal financial management program Grisbi
groestlcoin-core 27.0 Groestlcoin client and wallet Groestlcoin Core
growlnotify 2.1 Notification system GrowlNotify
grs-bluewallet 6.4.5 Groestlcoin wallet and Lightning wallet GRS BlueWallet
gstreamer-development 1.24.5 Open Source Multimedia Framework GStreamer development package
gstreamer-runtime 1.24.5 Open Source Multimedia Framework GStreamer runtime package
gswitch 1.9.7 Set which graphics card to use gSwitch
gtkwave 3.3.107 GTK+ based wave viewer GTKWave
guijs 0.1.19 Graphical interface to manage JS projects guijs
guild-wars2 1.0 Online roleplaying game Guild Wars 2
guilded 1.0.9265619 Group chat platform Guilded
guitar-pro 8.1 Sheet music editor software for guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and more Guitar Pro
gulp 0.1.0 gulp-app
guppy 0.3.0 Friendly application manager and task runner for React.js Guppy
gureumkim 1.13.2 Libhangul-based keyboard input 구름 입력기
gutenprint 5.3.3 Drivers for various printers for use with CUPS and GIMP Gutenprint
gyazmail 1.7.1 Email client GyazMail
gyazo 9.2.0 Screenshot and screen recording tool Nota Gyazo GIF
gyroflow 1.5.4 Video stabilization using gyroscope data Gyroflow
gzdoom 4.12.2 Adds an OpenGL renderer to the ZDoom source port GZDoom
ha-menu 2.7.1 Menu Bar app to perform common Home Assistant functions HA Menu
hacker-menu 1.1.5 Hacker News Delivered to Desktop Hacker Menu
hackintool 4.0.3 Hackintosh patching tool Hackintool
hackmd 0.1.0 Desktop Software for HackMD Note-Taking and Collaboration HackMD
hackolade 7.7.0 Polyglot data modelling software Hackolade
hakuneko 6.1.7 Manga and anime downloader and reader HakuNeko
halloy 2024.8 IRC client Halloy
hammerspoon 0.9.100 Desktop automation application Hammerspoon
hancock 1.2.1 Hancock
hancom-docs Word processor Hancom Docs
hancom-word Word processor Hacom Word Processor
handbrake 1.8.1 Open-source video transcoder HandBrake
handbrakebatch 2.25 HandBrakeBatch
handshaker 2.5.6 App for managing Android devices HandShaker
hapigo 2.13.0 Application launcher and productivity software HapiGo
happygrep 1.0 Command-line search happygrep
happymac 0.1.0 Watches, suspends and resumes background processes that slow down your system HappyMac
haptic-touch-bar 2.4.0,240,1540815050 Add haptic feedback to Touch Bar buttons Haptic Touch Bar
haptickey 0.7.0 Trigger haptic feedback when tapping Touch Bar HapticKey
harbor 0.1.2 Tool to monitor Codeship builds from the status bar Harbor
harmony 0.9.1 Music player Harmony
haroopad 0.13.2 Haroopad
hashbackup 3211 Command-line backup program HashBackup
hazel 5.3.4 Automated organisation Hazel
hazeover 1.9.4 Windows manager and desktop organiser HazeOver
hbuilderx 4.23.2024070804 HTML editor HBuilderX
hdfview 3.3.2 Tool for browsing and editing HDF files HDFView
hdhomerun 20231214 Client for HDHomeRun streamer HDHomeRun
hdrmerge 0.5.0 Creates raw images with extended dynamic range HDRMerge
headlamp 0.24.1 UI for Kubernetes Headlamp
headset 4.2.1 Music player powered by YouTube and Reddit Headset
heaven 4.0 Performance and stability test for PC hardware Heaven Benchmark
hedgewars 1.0.0 Turn-based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game Hedgewars
height 0.26.0 All-in-one project management tool Height
heimdall-suite 1.4.0 Flash firmware onto Samsung mobile devices Heimdall Suite
helium 1.0.0 Helium
helo 1.7.0 Email tester and debugger HELO
heptabase 1.34.2 Note-taking tool for visual learning Hepta
herd 1.9.1 Laravel and PHP development environment manager Laravel Herd
hermes 1.3.1 Pandora player Hermes
hermit-crab 1.0.3 Run shell commands without leaving your current app Hermit Crab
heroic 2.14.1 Game launcher Heroic Games Launcher
hex-fiend 2.17.1 Hex editor focussing on speed Hex Fiend
hey 1.2.14 Access the HEY email service HEY
heynote 1.8.0 Dedicated scratchpad for developers Heynote
hfsleuth latest HFS+/HFSX file system inspection tool HFSleuth
hhkb 1.3.0 Allows keymap customization on HHKB HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models Happy Hacking Keyboard Keymap Tool
hhkb-studio 1.0.4 Customize keymap, shortcuts, and gesture pad behavior on HHKB Studio Happy Hacking Keyboard Studio Keymap Tool
hiarcs-chess-explorer 1.12.2a Chess database, analysis and game playing program (Deep) HIARCS Chess Explorer
hiddenbar 1.9 Utility to hide menu bar items Hidden Bar
hides 5.9.3 App to hide all open apps except the current one Hides
hidock 1.3 Set custom Dock settings for when on different displays HiDock
hightop 1.3.4 File access via the menu bar HighTop
historyhound 2.3.5 Browser history and bookmarks keyword search HistoryHound
hma-vpn latest VPN program from Hide My Ass HMA! VPN
holavpn 2.80,1.213.148 Peer-to-peer VPN Hola VPN
home-assistant 2024.6,2024.696 Companion app for Home Assistant home automation software Home Assistant
home-inventory 3.8.6,20210517 Documentation application for home and belongings Home Inventory
honer 1.1 Utility that draws a border around the focused window Honer
honto 6.62.0,20231121 Ebook reader for the honto store honto view app
hookmark 6.2,2024.05 Link and retrieve key information Hook
hookshot 1.24,55 Window snapping tool Hookshot
hopper-disassembler 5.16.0 Reverse engineering tool that lets you disassemble, decompile and debug your app Hopper Disassembler
hoppscotch 24.6.0-3 Open source API development ecosystem Hoppscotch
horndis 9.2 Android USB tethering driver HoRNDIS
horos 4.0.1 Medical image viewer Horos
hostsx 2.9.0 Local hosts update tool HostsX
hot 1.9.4 Menu bar application that displays the CPU speed limit due to thermal issues Hot
hotswitch 1.21 Fast window switcher using a 2-stroke hotkey HotSwitch
houdahspot 6.5.3 File searching application HoudahSpot
hovrly 2.4.5 Display and convert timezones time in different cities Hovrly
hp-easy-admin 2.12.2,221209 Tool to directly download HP printing and/or scanning drivers HP Easy Admin
hp-easy-start 2.14.0,231016 Set up your HP printer HP Easy Start
hp-eprint 2.5.0 Mobile printing solution HP ePrint
hp-prime 2020-01-16 Graphing calculator emulator HP Prime
hstracker 3.0.0 Deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone Hearthstone Deck Tracker
html-mangareader 2.2.0 Lightweight offline CBZ/CBR and image viewer with full continuous scrolling HTML Mangareader
http-toolkit 1.18.1 HTTP(S) debugging proxy, analyzer, and client HTTP Toolkit
httpie 2024.1.2 Testing client for REST, GraphQL, and HTTP APIs HTTPie for Desktop
hubstaff 1.6.24,7470 Work time tracker Hubstaff
hue-topia 4.0.3 Manual control over Philips Hue bulbs Hue-topia
hugin 2019.2.0 Panorama photo stitcher Hugin
hummingbird 1.3.0 OpenVPN 3 client Hummingbird
hush 1.0 Block nags to accept cookies and privacy invasive tracking in Safari Hush
hwsensors 6.26.1440 Tool to access information from available hardware sensors HWSensors
hydrogen 1.2.3 Drum machine and sequencer Hydrogen
hydrus-network 583 Booru-style media tagger hydrus network
hype 4.1.18,768 App to create animated and interactive web content Tumult Hype
hyper 3.4.1 Terminal built on web technologies Hyper
hyperbackupexplorer 3.0.1-0156 Backup data from a Synology NAS HyperBackupExplorer
hypercal 0.0.111 Privacy first calendar that connects your schedules and tasks into a single view Hypercal
hyper@canary 4.0.0-canary.5 Terminal built on web technologies Hyper
hyperkey 0.38 Convert your caps lock key or any of your modifier keys to the hyper key Hyperkey
i1profiler Automation and creative controls for photographers and designers i1Profiler
ia-markdown-dictionary 1.0 Markdown dictionary for iA Markdown Dictionary
ia-presenter 1.2.2,12022 Create presentation slides from a Markdown document iA Presenter
ibabel 5.0.3,2023,02 GUI for the cheminformatics toolkit OpenBabel iBabel
ibackup 7.6 Backup utility iBackup
ibackup-viewer 4.3022 Extract Data from iPhone Backups iBackup Viewer
ibackupbot 5.6.0 iBackupBot
ibettercharge 1.0.12,1568119585 Battery level monitoring software iBetterCharge
ibkr 0.09.0t Trading software IBKR Desktop
ibm-aspera-connect Facilitate uploads and downloads with an Aspera transfer server IBM Aspera Connect
ibm-cloud-cli 2.27.0 Command-line API client IBM Cloud CLI
ibored 1.2.1 Hex editor iBored
icab 6.2.3 Alternative web browser iCab
icanhazshortcut 1.3.0 Shortcut manager iCanHazShortcut
icc 1.0,7648 Chess club client International Chess Club
iceberg 1.3.1 Integrated packaging environment Iceberg
icefloor 2.0.2 Firewall tool IceFloor
icestudio 0.12 Visual editor for open FPGA board icestudio
icloud-control 1.2.0 User-controlled selective sync for iCloud Drive iCloud Control
icollections 8.4.1 App to help keep the desktop organised iCollections
icon-shelf 0.1.28 Icon manager for web developers Icon Shelf
iconchamp 1.3.6 Icon theming app for Big Sur and Monterey IconChamp
iconchanger 1.2.7,2022-12-22,... Change your app's icon IconChanger
iconizer 2020.11.0 Xcode asset catalog creator Iconizer
iconjar 2.11.3,50581 Icon organiser IconJar
icons 1.1 Tool to generate icons for apps Icons
icons8 5.7.4 App for browsing icon, photo and music packages Icons8 App
iconscout 1.0.5 Desktop toolbar for Iconscout Iconscout
iconset 2.5.0 Organise icon sets and packs in one place Iconset
icq 23.2.0,37179 Messenger application ICQ
id3-editor 1.29.51 MP3 and AIFF ID3 tag editor ID3 Editor
idafree 8.4.240527 Binary code analysis tool IDA Free
idagio 1.9.10 Classical music streaming app IDAGIO
ideamaker FDM 3D Printing Slicer by Raise3D ideaMaker
idisplay 3.5.0 Use a tablet as an extra screen iDisplay
idrive,071924 Cloud backup and storage solution iDrive
ieasemusic 1.3.4 Third-party NetEase cloud music player ieaseMusic
iem-plugin-suite 1.14.1 Ambisonic audio plug-in suite up to 7th order as VST2, LV2 and Standalones IEM Plug-in Suite
iexplorer 4.6.0,180 iOS device backup software and file manager iExplorer
ifunbox 1.8 File management software for iPhone and other Apple products iFunBox
igdm 3.0.4 Desktop application for Instagram DMs IG:dm
iglance 2.1.0 System monitor for the status bar iGlance
igv 2.17.4 Visual exploration of genomic data Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV)
iina 1.3.5,141 Free and open-source media player IINA
iina-plus 0.8.0 Extra danmaku support for iina (iina 弹幕支持) IINA+
ilok-license-manager 5.9.0 Software for iLok devices iLok License Manager
ilspy 7.2-rc Avalonia-based .NET decompiler ILSpy
ilya-birman-typography-layout 3.9 Typography keyboard layout Ilya Birman Typography Layout
image-tool 1.4.1 Scale images and convert image file formats Image Tool
image2icon 2.17 Icon creator and file and folder customiser Image2Icon
imagealpha 1.5.1 Utility to reduce the size of 24-bit PNG files ImageAlpha
imagej 1.54 Image Processing and Analysis in Java ImageJ
imagemin 0.1.0 Desktop image minifier imagemin
imageoptim 1.9.3 Tool to optimise images to a smaller size ImageOptim
imagex 0.1.2 Visually explore and search an image collection ImageX
imazing 3.0.3,21059 iPhone management application iMazing
imazing-converter 2.0.9,491 Free tool to convert HEIC to JPEG and HEVC to MP4 iMazing Converter
imazing-profile-editor 1.9.0,298401 Apple Device Configuration Profile Editor iMazing Profile Editor
imgotv 6.4.16 Mango TV video app 芒果TV
imhex 1.35.4 Hex editor for reverse engineers ImHex
imo 1.2.1 Video calls and chat Imo Messenger
impactor 0.9.56 GUI tool for working with mobile devices Impactor
impel 1.0.4 AI Companion Impel
inav-configurator 7.1.1 Configuration tool for the INAV flight control system INAV Configurator
infinity 1.2.2 Customizable work management platform Infinity
infoflow,20230511... AI office platform Baidu Hi
inform 10.1.2,1_82_3 Writing system for interactive fiction based on natural language Inform
infra 0.47.0 Kubernetes desktop client infra
inkdown 1.0.1 WYSIWYG Markdown editor Inkdown
inkdrop 5.8.1 Markdown editor Inkdrop
inkscape 1.3.2 Vector graphics editor Inkscape
inkstitch 3.0.1 Inkscape extension for machine embroidery design Inkstitch
inky 0.15.1 Editor for ink: inkle's narrative scripting language Inky
inloop-qlplayground 1.0 Quick Look generator for Xcode Playgrounds INLOOPX QLPlayground
input-source-pro 2.4.10-beta Tool for multi-language users Input Source Pro
inso 9.2.0 CLI HTTP and GraphQL Client inso
inso@beta 9.3.0-beta.0 CLI HTTP and GraphQL Client inso
insomnia 9.3.2 HTTP and GraphQL Client Insomnia
insomnia@alpha 9.3.3-beta.2 HTTP and GraphQL Client Insomnia
insomnium 0.2.3-a HTTP and GraphQL Client Insomnium
inssider Defeat slow wifi inSSIDer
insta360-studio 5.2.0,RC_build30,... Video and photo editor Insta360 Studio
install-disk-creator 1.5 Utility to create bootable system install discs Install Disk Creator
instantview 3.20,R0003 Driver for SM76x with UI SiliconMotion InstantView
instatus-out 1.0.8 Monitor services in your menu bar Instatus Out
insync Manage your Google Drive and OneDrive files Insync
integrity 12.8.9 Tool to scan a website checking for broken links Integrity
intel-haxm 7.8.0 Hardware-assisted virtualization engine (hypervisor) Intel HAXM
intel-psxe-ce-c-plus-plus 2020.2.899,16768 Software development tools Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++
intellidock 1.0 Hides the Dock when it is overlapped by a window IntelliDock
intellij-idea 2024.1.4,241.1803... Java IDE by JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
intellij-idea-ce 2024.1.4,241.1803... IDE for Java development - community edition IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
intellij-idea@eap 2024.2,242.20224.91 IntelliJ IDEA Early Access Program IntelliJ IDEA EAP
interact-scratchpad 2.2.1 Menu bar utility to create contacts from snippets of text Interact Scratchpad
internxt-drive 2.0.0 Client for Internxt file storage service Internxt Drive
intune-company-portal 5.2406.2 App to manage access to corporate apps, data, and resources Company Portal
invesalius 3.1.99998 3D medical imaging reconstruction software InVesalius
invisiblix 3.2 Allows viewing and manipulation of hidden files in Finder invisibliX
invisionsync 1.9.1,692 InVision Sync
invisor-lite 3.17 Media file inspector Invisor Lite
invoker 2.14.0 Utility for managing Laravel applications Invoker
ionic-lab 0.29.1 IonicLab
ioquake3 1.36 First person shooter engine ioquake3
ios-app-signer 1.14 App for (re)signing iOS apps and bundling them iOS App Signer
ip-in-menu-bar 4.7.1 Shows current IP address in menu bar IP in menu bar
ipa-manager 2.3.2 International Phonetic Alphabet input method IPA Palette
ipartition 3.6.2 Disk partitioning tool iPartition
ipe 7.2.29 Drawing editor for creating figures in PDF format Ipe
ipepresenter 7.2.29 Make presentations from PDFs IpePresenter
ipfs 0.37.0 Menu bar application for the IPFS peer-to-peer network IPFS Desktop
iphoto-library-manager 4.2.7 App for organising photos among multiple iPhoto libraries iPhoto Library Manager
ipremoteutility 1.9.5 Management of Flanders Scientific hardware Flanders IP Remote Utility
ipsecuritas 5.0.1 IPSec client IPSecuritas
iptvnator 0.15.1 Open Source m3u, m3u8 player IPTVnator
ipvanish-vpn 4.3.1,96201 VPN client IPVanish
ipynb-quicklook 0.1.5 Quick Look plugin for Jupyter/IPython notebooks ipynb-quicklook
iqmol 3.1.4 Free open-source molecular editor and visualization package IQmol
irccloud 0.16.0 IRC client IRCCloud Desktop
ireadfast 2.0 Speed reading program iReadFast
ireal-pro 2024.7,20240707 Music book & backing tracks iReal Pro
iridium 2023.09.116 Web browser focusing on security and privacy Iridium Browser
iris 1.2.2 Blue light filter and eye protection software Iris
iriunwebcam 2.8.8 Use your phone's camera as a wireless webcam Iriun
irpf2023 1.5 Fill your Tax Report (DIRPF) for the Brazilian Revenue Service (RFB) IRPF 2023
irpf2024 1.3 Fill your Tax Report (DIRPF) for the Brazilian Revenue Service (RFB) IRPF 2024
isabelle 2024 Generic proof assistant Isabelle
ishowu 1.94.5,2751 Screen recorder iShowU
ishowu-instant 1.4.20 Realtime screen recording iShowU Instant
isimulator 3.3.0 Utility to control and manage the Simulator iSimulator
islide 1.2.0 PPT-based plug-in tool iSlide
isolator 4.99beta Menu bar app that hides desktop, inactive windows, etc. Isolator
istat-menus 6.73 System monitoring app iStats Menus
istat-menus@5 5.32 System monitoring app iStats Menus
istat-server 3.03 Transmits computer or server’s vital statistics iStat Server
isteg 1.6.2 Encryption tool iSteg
isubtitle 3.4.6 Inject subtitle tracks, chapter markers and metadata into your media iSubtitle
iswiff 1.14,94 Full screen Flash outside the browser iSwiff
isyncer 4.1.0 Apple Music playlist exporting tool iSyncer
isyncr 6.1.0 Syncs iTunes to Android over a USB or WiFi connection iSyncr Desktop
itau Banking & credit card management Itau
itch 26.1.9 Game client for itch
iterm2 3.5.3 Terminal emulator as alternative to Apple's Terminal app iTerm2
iterm2@beta 3.5.4beta2 Terminal emulator as alternative to Apple's Terminal app iTerm2
iterm2@nightly 3_5_20240720 Terminal emulator as alternative to Apple's Terminal app iTerm2
itermai 1.1 Enable generative AI features in iTerm2 iTerm2 AI Plugin
ithoughtsx 9.4.0 Mind mapping tool iThoughtsX
itk-snap 4.2.0,20240422 Segment structures in 3D medical images ITK-SNAP
itraffic 0.1.6 Monitor for displaying process traffic on status bar itraffic
itsycal 0.15.4 Menu bar calendar Itsycal
itubedownloader 6.6.0 Download YouTube videos, channels, or playlists iTubeDownloader
itunes-producer 3.1.4,1085 Submit book details, pricing, and files to Apple Books iTunes Producer
itunes-volume-control 1.7.5 Control the volume of Apple Music and Spotify using keyboard volume keys iTunes Volume Control
ivacy 7.0.0,8 VPN client Ivacy
ivideonserver 3.13.3 Watch surveillance videos in your browser via your Ivideon account Ivideon Client
ivolume 3.9.0 App to ensures that all songs are played at the same volume level iVolume
ivpn 3.14.14 VPN client IVPN
izip 4.8.48 App to manage ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, TAR, 7ZIP and other compressed files iZip
izotope-product-portal 1.4.8 Professional audio software for audio recording, mixing, broadcast and others Izotope product portal
j 9.5.2 Programming language for mathematical, statistical and logical analysis of data J
jabra-direct 6.16.15901 Optimise and personalise your Jabra headset Jabra Direct
jabref 5.15 Reference manager to edit, manage and search BibTeX files JabRef
jad 1.5.8g Java decompiler Jad
jagex 1.17.1 Official Jagex Launcher jagex
jaikoz 11.8 Audio tag editor Jaikoz
jalview Multiple sequence alignment editor, visualiser, analysis and figure generator Jalview
jameica 2.10.4 Application-platform written in Java containing a SWT-UI Jameica
james 2.1.2 Web Debugging Proxy Application James
jamf-migrator 7.4.2 Tool to migrate data granularly between Jamf Pro servers JamfMigrator
jami 2024070906 Decentralised instant messenger and softphone Jami
jamie 4.1.7 AI-powered meeting notes jamie
jamkazam 1.0.4048 Low-latency rehearsing, jamming and performing JamKazam
jamovi Statistical software jamovi
jamulus 3.10.0 Play music online with friends Jamulus
jan 0.5.2 Offline AI chat tool Jan
jandi 1.7.7,202306 Desktop app for the JANDI collaboration platform JANDI
jandi-statusbar 1.14 GitHub contributions in your status bar jandi
jasp, Statistical analysis application JASP
jasper 1.1.2 Issue reader for GitHub Jasper
jaspersoft-studio 6.21.0 Eclipse-based report development tool for JasperReports Jaspersoft Studio
java@beta 23,33 Early access development kit for the Java programming language OpenJDK Early Access Java Development Kit
jazz2-resurrection 2.7.0 Open-source re-implementation of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game engine Jazz² Resurrection
jazzup 1.0b3,3 Plays sound effects as you type JazzUp
jbrowse 2.12.3 Genome browser jbrowse
jclasslib-bytecode-viewer 6.0.5 Visualise all aspects of compiled Java class files and the contained bytecode jclasslib bytecode viewer
jcryptool 1.0.9 Apply and analyze cryptographic algorithms JCrypTool
jd-gui 1.6.6 Standalone Java Decompiler GUI JD-GUI
jdiskreport 1.4.1 Disk usage utility JDiskReport
jdk-mission-control 9.0.0,10 Tools to manage, monitor, profile and troubleshoot Java applications JDK Mission Control
jdownloader latest Download manager JDownloader
jedit 5.6.0 Text editor jEdit
jedit-omega 3.07 Text editor Jedit Ω
jellybeansoup-netflix 1.0.5 Third-party app to use Netflix outside the browser Netflix
jellyfin 10.9.8 Media system Jellyfin
jellyfin-media-player 1.11.1 Jellyfin desktop client Jellyfin Media Player
jenkins-menu 0.2.0 Menu item which shows the status of a Jenkins CI server Jenkins Menu
jet 2.11.0 CI/CD as a service Codeship Jet
jetbrains-gateway 2024.1.2 Remote development gateway by Jetbrains jetbrains-gateway
jetbrains-space 2023.1.7 Team communication and collaboration software JetBrains Space
jetbrains-toolbox 2.4.1, JetBrains tools manager JetBrains Toolbox
jettison 1.8.8 Automatically ejects external drives Jettison
jewelrybox 1.5 RVM manager JewelryBox
jgrasp 2.0.6_16 IDE with visualisations for improving software comprehensibility jgrasp
jgrennison-openttd 0.60.2 Collection of patches applied to OpenTTD JGR's OpenTTD Patchpack
jiggler 1.9 Keep your computer awake Jiggler
jitouch 2.82.1 Multi-touch gestures editor Jitouch
jitsi 2.10.5550 Open-source video calls and chat Jitsi
jitsi-meet 2024.6.0 Secure video conferencing app Jitsi Meet
jmc 0.3-beta Media organiser jmc
joinme Online conferencing software
joker latest Joker iOS kernelcache handling utility
jollysfastvnc 1.64 Control computers fast and securely from anywhere JollysFastVNC
joplin 3.0.13 Note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities Joplin
jordanbaird-ice 0.10.3 Menu bar manager Ice
joshjon-nocturnal 1.1.1 Dimness and night shift menu bar app Nocturnal
josm 19128 Extensible editor for OpenStreetMap JOSM
journey 2.14.6 Diary app Journey
jpadilla-rabbitmq 3.6.1-build.1 App wrapper for RabbitMQ RabbitMQ
jpadilla-redis 4.0.2-build.1 App wrapper for Redis Redis
jpc-qlcolorcode 4.1.2+m1 Quick Look plug-in that renders source code with syntax highlighting QLColorCode
jprofiler 14.0.3 Java profiler JProfiler
jquake 1.8.5 Real-time earthquake monitoring software for Japan JQuake
jslegendre-themeengine 1.0.0,118 App to edit compiled .car files ThemeEngine
json-viewer 1.2.2 App to visualise, validate and format JSON datasets JSON Viewer
jt-bridge 3.4.3 Acts as a bridge between WSJT-X and ham radio logging application JT-Bridge
jtool latest Tool to help out reverse engineering, security researchers, and tweak developers jtool
jtool2 2.2 Tool to help out reverse engineering, security researchers, and tweak developers jtool2
jubler 8.0.0 Subtitle editor Jubler
juice 2017.06.08170217 Make your battery information a bit more interesting Juice
jukebox 0.9.5 Menu bar song viewer Jukebox
julia 1.10.4 Programming language for technical computing Julia
julia@lts 1.6.7 Programming language for technical computing Julia
julia@nightly 1.12 Programming language for technical computing Julia
jump 8.10.8 Remote desktop application Jump Desktop
jump-desktop-connect 6.10.28,61028 Remote desktop app Jump Desktop Connect
jumpcut 0.84 Clipboard manager Jumpcut
jumpshare 3.3.8 File sharing, screen recording, and screenshot capture app Jumpshare
jupyter-notebook-ql 0.2 Quick Look plugin for Jupyter notebooks Jupyter Notebook Quick Look
jupyter-notebook-viewer 0.1.6 Utility to render Jupyter notebooks Jupyter Notebook Viewer
jupyterlab 4.2.1-1 Desktop application for JupyterLab JupyterLab App
juxtacode 1.1.2 Diff, merge, and compare code JuxtaCode
jyutping 0.47.0 Cantonese Jyutping Input Method Jyutping
k8studio 1.0.11-beta Kubernetes GUI K8studio
kactus 0.3.35 True version control tool for designers Kactus
kakapo 1.3.0 Open-source ambient sound mixer Kakapo
kaku 2.0.2 Kaku
kaleidoscope 5.0.1,6406 Spot and merge differences in text and image files or folders Kaleidoscope
kaleidoscope@2 2.4.5,1457,dec-20... Spot and merge differences in text and image files or folders Kaleidoscope v2
kaleidoscope@3 3.9,2176 Spot and merge differences in text and image files or folders Kaleidoscope v3
kando 1.2.0 Pie Menu Kando
kap 3.6.0 Open-source screen recorder built with web technology Kap
kapitainsky-rclone-browser 1.8.0,a0b66c6 GUI for rclone Rclone Browser
karabiner-elements 14.13.0 Keyboard customiser Karabiner Elements
karafun 2.6.2 Karaoke player software KaraFun
katalon-studio 9.6.0 Test automation solution Katalon Studio
katana 1.4.4 Open-source screenshot utility Katana
katrain 1.14.0 Tool for analyzing games and playing go with AI feedback from KataGo KaTrain
kawa 1.1.0 Alternative input source switcher Kawa
kdenlive 24.05.2 Free and Open Source Video Editor Kdenlive
kdiff3 1.11.2 Utility for comparing and merging files and directories KDiff3
kdocs 3.9.8,1001 Online collaborate editor for Word, Excel and PPT documents 金山文档
kdrive Client for the kDrive collaborative cloud storage service kDrive
keep 1.2.0 Run Google Keep in the menu bar Keep
keep-it 1.11.16 Notebook, scrapbook and organiser tool Keep It
keepassx 2.0.3 Personal data manager focusing on security KeePassX
keepassxc 2.7.9 Password manager app KeePassXC
keepassxc@beta 2.7.9 Password manager app KeePassXC
keepassxc@snapshot latest Password manager app KeePassXC
keeper-password-manager 16.11.1,171822126... Password manager application and digital vault Keeper Password Manager
keepingyouawake 1.6.5 Tool to prevent the system from going into sleep mode KeepingYouAwake
keet 2.2.0 Peer-to-peer video and text chat keet
keeweb 1.18.7 Password manager compatible with KeePass KeeWeb
keka 1.4.3 File archiver Keka
keka@beta 1.4.0-dev.r5423 File archiver Keka
kekaexternalhelper 1.1.3,1.2.59 Helper application for the Keka file archiver Keka External Helper
kern 1.1.5 Performance synthesiser Kern
kext-updater 5.0.3 Automatic updater for kernel extensions required by Hackintoshes Kext Updater
kext-utility 2.6.6 Kext repair tool Kext Utility
kextviewr 2.0.0 Display all currently loaded kexts KextViewr
key-codes 2.2.1 Display key code, unicode value and modifier keys state for any key combination Key Codes
keybase 6.3.0,20240528152... End-to-end encryption software Keybase
keyboard-cleaner 1.2 Desktop shield and keystroke interceptor Keyboard Cleaner
keyboard-cowboy 3.24.2 Keyboard shortcut utility Keyboard Cowboy
keyboard-maestro 11.0.3,1103 Automation software Keyboard Maestro
keyboardcleantool 6 Blocks all Keyboard and TouchBar input KeyboardCleanTool
keyboardholder 1.12.20 Switch input method per application KeyboardHolder
keycast 1.1 Record keystroke for screencast KeyCast
keycastr 0.9.18 Open-source keystroke visualiser KeyCastr
keyclu 0.27 Find shortcuts for any installed application KeyClu
keycombiner 0.8.0 Instant shortcut lookup KeyCombiner
keycue 10.2 Finds, learns and remembers keyboard shortcuts KeyCue
keyman 17.0.326 Reconfigures keyboard to type in another language Keyman
keymanager 4.4.19 Certificate manager KeyManager
keymapp 1.3.1 ZSA keyboard firmware flasher Keymapp
keypad-layout 1.12 Utility to control window layout using the Ctrl key and the numeric keypad Keypad Layout
keysafe 1.5.0 Read and decrypt Apple Keychain files Keysafe
keyshot Real-time 3D rendering KeyShot
keysmith 1.18.7 Create custom keyboard shortcuts for anything Keysmith
keystore-explorer 5.5.3 GUI replacement for the Java command-line utilities keytool and jarsigner KeyStore Explorer
kicad 8.0.4 Electronics design automation suite KiCad
kid3 3.9.5 Audio tagger focusing on efficiency Kid3
kigb 2.0.9 Nintendo Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator KiGB
kiibohd-configurator 1.1.0 Modular community keyboard firmware Kiibohd Configurator
kindavim 2828.65.0 Use Vim in input fields and non input fields kindaVim
kindle 1.40.65626 Interface for reading and syncing eBooks Kindle for Mac
kindle-comic-converter 6.1.0 Comic and manga converter for ebook readers Kindle Comic Converter
kindle-comic-creator 1.160 Turns comics, graphic novels and manga into Kindle books Kindle Comic Creator
kindle-previewer 3.83.0 Preview and audit Kindle eBooks Kindle Previewer
kit 2.3.0 Create and run scripts Script Kit
kitematic 0.17.13 Visual user interface for Docker Container management Kitematic
kitty 0.35.2 GPU-based terminal emulator kitty
kitty@nightly latest GPU-based terminal emulator kitty-nightly
kiwi-for-gmail 4.2.4 Enhances Gmail like a full-featured desktop office productivity app Kiwi for Gmail
kiwix 3.4.0 App providing offline access to Wikipedia and many other web sites Kiwix
kkbox 24.6.2 Music streaming service KKBOX
klatexformula 4.1.0 Generate images from LaTeX equations KLatexFormula
klayout 0.29.4 IC design layout viewer and editor KLayout
klogg Fast, advanced log explorer Klogg
klokki 1.3.7 Automatic time-tracking solution Klokki
kmbmpdc 2.0.1 kmbmpdc
kmeet 2.0.1 Client for the kMeet videoconferencing solution kMeet
kmplayer 0.3.2 Video player KMPlayer
knime 5.2.5 Software to create and productionise data science KNIME Analytics Platform
knock 2.2.1 Unlock with AppleWatch Knock
knockknock 2.5.0 Tool to show what is persistently installed on the computer KnockKnock
knotes 2.11.2 Reading notes management tool Knotes
knuff 1.3 Debug application for Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) Knuff
koa11y 3.0.0 Easily check for website accessibility issues Koa11y
koala 2.3.0 Koala
kobo latest Desktop reader for Kobo eBooks Kobo
kodelife 1.1.5,186 Real-time GPU shader editor KodeLife
kodi 21.0-Omega Free and open-source media player Kodi
komet 1.1,36 Commit message editor Komet
komodo-edit 12.0.1,18441 Text editor Komodo Edit
komodo-ide 12.0.1,91869 One IDE for all your languages Komodo IDE
konica-minolta-bizhub-c750i-driver 5.1.9A,e189a7b4f0... PostScript printer driver Konica Minolta Bizhub C750i/C650i/C360i/C287i/C286i/C4050i/C4000i/C3320i Printer Driver
konica-minolta-bizhub-c759-c658-c368-c287-c3851-driver 11.9.0A,eb6d403e0... Drivers for Konica Monolta Bizhub printers Konica Minolta Bizhub C759/C658/C368/C287/C3851 Series Printer
koodo-reader 1.5.1 Open-source epub reader Koodo Reader
kopiaui 0.17.0 Backup/restore tool KopiaUI
kotlin-native 2.0.0 LLVM backend for Kotlin Kotlin Native
kreya 1.15.0 GUI Client for interacting with gRPC services Kreya
krisp 2.39.8 Noise cancelling application Krisp
krita 5.2.3 Free and open-source painting and sketching program Krita
ksdiff 3.3,146 Command-line tool for the App Store version of Kaleidoscope ksdiff
ksnip 1.10.1 Screenshot and annotation tool ksnip
kstars 3.7.1 Astronomy software KStars
kuaitie 3.6.6,1702800455 Cross-platform cloud clipboard synchronisation tool kuaitie
kube-cluster 0.5.3 Kube-Cluster
kube-forwarder 1.5.1 Kube Forwarder
kubecontext 2.0.1 Menu bar app for managing Kubernetes contexts KubeContext
kubenav 4.2.3 Navigator for your Kubernetes clusters right in your pocket kubenav
kubernetic 4.4.0 Kubernetes desktop client Kubernetic
kugoumusic 3.1.2 Digital music service Kugou Music
kui 13.1.4 CLI graphics framework Kui
kvirc 5.2.4,Quasar IRC Client KVIrc
kyokan-bob 2.1.0 Handshake wallet GUI for managing transactions, name auctions, and DNS records Bob Wallet
lab 0.0.74,untagged-f... React UI component design tool Lab
laconvolver 0.4 AU plug-in for convolving the audio stream with an impulse response audio file LAConvolver
lagrange 1.17.6 Desktop GUI client for browsing Geminispace Lagrange
lando 3.20.8 Local development environment and DevOps tool built on Docker Lando
lando@edge 3.20.8 Local development environment and DevOps tool built on Docker Lando Edge
landrop 0.4.0 Drop any files to any devices on your LAN LANDrop
languagetool 1.8.0 Grammar, spelling and style suggestions in all the writing apps LanguageTool for Desktop
lantern 7.8.6 Open Internet For All Lantern
lapce 0.4.0 Open source code editor written in Rust Lapce
laravel-kit 2.0.8 Desktop Laravel admin panel app Laravel Kit
lark 7.21.9,af6c9121 Project management software Lark
lasso 1.7.1 Move and resize windows with mouse Lasso
lastfm 2.1.39 Music services manager Scrobbler
lastpass 4.116.0 Password manager LastPass
latest 0.10.3 Utility that shows the latest app updates Latest
latexdraw 4.0.3 Drawing editor for creating LaTeX PSTricks code LaTexDraw
latexit 2.16.6 Graphical interface for LaTeX LaTeXiT
launchbar 6.19.1 Productivity tool LaunchBar
launchcontrol 2.6.1 Create, manage and debug system and user services LaunchControl
launchpad-manager 1.0.13 Tool to manage the launchpad Launchpad Manager
launchrocket 0.7 Preference pane to manage Homebrew-installed services LaunchRocket
launchy 2.5 Utility desktop shortcut utility Launchy
laverna 0.7.51 Encryption-focused open source note taking application Laverna
lazarus 3.4 IDE for rapid application development Lazarus
lazpaint 7.2.2 Image editor written in Lazarus LazPaint
lazy 1.0 Control your environment from your keyboard Lazy
lazycat 1.0.96 Client for LazyCat hardware LazyCat
lbry 0.53.9 Official client for LBRY, a decentralised file-sharing and payment network LBRY Desktop
league-displays 1.0.1028-beta Create a screensaver or wallpaper playlist using League art League Displays
league-of-legends 1.0 Multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends
leanote 2.7.0 Leanote
leapp 0.26.1 Cloud credentials manager Leapp
lectrote 1.4.6 Interactive Fiction interpreter in an Electron shell lectrote
ledger-live 2.84.0 Wallet desktop application to maintain multiple cryptocurrencies Ledger Live
leech 3.2 Lightweight download manager Leech
leela 0.11.0 Go playing program with easy to use graphical interface Leela
lego-mindstorms-ev3 1.4.4 Programmable robotics construction set Lego Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition
lehreroffice 2024.2.3 Education software LehrerOffice
lemonlime 0.3.5 Tiny judging environment for OI contest based on Lemon + LemonPlus lemonlime
lens 2024.7.161041 Kubernetes IDE Lens
leocad 23.03 CAD program for creating virtual LEGO models LeoCAD
lepton 1.10.0 Snippet management app Lepton
letter-opener 15.0.2 Display winmail.dat files directly in Letter Opener
lg-onscreen-control 6.27,oWq3quvrsstV... Displays all connected LG monitor information LG OnScreen Control
libcblite 3.1.7 Couchbase Lite Libraries for C and C++ (Enterprise Edition) Couchbase Lite (Enterprise Edition)
libcblite-community 3.1.7 Couchbase Lite Libraries for C and C++ (Community Edition) Couchbase Lite (Community Edition)
libndi latest NDI SDK libNDI
librecad CAD application LibreCAD
libreoffice 24.2.5 Free cross-platform office suite, fresh version LibreOffice
libreoffice-language-pack 24.2.5 Collection of alternate languages for LibreOffice LibreOffice Language Pack
libreoffice-still 7.6.7 Free cross-platform office suite, stable version recommended for enterprises LibreOffice Still
libreoffice-still-language-pack 7.6.7 Collection of alternate languages for LibreOffice LibreOffice Language Pack
librepcb 1.1.0 EDA software to develop printed circuit boards LibrePCB
librewolf 128.0,2 Web browser LibreWolf
licecap 1.32 Animated screen capture application LICEcap
license-control-center Music software license manager eLicenser Control Center
licensed 1.5.1 Software license manager Licensed
liclipse 11.1.0,bh5hc47dg1... Lightweight editors, theming and usability improvements for Eclipse LiClipse
lidarr Looks and smells like Sonarr but made for music Lidarr
lifesize 3.0.16 Cloud contact and video conferencing lifesize
lightburn 1.6.03 Layout, editing, and control software for laser cutters LightBurn
lightform AR projection and audio reactivity software for Lightform devices Lightform Creator
lightgallery 0.1.1 lightgallery
lighting 1.1.7 Tool to control LIFX lights via a Notification Center widget Lighting
lightkey 4.9.1 DMX lighting control Lightkey
lightproxy 1.1.41 Proxy & Debug tools based on whistle with Chrome Devtools UI LightProxy
lighttable 0.8.1 IDE Light Table
lightworks 2023.2,146471 Complete video creation package Lightworks
limitless 0.6766.1 Personal AI-powered transcription and notetaking service Limitless
line-bot-designer 1.3.4 Prototype LINE bots LINE Bot Designer
linear 1.5 Ruler app with web-development in mind Linear
linear-linear 1.26.2,240719ligb... App to manage software development and track bugs Linear
linearmouse 0.10.0 Customise mouse behavior LinearMouse
lingon-x 9.5.1 Automator software to start apps, run scripts or commands and more Lingon X
linkliar 3.0.3 Link-Layer MAC spoofing GUI for macOS LinkLiar
linn-konfig 4.37.172 Control software for audio equipment Linn Konfig
linphone 5.2.6 Software for communication systems developers Linphone
listen1 2.32.0 Search and play songs from a variety of online sources Listen 1
litecoin 0.21.3 Cryptocurrency wallet Litecoin
liteicon 4.1 Tool to change system icons LiteIcon
liteide 38.3 Go IDE LiteIDE
little-navmap 3.0.8 Flight planning and navigation and airport search and information system Little Navmap
little-snitch 6.0.2 Host-based application firewall Little Snitch
little-snitch@4 4.6.1 Host-based application firewall Little Snitch
little-snitch@5 5.7.6 Host-based application firewall Little Snitch
live-home-3d 4.9.2 Home & floorplan designer & renderer Live Home 3D
livebook 0.13.3 Code notebooks for Elixir developers Livebook
livetail 2.1 Sumologic livetail CLI
llamachat 1.2.0 Client for LLaMA models LlamaChat
lm-studio 0.2.27 Discover, download, and run local LLMs LM Studio
lmms 1.2.2 Music production software LMMS
lo-rain 1.5.2 App that makes it rain no matter where you are, even over your apps lo-rain
loading 1.2.6 Network activity monitor Loading
loaf 2.0.5 Animated icon library Loaf
local 9.0.5,6706 WordPress local development tool by Flywheel Local
local@beta 9.0.3,6683 WordPress local development tool by Flywheel (beta) Local Beta
localizationeditor 2.9.2 iOS app localization manager LocalizationEditor
localxpose 24.4.2 Reverse proxy that enables you to expose your localhost to the internet LocalXpose
locationsimulator 0.2.2 Application to spoof your iOS, iPadOS or iPhoneSimulator device location LocationSimulator
lockdown 1.0.0 Audits and remediates security configuration settings Lockdown
lockrattler 4.37,2023.05 Checks security systems and reports issues Lock Rattler
lofi 2.0.2 Spotify player with WebGL visualisations Lofi
logdna-agent 2.2.2 Agent streams from log files to your LogDNA account LogDNA Agent
logdna-cli 2.0.0 Command-line interface for LogDNA LogDNA CLI
logi-options-plus 1.78.588966 Software for Logitech devices Logitech Options+
logicalshift-zoom 1.1.5 Player for Z-Code, TADS, and HUGO stories or games Zoom
logicsniffer Software client for the Open Bench Logic Sniffer logic analyser hardware Logic Sniffer
loginputmac 3.3.7 Chinese input method LoginputMac
logisim 2.7.1 Tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits Logisim
logisim-evolution 3.8.0 Digital logic designer and simulator Logisim Evolution
logitech-camera-settings 3.0.23 Provides access to camera controls Logitech Camera Settings
logitech-g-hub 2024.5.586677 Support for Logitech G gear Logitech G HUB
logitech-options 10.20.4 Software for Logitech devices Logitech Options
logitech-presentation 2.00.43 Presentation software Logitech Presentation
logitune 3.6.255 Optimise your webcam, headset, and Logi Dock for video meetings LogiTune
logmein-client 4.1.7930, Remote access tool LogMeIn Client
logmein-hamachi 2.1.827 Hosted VPN service that lets you securely extend LAN-like networks LogMeIn Hamachi
logos Bible study software Logos
logseq 0.10.9 Privacy-first, open-source platform for knowledge sharing and management Logseq
longplay 0.5.3,458 Album-focused music player Longplay
lookaway 1.6.1 Break time reminder app LookAway
lookin 1.0.7 App for iOS view debugging Lookin
lookingglassstudio 1.6.0 View and edit 3D image and video formats on the Looking Glass Looking Glass Studio
loom 0.241.0 Screen and video recording software Loom
loop 1.0.0 Window manager Loop
loopback 2.4.2 Cable-free audio router Loopback
losslesscut 3.61.1 Trims video and audio files losslessly LosslessCut
lotus 1.3.2 Keep up with GitHub notifications Lotus
loungy 0.1.3 Application launcher Loungy
loupedeck Software for Loupedeck consoles Loupdeck
love 11.5 2D game framework for Lua LÖVE
low-profile 4.0.2 Utility to help inspect Apple Configuration Profile payloads Low Profile
lrtimelapse 7.0.0 Time lapse editing, keyframing, grading and rendering LRTimelapse
ltspice 17.2.4 SPICE simulation software, schematic capture and waveform viewer LTspice
ludwig 3.1.8 Sentence search engine app that helps you write better English ludwig
lulu 2.6.3 Open-source firewall to block unknown outgoing connections LuLu
lumen 1.2.2 Magic auto brightness based on screen contents Lumen
luminance-hdr 2.6.0 Provides a workflow for HDR imaging Luminance HDR
lunacy 9.6.1 Graphic design software Lunacy
lunar 6.8.0 Adaptive brightness for external displays Lunar
lunar-client 3.2.11 Modpack for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 Lunar Client
lunarbar 1.2.2 Lunar calendar for menu bar LunarBar
lunasea 10.2.6 Self-hosted controller built using the Flutter framework LunaSea
luniistore 2.6.312 Utility for My Fabulous Storyteller Luniistore
luxmark 3.1 OpenCL benchmark LuxMark
luyten 0.5.4 Open-source Java decompiler GUI for Procyon Luyten
lw-scanner 0.24.0 Lacework inline scanner Lacework vulnerability scanner
lx-music 2.8.0 Music app base on Electron & Vue LX Music Assistant Desktop Edition
lycheeslicer 6.0.2 Slicer for Resin 3D printers Lychee Slicer
lyn 2.4 Media browser and viewer Lyn
lynkeos 3.7 Astronomical webcam image processing software Lynkeos
lynx Cross platform presentation and productivity app LYNX Whiteboard by Clevertouch
lynxlet 0.8.1 Launch Lynx in a Terminal window Lynxlet
lyrics-master Find and download lyrics Lyrics Master
lyricsfinder 1.5.6 Find and download song lyrics Lyrics Finder
lyricsx 1.6.3,2351 Lyrics for iTunes, Spotify, Vox and Audirvana Plus LyricsX
lyx 2.4.1 GUI document processor based on the LaTeX typesetting system LyX
m3unify 2.2.0 File exporter and M3U playlist creator M3Unify
maa 5.4.1 One-click tool for the daily tasks of Arknights MAA
mac-mouse-fix 3.0.2 Mouse utility to add gesture functions and smooth scrolling to 3rd party mice Mac Mouse Fix
mac-mouse-fix@2 2.2.4 Mouse utility to add gesture functions and smooth scrolling to 3rd party mice Mac Mouse Fix
mac2imgur 226 Upload images and screenshots to Imgur mac2imgur
macast 0.7 DLNA Media Renderer Macast
macbreakz 5.46 Ergonomic Assistant to prevent health problems MacBreakZ
maccleaner-pro 2.9.2 Delete junk, unnecessary files and folders, and speed up your computer Nektony MacCleaner Pro
maccy 1.0.0 Clipboard manager Maccy
macdependency 1.1.0 MacDependency
macdive 2.16.3 Digital dive log MacDive
macdown 0.7.2 Open-source Markdown editor MacDown
macdroid 2.0 Connect to your Android devices MacDroid
macdropany 3.0.2 Syncs any local folder with the cloud MacDropAny
macforge 1.1.0 Plugin, App, and Theme store which includes plugin injection MacForge
macfuse 4.8.0 File system integration macFUSE
macfuse@dev 4.7.2 File system integration macFUSE
macgamestore 4.3.4,6084 Buy, download, and play your games MacGameStore
macgdbp 2.1.2 Live, interactive debugging of your running PHP applications MacGDBp
macgesture 3.2.0 Utility to set up global mouse gestures MacGesture
machacha 4.0.1 Split archives into smaller parts and join them when requested MacHacha
machg 1.0.2 MacHg
machoexplorer 1.0 Mach-O Executable File Explorer MachOExplorer
machoview 2.4.9200 Visual Mach-O file browser MachOView
maciasl 1.6.4 ACPI Machine Language (AML) compiler and IDE MaciASL
macintoshjs 1.2.0 Virtual Apple Macintosh with System 8, running in Electron macintosh.js
macjournal 7.4 Journaling and blogging software MacJournal
macloggerdx 6.51 Ham radio logging and rig control software MacLoggerDX
macloggerdx@beta 6.52b14 Ham radio logging and rig control software MacLoggerDX
macmediakeyforwarder 3.1.2 Media key forwarder for iTunes and Spotify Mac Media Key Forwarder
macmorpheus 0.2 3D 180/360 video player using PSVR MacMorpheus
macpar-deluxe 5.1.1 Utility to combine binary content files after download MacPAR deLuxe
macpass 0.8.1 Open-source, KeePass-client and password manager MacPass
macpilot 15.0.3 Graphical user interface for the command terminal MacPilot
macrorecorder 3.0.54 Record mouse and keyboard actions Macro Recorder
macs-fan-control 1.5.16 Controls and monitors all fans on Apple computers Macs Fan Control
macstroke 2.0.5 Configurable global mouse gestures MacStroke
macsvg 1.2.0 App for designing HTML5 Scalable Vector Graphics macSVG
macsymbolicator 2.6 Symbolicate Apple related crash reports MacSymbolicator
macterm 4.1.0 MacTerm
mactex 2024.0312 Full TeX Live distribution with GUI applications MacTeX
mactex-no-gui 2024.0312 Full TeX Live distribution without GUI applications MacTeX
mactracker 7.12.16 Detailed information on every Apple product ever made Mactracker
macupdate 6.4.1,450525 Software updater MacUpdate Desktop
macupdater 3.3.2 Track and update to the latest versions of installed software MacUpdater
macvim 179 Text editor MacVim
macwhisper 9.2,845 Speech recognition tool MacWhisper
macwinzipper 2.7.1 Zip archiver MacWinZipper
macx-dvd-ripper-mac-free-edition 4.2.5,20170726 DVD ripping application MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition
macx-dvd-ripper-pro 6.8.2 DVD ripping application MacX DVD Ripper Pro
macx-video 1.5,20180622 4K video processing software macXvideo
macx-video-converter-pro 6.8.2 Tool to convert, edit, download & resize videos MacX Video Converter Pro
macx-youtube-downloader 5.3.1,2024071801 Tool to download videos from YouTube MacX YouTube Downloader
maczip 2.4 Utility to open, create and modify archive files MacZip
maczip4win 0.4.1 Create zip files for use on Windows MacZip4Win
maelstrom 3.0.7 Multidirectional shooter game Maelstrom
maestral 1.9.4 Open-source Dropbox client Maestral
magicavoxel 8-bit 3D voxel editor and interactive path tracing renderer MagicaVoxel
magiccap 2.1.2 Image/GIF capture suite MagicCap
magicplot 3.0.1 Software for nonlinear fitting, plotting and data analysis MagicPlot
mail-assistant 0.4 Companion tool for Drafts to allow sending HTML formatted email Mail Assistant
mailbutler 7809,3429431 Personal assistant and productivity tool for Apple Mail Mailbutler
mailmaster Email client NetEase Mail Master
mailmate 5673 IMAP email client MailMate
mailmate@beta 5937 IMAP email client MailMate
mailplane 4.3.11,4951 Gmail client Mailplane
mailspring 1.13.3 Fork of Nylas Mail Mailspring
mailtrackerblocker 0.8.5 Email tracker, read receipt and spy pixel blocker plugin for Apple Mail MailTrackerBlocker
maintenance 3.1.8 Operating system maintenance and cleaning utility Maintenance
majsoul-plus 2.0.1 Majsoul Plus
makehuman 1.2.0 Open Source tool for making 3D characters MakeHuman
makemkv 1.17.7 Video format converter (transcoder) MakeMKV
maltego 4.7.0 Open source intelligence and graphical link analysis tool Maltego
malus 5.0.1 Proxy to help accessing various online media resources/services Malus
malwarebytes Warns about malware, adware and spyware Malwarebytes for Mac
mambaforge 24.3.0-0 Minimal installer for conda with preinstalled support for Mamba mambaforge
mame 0.135 Port of the multi-purpose emulation framework MAME
mamp 7.0 Web development solution with Apache, Nginx, PHP & MySQL MAMP
mana-security 2.4.2 Vulnerability Management for individuals Mana Security
manico 3.6,474 App launcher and switcher Manico
manictime 2024.1.1.0 Time tracker that automatically collects computer usage data ManicTime
manila 1.0.1 Finder extension for changing folder colours Manila
manta 1.1.4 Invoicing desktop app with customizable templates Manta
manuskript 0.16.1 Tool for writers Manuskript
manymc 0.1.2 Minecraft launcher with native arm64 support ManyMC
manyverse 0.2310.9-beta Social network built on the peer-to-peer SSB protocol Manyverse
marathon 20240712 First-person shooter, first in a trilogy Marathon
marathon-2 20240712 First-person shooter, second in a trilogy Marathon 2
marathon-infinity 20240712 First-person shooter, third in a trilogy Marathon Infinity
marble 2.2.0 Marble
marginnote 3.7.25 E-reader MarginNote
mari0 1006 Recreation of Super Mario Bros Mari0
maria 1.2.6,1701213 App/widget for aria2 download tool Maria
mark-text 0.17.1 Markdown editor MarkText
markdown-service-tools 3.0.3 Collection of services for Markdown-formatted text Markdown Service Tools
markdownmdimporter 1.0,101 Markdown Spotlight Plugin
marked 2.6.40,1063 Previewer for Markdown, MultiMarkdown and other text markup languages Marked
markedit 1.18.0 Markdown editor MarkEdit
markright 0.1.11 Electron-powered markdown editor with live preview MarkRight
mars 4.5,Aug2014 Mips Assembly and Runtime Simulator MARS
marsedit 5.2.2 Tool to write, preview and publish blogs MarsEdit
marshallofsound-google-play-music-player 4.7.1 Google Play Music Desktop Player
marta 0.8.1 Extensible two-pane file manager Marta File Manager
marvel 11.2.1 Prototyping, testing and handoff tools Marvel
marvin 1.65.0 Personal productivity app Amazing Marvin
masscode 3.11.0 Code snippets manager for developers massCode
massreplaceit 3.1.2 Find and replace utility MassReplaceIt
master-pdf-editor 5.9.84 PDF editor Master PDF Editor
mate-translate 8.1.8 Select text in any app and translate it Mate Translate
mater 1.0.10 Menubar pomodoro app Mater
material-colors 2.0.3 Material Colors for Mac
material-maker 1.3 Procedural material authoring and 3D painting tool based on the Godot Engine Material Maker
mathcha-notebook 1.0.440 Mathematics editor Mathcha Notebook
mathpix-snipping-tool Scanner app for math and science Mathpix Snipping Tool
matterhorn 90000.0.0 Unix terminal client for Mattermost Matterhorn
mattermost 5.8.1 Open-source, self-hosted Slack-alternative Mattermost
mattr-slate 1.2.0 Slate
mauve 2015.02.25 System for constructing multiple genome alignments Mauve
mavensmate 0.0.11 Packaged desktop app for MavensMate server MavensMate
maxon 3.1 Install, use, and try Maxon products Maxon App
mbcord 2.3.13 Discord rich presence client for Jellyfin and Emby mbcord
mbed-studio 1.4.6 IDE for Mbed OS application and library development Mbed Studio
mblock 5.4.3 Coding tool designed for teaching STEAM mBlock
mcbopomofo 2.7.2 Input method for Bopomofo (Phonetic Symbols of Mandarin Chinese) McBopomofo
mcedit Minecraft world editor MCEdit-Unified
mcgimp 2.10.22 Recompiled GIMP installation McGimp
mcreator 2024.2.29712 Software used to make Minecraft Java Edition mods MCreator
mdb-accdb-viewer 2.3.1 Open Microsoft Access Databases MDB/ACCDB Viewer
mdimagesizemdimporter 2.6.1 mdImageSize
mdrp 12.1.0 Utility to rip and copy DVD content Mac DVDRipper Pro
mds 4.0,40106 Deploy Intel and Apple Silicon Macs in Seconds MDS
mechvibes 2.3.4 Play mechanical keyboard sounds as you type Mechvibes
media-center 32.00.58 Media manager and player JRiver Media Center
media-converter 3.0.2 Convert avi, wmv, mkv, rm, mov and more to other formats Media Converter
mediaelch 2.10.6,2023-12-03... Media Manager for Kodi MediaElch
mediahuman-audio-converter 2.2.3 Audio converter MediaHuman Audio Converter
mediahuman-youtube-downloader YouTube videos downloader MediaHuman YouTube Downloader
mediainfo 24.06 Display technical and tag data for video and audio files MediaInfo
mediainfoex 1.7.2 Display file information in Finder contextual menu MediaInfo
mediamate 3.5.1,279 UI replacement for volume, brightness and now playing controls MediaMate
mediathekview 14.0.0 Manages online multimedia libs of German, Austrian and Swiss public broadcasters MediathekView
medibangpaintpro 29.1 Create digital art and comics MediBang Paint Pro
medis 2.15.1 Modern GUI for Redis Medis
meetingbar 4.10.0 Shows the next meeting in the menu bar MeetingBar
mega 11.0.13 Molecular evolution statistical analysis and construction of phylogenetic trees MEGA
megacmd 1.7.0 Command-line access to MEGA services MEGAcmd
megasync 5.3.0 Syncs files between computers and MEGA Cloud drives MEGAsync
megazeux 2.93 ASCII-based game creation system MegaZeux
meld 3.21.0-r3,19 Visual diff and merge tool Meld for OSX
meld-studio Live streaming and recording software Meld Studio
mellel 6.0.5,60506 Advanced word processor built for long and complex documents Mellel
mellow 0.1.22 Rule-based global transparent proxy client Mellow
mellowplayer 3.4.0 Moved to gitlab MellowPlayer
melodics 4.0.1743,0A6FB76D... Helps you learn to play your instrument Melodics
melonbooksviewer 1.2.0 Ebook viewer Melonbooks Viewer
melonds 0.9.5 Nintendo DS and DSi emulator melonDS
mem 0.43.0 Capture and access information from anywhere Mem
memo 1.0.3 Note taking app using GitHub Gists Memo
memory 2023.11 Time tracking software Memory Tracker by Timely
memory-clean-3 1.0.24,10.24 Memory cleaning utility Memory Clean 3
memory-cleaner 5.3.2 Free up RAM manually and automatically Memory Cleaner
memory-map 1.7.1-18 GPS navigation software Memory-Map
memoryanalyzer Java heap analyzer Eclipse Memory Analyzer
mendeley 1.19.8 Research management tool Mendeley Desktop
mendeley-reference-manager 2.119.0 Research management tool Mendeley Reference Manager
menu-bar-splitter 2.0.1 Utility that adds dividers to your menu bar Menu Bar Splitter
menubar-colors 2.3.0 Menu bar app for convenient access to the system colour panel Menubar Colors
menubar-countdown 2.1 Countdown timer for the menu bar Menubar Countdown
menubar-stats 3.9 System monitor with temperature & fans plugins MenuBar Stats
menubarx 1.7.1 Menu bar browser MenubarX
menucalendarclock-ical 4.5.2 MenuCalendarClock
menumeters Set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools MenuMeters for El Capitan (and later)
menutube 1.7.4 Tool to capture YouTube into the menu bar MenuTube
menuwhere 2.2.2 Access the menu from anywhere Menuwhere
merlin-project 8.3.0 Project management application Merlin Project
mesasqlite 4.3.5 Create, design and alter an SQLite3 database MesaSQLite
meshlab 2023.12 Mesh processing system MeshLab
messenger Native desktop app for Messenger (formerly Facebook Messenger) Facebook Messenger
messenger-native 1.0.0 Facebook's Messenger Native Messenger Native
meta 2.2 Tag editor for digital music Meta
metabase 0.41.6 Business intelligence and analytics Metabase
metaimage 2.6.3 Image metadata and geographical tag viewer & editor MetaImage
metamer 1.5,2023.11 Accessible metadata editor for 16 Spotlight extended attributes Metamer
metarename 1.0.10 Bulk file renamer with meta tag support MetaRename
metashape 2.1.2 Process digital images and generate 3D spatial data Agisoft Metashape Standard Edition
metashapepro 2.1.2 Process digital images and generate 3D spatial data Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition
metasploit 6.4.19,2024072110... Penetration testing framework Metasploit Framework
metavideo 1.1.3 Video metadata tag viewer and editor MetaVideo
metaz 1.0.3 Mp4 meta-data editor MetaZ
meteorologist 4.0.5 Adjustable weather viewing application Meteorologist
mfiles 2.5.3,20240328 Transfer files over local network MFiles
mgba 0.10.3 Game Boy Advance emulator mGBA
mi 3.7.10 Text editor mi
mia-for-gmail 2.7.4 Desktop email client for Gmail Mia for Gmail
miaoyan 1.15.0 Markdown editor MiaoYan
mi@beta 3.8b4 Text editor mi
mic-drop 1.4.6 Quickly mute your microphone with a global shortcut or menu bar control Mic Drop
michaelvillar-timer 1.6.0 Timer application Timer
micro-sniff 1.2.0 Monitor microphone activity Micro Sniff
micro-snitch 1.6.1 Monitors and reports any microphone and camera activity Micro Snitch
microblog 3.2.3 Microblogging and social networking service
microsoft-auto-update 4.73.24071426 Provides updates to various Microsoft products Microsoft Auto Update
microsoft-azure-storage-explorer 1.34.0 Explorer for Azure Storage Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer
microsoft-edge 126.0.2592.113,9c... Web browser Microsoft Edge
microsoft-edge@beta 127.0.2651.61,f1b... Multi-platform web browser Microsoft Edge Beta
microsoft-edge@dev 128.0.2708.0,8167... Multi-platform web browser Microsoft Edge Dev
microsoft-excel 16.87.24071426 Spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel
microsoft-office 16.87.24071426 Office suite Microsoft Office
microsoft-office-businesspro 16.87.24071426 Office suite Microsoft Office BusinessPro
microsoft-onenote 16.87.24071426 Digital note taking app Microsoft OneNote
microsoft-openjdk 21.0.3 OpenJDK distribution from Microsoft Microsoft Build of OpenJDK
microsoft-openjdk@11 11.0.23 OpenJDK distribution from Microsoft Microsoft Build of OpenJDK
microsoft-openjdk@17 17.0.11 OpenJDK distribution from Microsoft Microsoft Build of OpenJDK
microsoft-outlook 16.87.24071426 Email client Microsoft Outlook
microsoft-powerpoint 16.87.24071426 Presentation software Microsoft PowerPoint
microsoft-remote-desktop 10.9.8 Remote desktop client Microsoft Remote Desktop
microsoft-teams 24165.1406.2974.9471 Meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place Microsoft Teams
microsoft-teams@classic Meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place Microsoft Teams Classic
microsoft-word 16.87.24071426 Word processor Microsoft Word
middle 1.8.6 Add middle click for Trackpad and Magic Mouse Middle
middleclick 2.7 Utility to extend trackpad functionality MiddleClick
midi-monitor 1.5.4 Display MIDI signals going in and out of your computer MIDI Monitor
midi-router-client 1.4.3 Create routes from anywhere to anywhere Midi Router Client
midikeys 1.9.1 MidiKeys
midistroke 1.4 Converts midi note, program or CC messages into keystrokes midiStroke
miditrail 2.0.2 MIDI player which provides 3D visualization of MIDI data sets MIDITrail
midiview 1.2.3,vD6vXdrn Monitor MIDI inputs and outputs Midi View
mighty-mike 3.0.2 Top-down action game from Pangea Software (a.k.a. Power Pete) Mighty Mike
miktex-console 22.1 TeX distribution MiKTeX
milanote 3.4.75 Organise your ideas and projects into visual boards Milanote
milkman 5.9.0 Extensible request and response workbench Milkman
milkytracker 1.04.00 Music tracker compatible with FT2 MilkyTracker
millie 5.26.1 Korean e-book store millie
miln-movie-splitter 1.7.2 Split movies into smaller parts by chapter marker or duration Miln Movie Splitter
mimecast 2.11 Access to the Mime Cast email archive Mimecast for Mac
mimestream 1.3.7 Native app email client for Gmail Mimestream
min 1.32.1 Minimal browser that protects privacy Min
mindforger 2.0.0-20240217.17... Thinking notebook and Markdown IDE MindForger
mindjet-mindmanager 23.0.169 Mind Mapping Tool Mindmanager
mindmac 1.9.20 ChatGPT client MindMac
minecraft 1.8.2 Sandbox construction video game Minecraft
minecraft-server 1.21,450698d1863a... Run a Minecraft multiplayer server Minecraft Server
minecraftpe Educational version of Minecraft Minecraft Education Edition
mini-program-studio 3.9.6 IDE for the development of Alipay applets Mini Program Studio
mini-vmac 36.04 Allows modern computers to run software made for early Apple computers Mini vMac
miniconda py312_24.5.0-0 Minimal installer for conda Miniconda
miniforge 24.3.0-0 Minimal installer for conda specific to conda-forge miniforge
minishift 1.34.3 Minishift
minisim 0.8.4 App for launching iOS and Android simulators MiniSim
minitimer 1.0 Unobtrusive, lightweight timer miniTimer
minitube 3.9.3 YouTube application Minitube
miniwol 2.1.4 Small menu bar tool for sending Wake on LAN (WOL) network packets miniWOL
minizincide 2.8.5 Open-source constraint modelling language and IDE MiniZincIDE
mints 1.19,2024.02 Logging tool suite Mints
mipony 1.12,0 Download manager Mipony
miro 0.8.68 Online collaborative whiteboard platform Miro
mirrordisplays 1.2 Mirror Displays
mirrorop Mirroring software application for wePresent systems MirrorOp Sender
mission-control-plus 1.23 Manage your windows in Mission Control Mission Control Plus
missive 10.64.1 Team inbox and chat tool Missive
mist 0.20 Utility that automatically downloads firmwares and installers Mist
mit-app-inventor 3.0rc3 Android emulator MIT App Inventor
mitmproxy 10.3.1 Intercept, modify, replay, save HTTP/S traffic mitmproxy
mixed-in-key Harmonic mixing for DJs and music producers Mixed In Key
mixed-in-key-live Get the Key and BPM of any audio, instantly Mixed In Key Live
mixin 1.9.0 Cryptocurrency wallet Mixin Messenger Desktop
mixxx 2.4.1 Open-source DJ software Mixxx
mixxx@snapshot 2.6-alpha-48-ga9b... Open-source DJ software Mixxx
mjml 3.0.4 Desktop app for MJML MJML
mjolnir 1.0.2 Lightweight automation and productivity app Mjolnir
mkchromecast Tool to cast audio/video to Google Cast and Sonos Devices mkchromecast
mks 1.7 Mechanical keyboard simulator MKS
mkvtoolnix 86.0 Set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files (MKV) MKVToolNix
mkvtools 3.7.2 App to create and edit MKV videos MKVtools
mmex 1.8.0 Money management application Money Manager Ex
mmhmm 2.9.0 Virtual video presentation software mmhmm Desktop
mmhmm-studio 2.6.3,1703105000 Virtual video presentation software mmhmm Studio
mob 0.2.2 Mob
mobirise 5.9.0 No-code website creator Mobirise
mobster 0.0.48 Pair and mob programming timer Mobster
mochi 1.17.9 Study notes and flashcards using spaced repetition Mochi
mochi-diffusion 5.1 Run Stable Diffusion natively Mochi Diffusion
mockoon 8.3.0 Create mock APIs in seconds Mockoon
mockplus Create mockups and wireframes Mockplus
mockuuups-studio 3.7.0 Allows designers and marketers to drag and drop visuals into scenes Mockuuups Studio
modelio 4.1.0 Extensible modelling environment Modelio
modern-csv 2.0.8 CSV editor Modern CSV
moderndeck 10.0.0 Modified version of TweetDeck with a material inspired theme ModernDeck
modmove 1.1.1 Utility to move/resize windows using modifiers and the mouse ModMove
modrinth 0.7.1 Minecraft modding platform Modrinth App
moebius 1.0.29 ANSI editor Moebius
moefe-google-translate 2.0.0-beta.2 Google Translate client MoeFE Google Translate
mojibar 2.6.2 Emoji searcher as a menu bar app Mojibar
molotov 6.0.1 French TV streaming service Molotov
monal 911 Tool to securely connect to chat servers Monal
monal@beta 924 Tool to securely connect to chat servers Monal
monarch 0.6.70 Spotlight Search Monarch
monero-wallet Untraceable cryptocurrency wallet Monero Wallet
moneydance 2024.1,5118 Personal financial management application focused on privacy Moneydance
moneymanager 1.8.13 Finance manager MoneyManager
moneymoney 2.4.37 German banking and financial management software MoneyMoney
moneywiz 3.7.9 Finance management application MoneyWiz
mongodb-compass 1.43.4 Interactive tool for analyzing MongoDB data MongoDB Compass
mongodb-compass-isolated-edition 1.43.4 Interactive tool for analyzing MongoDB data MongoDB Compass Isolated
mongodb-compass-readonly 1.43.4 Interactive tool for analyzing MongoDB data MongoDB Compass Readonly
mongodb-compass@beta 1.43.5-beta.1 GUI for MongoDB MongoDB Compass
mongodb-realm-studio 15.2.1 Tool for the Realm Database and Realm Platform Realm Studio
mongodbpreferencepane latest Preference pane to control MongoDB Server MongoDB-PrefsPane
mongotron 1.0.0-alpha.5 Mongo DB management Mongotron
monitorcontrol 4.2.0 Tool to control external monitor brightness & volume MonitorControl
monity-helper 1.2.5 Helper app for Monity to provide system stats Monity Helper
mono-mdk Open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework Mono
mono-mdk-for-visual-studio Open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework Mono
monodraw 1.6.1,111 Tool to create text-based art Monodraw
monofocus 1.0.beta36 Keep all tasks from your todo apps on your menu bar MonoFocus
monokle 2.4.8 IDE dedicated to high-quality Kubernetes YAML configurations monokle
monolingual 1.8.2 Utility to remove unnecessary language resources from the system Monolingual
monotype 7.2.0 Font finder and organiser Monotype Desktop App
moom 3.2.27 Utility to move and zoom windows—on one display Moom
moonlight 6.0.1 GameStream client Moonlight
moose 0.6.2 moose
moradownloader Online music and video store for the Japanese market Mora Downloader
morgen 3.5.2,240710g1rh3... All-in-one calendars, tasks and scheduler Morgen
morkro-papyrus 1.0.3 Unofficial Dropbox Paper desktop app Papyrus
morpheus Modelling environment for multi-cellular systems biology Morpheus
mos 3.4.1 Smooths scrolling and set mouse scroll directions independently Mos
mosaic 1.4 Resize and reposition apps Mosaic
moscow-ml 2.10.1 Light-weight implementation of Standard ML Moscow ML
motion 0.82.0 To-do list and project management app Motion
motrix 1.8.19 Open-source download manager Motrix
motu-m-series 95678 Audio interface driver for Motu M-Series (M2, M4, M6) audio interfaces Motu M-Series
mountain 1.6.6 Display notifications when mounting/unmounting volumes Mountain
mountain-duck 4.16.1,22256 Mounts servers and cloud storages as a disk on the desktop Mountain Duck
mounty 2.4 Re-mounts write-protected NTFS volumes Mounty for NTFS
mousepose 4.3,10282 Highlight your mouse pointer and cursor position Mouseposé
movist-pro 2.11.4 Media player Movist Pro
mp3gain-express 2.5 Port of MP3Gain and AACGain MP3Gain Express
mp3tag 1.8.23 Tool for editing metadata of audio files including MP3, FLAC, OGG, and more Mp3tag
mp4tools 3.7.2 Create and edit MP4 videos MP4tools
mplab-xc16 2.10 Compiler for 16-bit PIC and SAM MCUs and MPUs MPLab XC16 Compiler
mplab-xc32 4.45 Compiler for 32-bit PIC and SAM MCUs and MPUs MPLab XC32 Compiler
mplab-xc8 2.49 Compiler for 8-bit PIC and SAM MCUs and MPUs MPLab XC8 Compiler
mplabx-ide 6.20 IDE for Microchip's microcontrollers and digital signal controllers MPLab X IDE
mplayer-osx-extended 16 Video player that uses MPlayer as backend MPlayer OSX Extended
mplayerx 1.1.4,1920 Media player MPlayerX
mps 2023.3.1,233.1313... Create your own domain-specific language JetBrains MPS
mqtt-explorer 0.3.5 MQTT Explorer
mqttfx 5.7.0 IoT route testing tool MQTT.fx
mqttx 1.10.1 Cross-platform MQTT 5.0 Desktop Client MQTTX
msty 1.0.4 Run LLMs locally Msty
mtgaprotracker 2.1.35 Advanced Magic: The Gathering Arena tracking tool MTGA Pro Tracker
mtmr 0.27.0 TouchBar customization app My TouchBar. My rules
mu-editor 1.2.0 Small, simple editor for beginner Python programmers Mu
mubu 4.0.4 Outline note taking and management app Mubu
mucommander 1.4.1-1 File manager with a dual-pane interface muCommander
mudlet 4.18.3 Multi-User Dungeon client Mudlet
mullvad-browser 13.5.1 Web browser focused on privacy and on minimizing tracking and fingerprinting Mullvad Browser
mullvadvpn 2024.3 VPN client Mullvad VPN
mullvadvpn@beta 2024.4-beta1 VPN client Mullvad VPN
multi 3.0.1 Create apps from groups of websites Multi
multiapp 0.538.2 Multiplayer Collaboration Multi
multibit-hd 0.5.1 MultiBit HD
multifirefox 2.3.3 Launcher utility to run multiple versions of Firefox side-by-side MultiFirefox
multimc 0.7.0 Minecraft launcher Multi MC
multipass 1.13.1 Orchestrates virtual Ubuntu instances Multipass
multipatch 2.0 File patching utility MultiPatch
multitouch 1.27.31 Add more gestures for Trackpad and Magic Mouse Multitouch
multiviewer-for-f1 1.35.2,180482354 Unofficial desktop client for F1TV MultiViewer for F1
mumble 1.5.634 Open-source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software for gaming Mumble
mumble@snapshot 1.5.629 Open-source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software for gaming Mumble Snapshot
mumu 1.1.9,z1OGCA1HTEa... Emoji picker Mumu
mumu-x 1.4.3,o9MCyhdQLC9... Utilises GPT-3 AI powered synonyms to find emojis and symbols Mumu X
mumuplayer 1.4.38 Android emulator Mumu Player Pro
munki Software installation manager Munki
munkiadmin 1.8.1 Tool to manage Munki repositories MunkiAdmin
mural 3.0.1 Visual online collaboration platform MURAL
murus 2.5 Firewall app Murus Firewall
musaicfm 1.2.5 Screensaver displaying artwork based on Spotify or profile data MusaicFM Screensaver
muse 4.1.1 Open-source Spotify controller with TouchBar support Muse
museeks 0.13.1 Music player Museeks
musescore Open-source music notation software MuseScore
music-decoy 1.0 Music app blocker utility Music Decoy
music-manager 1.0.635.372 Upload music to the Google Music library Google Play Music Manager
music-miniplayer 1.11 Replica of the iTunes MiniPlayer Music MiniPlayer
music-remote 1.4 Remote application for Music Remote
music-widget 1.26 Replica of the iTunes widget for Dashboard Music Widget
musicbrainz-picard 2.12 Music tagger MusicBrainz Picard
musictube 2.0 Streaming music player Musictube
mutedeck 2.7 Toggle mute, video, record, share, and leave a meeting in a call app Mutedeck
mutespotifyads 1.11.2 MuteSpotifyAds
mutesync 5.6.6 Companion app to the mütesync physical button mütesync
muyu 1.5.1,43 Combination of work efficiency and health Muyu
muzzle 1.9,426 Silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing Muzzle
mweb-pro 4.6.2 Markdown writing, note taking, and static blog generator app MWeb Pro
mx-power-gadget 1.3 Power management and monitoring for Apple Mx processors Mx Power Gadget
my-budget 3.4.2-beta Budgeting tool My Budget
my-image-garden 3.6.8,06 Photo editing and printing tool Canon My Image Garden
mycard 3.0.70 Yu-Gi-Oh! Complete Card Simulator MyCard
mycloud 23.17.4 Swiss cloud storage desktop app Swisscom myCloud Desktop
mycrypto 1.7.17 Ethereum wallet manager MyCrypto
mylio 24.3.7761 Photo organiser Mylio
mymonero 1.3.3 Wallet for the Monero cryptocurrency MyMonero
mysides 1.0.1 mysides
mysql-connector-python 8.0.33 Self-contained Python driver for communicating with MySQL servers MySQL Connector for Python
mysql-shell 9.0.1,14 Interactive JavaScript, Python or SQL interface MySQL Shell
mysqlworkbench 8.0.38 Visual tool to design, develop and administer MySQL servers MySQL Workbench
mysteriumdark 10.16.0 VPN client Mysterium VPN
n1ghtshade 1.0 Permits the downgrade/jailbreak of 32-bit iOS devices n1ghtshade
nagbar 1.3.7 Status bar monitor for Nagios, Icinga/2 and Thruk NagBar
nagstamon 3.14.0 Nagios status monitor Nagstamon
name-mangler 3.9.1 Multi-file renaming tool Name Mangler
namebench 1.3.1 DNS server finder namebench
namechanger 3.4.4 Rename a list of files quickly NameChanger
nano 26.1 Local node for the Nano cryptocurrency Nano
nanoem 34.10.0 Cross-platform MMD (MikuMikuDance) compatible implementation nanoem
nanosaur 1.4.4 Dinosaur 3rd person shooter game from Pangea Software Nanosaur
nanosaur2 2.1.0 Dinosaur 3rd person shooter game sequel from Pangea Software Nanosaur II: Hatchling
nanostudio 1.45 Music production for 32 bit iOS devices NanoStudio
naps2 7.4.3 Document scanning application NAPS2
nasas-eyes latest Learn about the earth, solar system, universe and the spacecraft exploring them NASA's Eyes
native-access 3.12.1 Administration tool for Native Instruments products Native Access
nativedisplaybrightness 0.0.5 NativeDisplayBrightness
natron 2.5.0 Open-source node-graph based video compositing software Natron
nault 1.18.2 Wallet for the Nano cryptocurrency with support for hardware wallets Nault
naver-whale Web browser NAVER Whale
navicat-data-modeler 3.1.4 Database design tool Navicat Data Modeler
navicat-data-modeler-essentials 3.1.4 Database design tool Navicat Data Modeler Essentials
navicat-for-mariadb 17.0.13 Database management and administration tool for MariaDB Navicat for MariaDB
navicat-for-mysql 17.0.13 Database administration and development tool Navicat for MySQL
navicat-for-oracle 17.0.13 Database administration and development tool for Oracle Navicat for Oracle
navicat-for-postgresql 17.0.13 Database administration and development tool for PostgreSQL Navicat for PostgreSQL
navicat-for-sql-server 17.0.13 Database administration and development tool for SQL-server Navicat for SQL Server
navicat-for-sqlite 17.0.13 Database administration and development tool for SQLite Navicat for SQLite
navicat-premium 17.0.13 Database administration and development tool Navicat Premium
navicat-premium-essentials 16.3.9 Database administration and development tool Navicat Premium Essentials
navicat-premium-lite 17.0.13 Database administration and development tool Navicat Premium Lite
navicat-premium@15 15.0.36 Database administration and development tool Navicat Premium 15
navigraph-charts 8.35.0 Access professional and updated Jeppesen charts for flight simulation Navigraph Charts
navigraph-simlink Link your Navigraph account with Flight Simulators Navigraph Simlink
ncar-ncl 6.6.2 Interpreted language for scientific data analysis and visualization NCAR Command Language
ndm 1.2.0 Desktop manager for the Node.js Package Manager (NPM) ndm
neat 0.0.57 GitHub and Linear notifications on your desktop and menu bar Neat
neat-reader 9.0.10 Read, annotate and manage ePub books Neat Reader
neo4j 1.6.0 Developer IDE or Management Environment for Neo4j instances Neo4j Desktop
neofinder 8.6.1 Digital media asset manager NeoFinder
neovide 0.13.3 Neovim Client Neovide
nessus 10.7.5 Vulnerability scanner Tenable Nessus
nestopia 1.4.5 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator Nestopia
netbeans 22 Development environment, tooling platform and application framework NetBeans IDE
netdownloadhelpercoapp 2.0.19 Allows video downloads from the Web Video DownloadHelper Companion App
neteasemusic 2.3.21_1077 Music streaming platform NetEase cloud music
nethackcocoa 0.3.4 NetHackCocoa
netiquette 2.2.0 Network monitor Netiquette
netlogo 6.4.0 Multi-agent programmable modelling environment NetLogo
netnewswire 6.1.4 Free and open-source RSS reader NetNewsWire
netnewswire@beta 6.1.5b1 Free and open-source RSS reader NetNewsWire
netron 7.8.0 Visualiser for neural network, deep learning, and machine learning models Netron
netspot 3.2.4095 WiFi site survey software and WiFi scanner NetSpot
network-radar 3.1 Tool to scan and monitor the network Network Radar
netxms-console 5.0.6 Network and infrastructure monitoring and management system NetXMS Management Console
next 2.052 Web browser Next Browser
nextcloud 3.13.2 Desktop sync client for Nextcloud software products Nextcloud
nfov 1.3.1 ASCII / ANSI art viewer nfov
ngrok 3.13.0,7kjBS17S7vv,a Reverse proxy, secure introspectable tunnels to localhost ngrok
nheko 0.12.0 Desktop client for the Matrix protocol Nheko
nifty 3.92.7 Client for the Nifty project management platform Nifty
niftyman 2.0.0 Access the Notion tool from the menu bar Niftyman
nightfall 3.1.0 Menu bar utility for toggling dark mode Nightfall
nightingale 1.12.1,2454 Working tree for the community fork of Songbird Nightingale
nightshade 1.0.2 Tool that makes images unsuitable for AI model training Nightshade
nimble-commander 1.6.0,4087 Dual-pane file manager Nimble Commander
nimblenote 3.2.2 Keyboard-driven note taking nimblenote
nimbus 0.8.0 Standalone IRCCloud desktop client Nimbus
ninja-download-manager-ndm 46 File download organiser and accelerator Ninja Download Manager
nisus-thesaurus 1.2.2 Electronic thesaurus that for the 'Service' menu Nisus Thesaurus
nitro-pdf-pro 13.3.1 PDF editing software Nitro PDF Pro
nitroshare 0.3.4 Network file transfer application NitroShare
no-ip-duc 4.0.12 Keeps current IP address in sync No-IP DUC
nocturn 1.8.4 Multi-platform Twitter client Nocturn
nocturnal 0.3 Simple app to toggle dark mode with one click Nocturnal
nocturne 3.0 Adjust display colours to suit low light conditions Nocturne
nodebox 3.0.52 Node-based data application for visualisation and generative design NodeBox
nodeclipse 2015.7,20150706 Node.js tooling with Eclipse Nodeclipse
noisebuddy 1.3 NoiseBuddy
nomachine 8.12.12_4 Remote desktop software NoMachine
nomachine-enterprise-client 8.12.12_4 Remote desktop software NoMachine Enterprise Client
nomad 1.2.2 NoMAD
nordic-nrf-command-line-tools 10.24.2 Command-line tools for Nordic nRF Semiconductors nRF Command Line Tools
nordlayer 3.4.0 Security software for business NordLayer
nordlocker 4.26.0 Store and sync files securely NordLocker
nordpass 5.19.2 Password manager NordPass
nordvpn 8.24.0 VPN client for secure internet access and private browsing NordVPN
northern-softworks-cache-cleaner 19.0.5 General purpose system maintenance tool Northern Softworks Cache Cleaner
northernspysoftware-colorpicker 1.7 Utility to use the Apple colour picker anywhere ColorPicker
nosleep 1.5.1 Kernel extension that prevents sleep when the lid is closed NoSleep
nosql-workbench 3.13.1 Client-side GUI application for modern database development and operations NoSQL Workbench
nosqlbooster-for-mongodb 9.0.0 GUI tool and IDE for MongoDB NoSQLBooster for MongoDB
not-pacman 1004 Not Pacman
not-tetris 2 Successor of the classic Tetris mixed with physics Not Tetris
nota 0.40.4 Markdown files editor Nota
notable 1.8.4 Markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck Notable
notch-simulator 2.1 Simulate the notch on the MacBook Pro Notch Simulator
notchnook 1.1.7 Handy utility to manage and customize the notch area NotchNook
notebooks 3.4.2 Word processor Notebooks
notedup 2014031401 Transfer data from Evernote International to Evernote NoteDup
notes-better 2.2.1 Simple note-taking app for markdown and kanban Notes
notesnook 3.0.12 Privacy-focused note taking app Notesnook
notesollama 0.2.5 LLM support for Apple Notes through Ollama NotesOllama
noti 0.3.2 Utility to show notifications from an Android device Noti
notion 3.10.0 App to write, plan, collaborate, and get organised Notion
notion-calendar 1.122.0,240425z72... Calendar for professionals and teams Notion Calendar
notion-enhanced 2.0.18-1 Enhancer/customiser for the all-in-one productivity workspace Notion Enhanced
noto 1.2 Simple plain text editor Noto
notunes 3.5 Simple application that will prevent iTunes or Apple Music from launching noTunes
noun-project 2.3 Icon manager Noun Project
nova 11.9 Native code editor Panic Nova
novabench 5.5.3 Benchmark tool to quickly test and compare the computer's performance Novabench
now-tv-player 8.15.0 Video streaming service player NOW TV Player
noxappplayer,20211216,... Android emulator to play mobile games NoxAppPlayer
nozbe 2024.15 Project management app Nozbe
nperf 1.12.3 Internet speed test utility nPerf
nrfutil 1.2.0-9ca8c73 Unified CLI utility for Nordic Semiconductor products nrfutil
nrlquaker-winbox 3.40.1 MikroTik Winbox Winbox-mac
nslogger 1.9.7 Modern, flexible logging tool NSLogger
nsregextester 1.0 NSRegexTester
nteract 0.28.0 Interactive computing suite nteract
ntfstool 3.5.1 Utility that provides NTFS read and write support NTFSTool
nuage 0.0.8 Free and open-source SoundCloud client Nuage
nuclear 0.6.31 Streaming music player Nuclear
nucleo 4.1.2 Icon manager and library Nucleo
nuclino 1.6.4 Collaborative wiki and knowledgebase Nuclino
nudge Application for enforcing OS updates Nudge
nulloy 0.9.9 Music player Nulloy
nullpomino 7.5.0 Action puzzle game NullpoMino
numi 3.32.721 Calculator and converter application Numi
nutstore 6.3.6 Cloud storage service platform Nutstore
nvalt 2.2.8,128 Note taking app nvALT
nvidia-geforce-now Cloud gaming platform NVIDIA GeForce NOW
nvs 1.7.1 Cross-platform tool for switching between versions and forks of Node.js Node Version Switcher
nwjs 0.89.0 Call all Node.js modules directly from the DOM and Web Workers NW.js
nx-studio 1.6.1 Nikon suite for viewing, processing, and editing photos and videos NX Studio
nzbget 21.1 Usenet downloader focusing on efficiency NZBGet
nzbvortex 3.4.3 NZB client, optimised for performance and ease of use NZBVortex
objectivesharpie 3.5.76,87c92e02-3... Tool used to generate C# interfaces starting from objective-c code Objective Sharpie
objektiv 0.6.3 Objektiv
obs 30.2.0 Open-source software for live streaming and screen recording OBS
obs-advanced-scene-switcher 1.26.4 Automated scene switcher for OBS Studio OBS Advanced Scene Switcher
obs-backgroundremoval 1.1.13 Virtual Green-screen and Low-Light Enhancement OBS Plugin OBS Background Removal
obs-ndi 4.14.0 NDI integration for OBS Studio obs-ndi
obs-virtualcam 1.3.1,5bf3231 OBS Virtual Camera
obs-websocket 5.0.1 Remote-control OBS Studio through WebSockets obs-websocket
obs@beta 30.2.0-rc1 Open-source software for live streaming and screen recording OBS
obsbot-center Configuration and firmware update utility for OBSBOT Tiny and Meet series OBSBOT Center
obsidian 1.6.7 Knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files Obsidian
ocenaudio 3.13.8 Audio editor ocenaudio
oclint 22.02 Static source code analysis tool OCLint
october 1.10.0 GUI for retrieving Kobo highlights and syncing them with Readwise October
octomouse 1.7 OctoMouse
odbc-manager 1.0.23 ODBC administrator ODBC Manager
odrive 7421 Tool to make any cloud storage unified, synchronised, shareable, and encrypted odrive
offset-explorer 3.0 GUI for managing and using Apache Kafka clusters Offset Explorer
ogdesign-eagle 3.0,44 Organise all your reference images in one place Eagle
ok-json 2.6.3 Scriptable JSON formatter and editor OK JSON
oka-unarchiver 2.1.6 Free unarchiver Oka Unarchiver
okta-advanced-server-access 1.82.0 Identity and access management Okta Advanced Server Access
old-school-runescape 1.2 Game client for Old School RuneScape Old School RuneScape
olive 1e3cf53 Non-linear video editor Olive
ollama 0.2.7 Get up and running with large language models locally Ollama
ollamac 2.1.0 Interact with Ollama models Ollamac
olympus 4175 Everest (Mod loader for video games Celeste) installer / manager Olympus
omegat 6.0.0 Translation memory tool OmegaT
omegat@latest 5.7.1 Translation memory tool OmegaT 5
omnidazzle 1.2 Set of plug-ins to highlight areas of your screen and your mouse pointer OmniDazzle
omnidb 2.17.0 Web tool for database management OmniDB
omnidisksweeper 1.14 Finds large, unwanted files and deletes them OmniDiskSweeper
omnifocus 4.3.1 Scheduling application focusing on organisation OmniFocus
omnigraffle 7.23 Visual communication software OmniGraffle
omnioutliner 5.13 Note taking application and information organiser OmniOutliner
omniplan 4.8.3 Project planning and management software OmniPlan
omnipresence 1.9.1 Document syncing application OmniPresence
ondesoft-audiobook-converter 7.0.6 Audiobook converter OndeSoft Audible Audiobook Converter
one-switch 1.34.2,413 All system and utility switches in one place One Switch
onecast 2.1 Xbox remote play OneCast
onedrive 24.116.0609.0005 Cloud storage client OneDrive
onekey 4.24.0 Crypto wallet OneKey
onionshare 2.6.2 Securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends OnionShare
only-switch 2.5.3 System and utility switches OnlySwitch
onlyoffice 8.1.1 Document editor ONLYOFFICE
onyx 4.6.0 Verify system files structure, run miscellaneous maintenance and more OnyX
oolite 1.90 Space trading and combat simulator oolite
opal-composer 1.4.4,22 Professional webcam software for the Opal C1 Opal Composer
open-in-code 1.0 Finder toolbar app to open current folder in Visual Studio Code OpenInCode
open-video-downloader 2.5.4 Cross-platform GUI for youtube-dl made in Electron and node.js Open Video Downloader
openaudible 4.3 Audiobook manager for Audible users OpenAudible
openbazaar 2.4.10 OpenBazaar
openbb-terminal 3.2.5 Open-source investment research terminal OpenBB Terminal
openbci 5.2.2,2023-08-25_... Connect to OpenBCI hardware, visualise and stream physiological data OpenBCI
openboard 1.7.1 Interactive whiteboard application OpenBoard
openboardview 9.95.0 File viewer for .brd files OpenBoardView
opencat 2.24.0,490 Native AI chat client OpenCat
openconnect-gui 1.5.3 GitLab mirror - Graphical OpenConnect client (beta phase) OpenConnect-GUI
opencore-configurator OpenCore EFI bootloader configuration helper OpenCore Configurator
opencore-patcher 1.5.0 Boot loader to inject/patch current features for unsupported Macs OpenCore Legacy Patcher
opencpn 5.8.4,-0+637.1637c28 Full-featured and concise ChartPlotter/Navigator OpenCPN
opendnsupdater 3.1 Dynamic IP updater client OpenDNS Updater
openemu 2.4.1 Retro video game emulation OpenEmu
openemu@experimental 2.4.1 Retro video game emulation OpenEmu
openframeworks 0.12.0 C++ toolkit for creative coding Openframeworks
openineditor-lite 1.2.6 Finder Toolbar app to open the current directory in Editor OpenInEditor-Lite
openinterminal 2.3.7 Finder Toolbar app to open the current directory in Terminal or Editor OpenInTerminal
openinterminal-lite 1.2.6 Finder Toolbar app to open the current directory in Terminal OpenInTerminal-Lite
openkey 2.0.5 Vietnamese input system OpenKey
openlens 6.5.2-366 Open source build of Lens Kubernetes IDE OpenLens
openlp 3.1.2 Worship presentation software OpenLP
openmsx 19_1 MSX emulator openMSX
openmtp 3.2.25 Android file transfer OpenMTP
openmw 0.48.0 Open-source open-world RPG game engine that supports playing Morrowind OpenMW
openoffice 4.1.15 Free and open-source productivity suite Apache OpenOffice
openphone 4.0.7 Business phone for professionals, teams, and companies OpenPhone
openpht Community-driven fork of Plex Home Theater OpenPHT
openra 20231010 Real-time strategy game engine for Westwood games OpenRA
openra-playtest 20230927 Real-time strategy game engine for Westwood games OpenRA (playtest)
openrct2 0.4.12 Open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 OpenRCT2
openrefine 3.8.2 Tool for working with messy data (previously Google Refine) OpenRefine
openrgb 0.9,b5f46e3 Open source RGB lighting control that doesn't depend on manufacturer software OpenRGB
openrocket 23.09 Model rocket simulator OpenRocket
opensc 0.25.1 Smart card libraries and utilities OpenSC
openscad 2021.01 Programmable solid 3D CAD modeller OpenSCAD
openscad@snapshot 2024.07.21 Programmable solid 3D CAD modeller OpenSCAD
opensesame 4.0.24 Graphical experiment builder for the social sciences OpenSesame
openshift-client 4.16.4 Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform command-line client Openshift Client
openshot-video-editor 3.2.1 Cross-platform video editor OpenShot Video Editor
openshot-video-editor@daily 3.2.1,12662-044bb... Cross-platform video editor OpenShot Video Editor (Daily Build)
opensim 0.4.3 Open-source alternative to SimPholders, written in Swift OpenSim
opensong 3.4.8 Presentation software OpenSong
opensoundmeter 1.3 Sound measurement application for tuning audio systems in real-time Open Sound Meter
openthesaurus-deutsch 2024.07.15 German thesaurus for Apple Dictionary OpenThesaurus Deutsch Dictionary plugin
opentoonz 1.7.1 Open-source full-featured 2D animation creation software OpenToonz
openttd 14.1 Open-source transport simulation game OpenTTD
openvanilla 1.6.4,3310 Provides common input methods OpenVanilla
openvisualtraceroute 2.0.0 Visual networking tool OpenVisualTraceroute
openvpn-connect 3.4.9,4830 Client program for the OpenVPN Access Server OpenVPN Connect client
openwebstart 1.10.1 Tool to run Java Web Start-based applications after the release of Java 11 OpenWebStart
openzfs 2.2.2,507 ZFS driver and utilities OpenZFS on OS X
opera 112.0.5197.30 Web browser Opera
opera-crypto@developer 90.0.4480.128 Web3 browser Opera Crypto Browser Developer
opera-gx 111.0.5168.90 Alternate version of the Opera web browser to complement gaming Opera GX
opera-mobile-emulator 12.1 Browser emulator Opera Mobile Classic Emulator
opera-neon 1.0.2531.0,2531.0 Opera Neon
opera@beta 113.0.5230.8 Web browser Opera Beta
opera@developer 113.0.5227.0 Web browser Opera Developer
operadriver 126.0.6478.127 Driver for Chromium-based Opera releases OperaChromiumDriver
operator 1.7.1 Prelude Operator is a desktop adversary emulation platform Operator
opgg 1.4.4 Game records and champion analysis OP.GG Desktop
optimage 3.5.1 Image optimisation tool Optimage
optimus-player 1.5 Media player Optimus Player
oracle-jdk 22.0.2 JDK from Oracle Oracle Java Standard Edition Development Kit
oracle-jdk-javadoc 21.0.4,8,01d0f8da... Documentation for the Oracle JDK Oracle Java Standard Edition Development Kit Documentation
oracle-jdk@17 17.0.12 JDK from Oracle Oracle Java Standard Edition Development Kit
oracle-jdk@21 21.0.4 JDK from Oracle Oracle Java Standard Edition Development Kit
orange 3.37.0 Component-based data mining software Orange
orangedrangon-android-messages 5.4.4 Desktop client for Android Messages Android Messages Desktop
orbstack 1.6.4_17192 Replacement for Docker Desktop OrbStack
orca 1.3.1 Orca
orcaslicer 2.1.1 G-code generator for 3D printers Orca Slicer
origami-studio Design tool for interactive interfaces Origami Studio
origin Play PC games and connect with your friends Origin
orion 0.99,128.1 WebKit based web browser Orion Browser
orka 2.4.0 Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple Orka CLI
orka-desktop 3.0.0-beta.1 Run macOS virtual machines locally and build images for use with Orka Orka Desktop (Beta)
orka-vm-tools 3.0.2 Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple Orka VM TOOLS
orka3 3.1.0 Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple Orka3 CLI
oryoki 0.2.2 Experimental web browser with a thin interface Oryoki
oscar 1.5.3 CPAP Analysis Reporter OSCAR
oscilloscope 1.1.0 Mimic the aesthetic of ray-oscilloscopes Oscilloscope
osculator 3.4.3-11-g8d8b1d0... Connect MIDI and OSC Controllers Osculator
osirix-quicklook 6.0 Quick Look plugin for OsiriX DICOM files OsiriX DICOM QuickLook
osmc latest Free and open source media center OSMC
oso-cloud latest Tool for interacting with OSO Cloud OSO Cloud CLI
osp-tracker 6.2.0 Video analysis and modelling tool for physics education Tracker
osquery 5.12.2 SQL powered operating system instrumentation and analytics osquery
oss-browser 1.18.0 Graphical management tool for OSS (Object Storage Service) OSS Browser
ossapp 0.3.5 Unified package manager ossapp
ossia-score 3.2.4 Interactive sequencer for intermedia art ossia score
osu 2024.718.1 Rhythm game osu!
osxfuse 3.11.2 File system integration OSXFUSE
otto-matic 4.0.1 Science fiction 3D action/adventure game from Pangea Software Otto Matic
otx 1.7,b566 Mach-O disassembler otx
outfox 0.5.0-pre042,OF5.... Extensible rhythm game engine based on StepMania OutFox
outguess 1.1.6 Outguess
outline 4.2406.0 Note taking app Outline
outline-manager 1.15.2 Tool to create and manage Outline servers, powered by Shadowsocks Outline Manager
output-factory 2.6.1 Automate printing and exporting from Adobe InDesign Output Factory
outset Process packages and scripts during boot, login, or on demand outset
overdrive-media-console 1.2.0 Get eBooks, audiobooks, and videos from your local library OverDrive Media Console
overflow 3.2.1 Visual application launcher Overflow
overkill 1.0 Stop iTunes from opening when you connect your iPhone Overkill
overlayed 0.5.0 Modern, open-source, and free voice chat overlay for Discord Overlayed
oversight 2.3.0 Monitors computer mic and webcam OverSight
overt 0.5.7 Open app store Overt
ovito 3.10.6 Scientific data visualization and analysis software OVITO
ovito-pro 3.10.6 Scientific data visualization and analysis software OVITO Pro
owncloud Desktop syncing client for ownCloud ownCloud
oxygen-xml-editor 26.1,2024042206 Tools for XML editing, including Oxygen XML Developer and Author oXygen XML Editor
p4 2024.1,2625008 Use it to gain instant access to operations and complete control over the system Perforce Helix Command-Line Client (P4)
p4v 2024.2,2625760 Visual client for Helix Core Perforce Helix Visual Client
pablodraw 3.2.1 Ansi/Ascii text and RIPscrip editor/viewer PabloDraw
pacifist 4.1.0 Extract files and folders from package files, disk images, and archives Pacifist
packages 1.2.10 Integrated packaging environment Packages
packet-peeper 2022-08-31 Network protocol analyzer Packet Peeper
packetproxy 2.2.0 Local proxy written in Java PacketProxy
packetsender 8.7.1 Network utility for sending / receiving TCP, UDP, SSL Packet Sender
padloc 4.3.0 Modern password manager Padloc
pages-data-merge 1.8 Pages Data Merge
pagico 10,20240707 Tasks, files, and notes manager Pagico
paintbrush 2.6.0,20210402 Image editor Paintbrush
paintcode 3.5.4 Turn vector drawings into program code PaintCode
paletro 1.9.0 Command palette in any application Paletro
pallotron-yubiswitch 0.16 Status bar application to enable/disable Yubikey Nano Yubiswitch
panda 1.4.2 Utility to switch from light to dark mode Panda
pandora 15.0.3 Desktop client for the Pandora web radio service Pandora
panic-unison 2.2 App to access Usenet Newsgroups Panic Unison
panoply 5.4.3 Plot geo-referenced data from netCDF, HDF, and GRIB Panoply netCDF, HDF and GRIB Data Viewer
panwriter 0.8.6 Markdown editor with pandoc integration and paginated preview PanWriter
paparazzi 1.0b11 Utility to take screenshots of webpages Paparazzi!
paper 5.3.0, 4K 5K HD Wallpaper Application
paperpile 0.8.1 Citation plugin for Microsoft Word Paperpile
papers 4.37.2394 Reference management software for researchers ReadCube Papers
paperspace Desktop app for the Paperspace cloud computing platform Paperspace
papyrus 6.7.0,2024-06 Model-Based Engineering tool Papyrus
paragon-camptune 11.1.26 Manage disk space on Macs with Boot Camp Paragon CampTune
paragon-extfs 12.1.29 Read/write support for ext2/3/4 formatted volumes extFS for Mac by Paragon Software
paragon-extfs@11 11.8.612 Read/write support for ext2/3/4 formatted volumes extFS for Mac by Paragon Software
paragon-ntfs 16 Read/write support for NTFS formatted volumes Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software
paragon-vmdk-mounter 2.4 Mounts a virtual container by double click Paragon VMDK Mounter
parallels 19.4.1-54985 Desktop virtualization software Parallels Desktop
parallels-access 7.0.5-40851 Simplest remote access to your computer from anywhere Parallels Access
parallels-client 18.3.1,22907 RDP client Parallels Client
parallels-toolbox 6.7.0-5122 Bundle with over 30 tools Parallels Toolbox
parallels-virtualization-sdk 19.4.1-54985 Desktop virtualization development kit Parallels Virtualization SDK
parallels@12 12.2.1-41615 Desktop virtualization software Parallels Desktop
parallels@13 13.3.2-43368 Desktop virtualization software Parallels Desktop
parallels@14 14.1.3-45485 Desktop virtualization software Parallels Desktop
parallels@15 15.1.5-47309 Desktop virtualization software Parallels Desktop
parallels@16 16.5.2-50703 Desktop virtualization software Parallels Desktop
parallels@17 17.1.7-51588 Desktop virtualization software Parallels Desktop
parallels@18 18.3.2-53621 Desktop virtualization software Parallels Desktop
paraview 5.12.1,MPI-OSX11.... Data analysis and visualization application ParaView
parse 3.0.5 Parse
parsec 150.95.1 Remote desktop Parsec
parsehub 2.4.35 Web scraping tool ParseHub
parsify 2.0.1 Extensible calculator with unit and currency conversions Parsify
particle-dev 1.19.0 IDE for programming Particle devices Particle Dev
pashua 0.11 Native dialogs for scripting languages Pashua
password-gorilla 15373 Password database manager Password Gorilla
pastebot 2.4.6 Workflow application to improve productivity Pastebot
patchwork 3.18.1 Decentralised messaging and sharing app using Secure Scuttlebutt Patchwork
path-finder 2174 File manager Path Finder
pathephone 2.2.1 Distributed audio player Pathephone
paulxstretch 1.6.0 Extreme time stretching plugin for audio files PaulXStretch
paw 3.4.0,3004000012 HTTP client that helps testing and describing APIs Paw
pb 11.0.2 Unofficial Pushbullet desktop app to get push notifications PB for Desktop
pcoipclient 24.03.4 Client for VM agents and remote workstation cards Teradici PCoIP Software Client for macOS
pd 0.55-0 Visual programming language for multimedia Pd
pd-l2ork 2.19.3 Programming environment for computer music and multimedia applications Pd-l2ork
pdf-converter-master 6.2.0 Document converter PDF Converter Master
pdf-expert 3.10.5,1070 PDF reader, editor and annotator PDF Expert
pdf-expert@beta 3.10.5,1070 PDF reader, editor and annotator PDF Expert
pdf-images 1.1 PDF-Images
pdf-over 4.4.5 Digitally sign PDFs with the Austrian Buergerkarte or ID Austria PDF-Over
pdf-pals 1.7.0 AI Chat with PDFs PDF Pals
pdf-reader-pro 4.0.4 Read, annotate, edit, convert, create, OCR, fill forms and sign PDFs PDF Reader Pro
pdf-squeezer 4.5.3 PDF compression tool PDF Squeezer
pdf-toolbox 2.0.2 PDF Toolbox
pdfelement 10.3.7 Create, edit, convert and sign PDF documents Wondershare PDFelement for Mac
pdfelement-express 1.2.1 PDF editor PDFelement Express
pdfextractor 1.5 PDFExtractor
pdfify 3.8.1,274 Create searchable and smaller PDF PDFify
pdfkey-pro 4.5.0 Utility to unlock password-protected PDFs PDFKey Pro
pdfpen 13.1 PDF editing software PDFpen
pdfpenpro 12.2.3 PDF editing software PDFpenPro
pdfsam-basic 5.2.3 Extracts pages, splits, merges, mixes and rotates PDF files PDFsam Basic
pdfshaver 1.0 Shrink PDF files to make them smaller PDFShaver
peakhour 4.1.17 Network bandwidth and network quality visualiser PeakHour
pecunia 2.1.8 Online banking app with support for HBCI Pecunia
penc 1.0.0 Trackpad-oriented window manager Penc
pencil 3.1.1 GUI prototyping tool Pencil
pencil2d 0.6.6 Open-source tool to make 2D hand-drawn animations Pencil2D
pennywise 0.8.0 Pennywise
pensela 1.2.5 Screen Annotation Tool Pensela
perforce 2024.1,2625008 Version control Perforce Helix Core Server
perimeter81 Zero trust network as a service client Perimeter 81
permute 3.11.10,2755 Converts and edits video, audio or image files Permute
persepolis-download-manager 4.3.0 GUI for aria2 Persepolis
pester 1.1b24 Set, dismiss or snooze an alarm or timer Pester
pext 0.35 Python-based extendable tool Pext
pflists 1.0.2 Basic PF firewall frontend PFLists
pg-commander 1.5.9 PostgreSQL client PG Commander
pgadmin3 1.22.2 Administration and development platform for PostgreSQL pgAdmin
pgadmin4 8.9 Administration and development platform for PostgreSQL pgAdmin4
phantomjs 2.1.1 Headless web browser PhantomJS
phd2 2.6.13 Telescope guiding software PHD2
philips-hue-sync,8b10db6... Control your smart light system Philips Hue Sync
phocus 3.8.2 RAW file image processing software for Hasselblad cameras Hasselblad Phocus
phoenix 4.0.1 Window and app manager scriptable with JavaScript Phoenix
phoenix-code 3.8.8 Code editor Phoenix Code
phoenix-slides 1.5.9 Full-screen slideshow program Phoenix Slides
photoninja 1.4.0d Professional RAW converter Photo Ninja
photosrevive 2.1.3 Colourise old black and white photos automatically PhotosRevive
photosweeper-x 4.9.2 Tool to eliminate similar or duplicate photos PhotoSweeper X
photosync 4.2 Transfer and backup photos and videos PhotoSync Companion
photozoom-pro 8.2.0 Software for enlarging and downsizing digital photos and graphics PhotoZoom Pro
phpstorm 2024.1.4,241.1803... PHP IDE by JetBrains JetBrains PhpStorm
phpwebstudy 2.4.5 PHP and Web development environment manager PhpWebStudy
physics-101 9.2.2 Collection of simulations, tools, and equations across the field of physics Physics 101
pia 3.0.3 Privacy Impact Assessment Tool Pia
pibar 1.1.2 Pi-hole(s) management in the menu bar PiBar
picfindr 1.6.10 Search engine & manager for free stock images picfindr
picgo 2.3.1 Tool for uploading images PicGo
pichon 1.9.2 Search utility for icons8 Pichon
piclist 2.9.1 Cloud storage manager tool PicList
picoscope Test and measurement oscilloscope software for PicoScope oscilloscopes PicoScope
picoscope@beta Test and measurement oscilloscope software for PicoScope oscilloscopes PicoScope beta
pictogram 0.1,13 Customise and maintain app icons Pictogram
pictureview 2.3.4 Image viewer Picture View
pieces 3.0.2 Code snippets, screenshots and workflow context Pieces
pieces-cli 1.2.4 Command-line tool for Pieces CLI
pieces-os 10.0.2 Local datastore, server, and ML engine powering the Pieces for Developers Suite Pieces OS
piezo 1.9.2 Audio recording application Piezo
pika 0.0.17 Colour picker for colours onscreen Pika
pikopixel 1.0-b10 Pixel-art editor PikoPixel
pile 0.9.7 Digital journaling app Pile
pine 0.1.0 Native markdown editor Pine
pineapple 0.8.0 Pineapple
pinegrow 7.93 Web editor Pinegrow
pingid 1.7.5 Cloud-based, multi-factor authentication PingID
pingmenu 1.3,2 Utility that shows the current network latency in the menu bar PingMenu
pingnoo 2021.04.30-develop Open-source cross-platform traceroute/ping analyser pingnoo
pingplotter 5.24.3 Network monitoring tool PingPlotter
pinta 2.1.2 Simple Gtk# Paint Program Pinta
piphero 1.2.0 Menu bar app to picture-in-picture any window PiPHero
pitch 2.31.0,stable.5,6... Collaborative presentation software Pitch
pitchperfect 2.15 Guitar tuning software PitchPerfect
pivy 0.11.2 Client for PIV cards pivy
pixel-check 1.3 Check your monitor for dead pixels PiXel Check
pixel-picker 1.6.1 Menu bar application to pick colours from your screen Pixel Picker
pixelorama 0.11.4 2D sprite editor made with the Godot Engine Pixelorama
pixelsnap 2.5.4 Screen measuring tool PixelSnap
pktriot 0.15.3 Host server applications and static websites pktriot
plain-clip 2.5.2 Removes formatting from copied text Plain Clip
plan 0.9.1 Calendar and project manager Plan
planet 0.18.3 Decentralised blogs and websites powered by IPFS and Ethereum Name System Planet
plasticscm-cloud-edition Install PlasticSCM locally and join a Cloud Edition subscription PlasicSCM - a Cloud Edition
platypus 5.4.1 Tool to create native applications from command-line scripts Platypus
play 2.0.20 Play
playback 1.6.0 Video player Playback
playcover-community 3.0.0 Sideload iOS apps and games PlayCover
playcover-community@beta 3.0.0-beta.2 Sideload iOS apps and games PlayCover
playdate-mirror 1.2.0 Application that streams gameplay audio and video from your Playdate Playdate Mirror
playdate-simulator 2.5.0 Playdate Lua and C APIs, docs and Simulator for local development Playdate SDK
playmemories-home 3.6.01,zb2OnHfINu Freeware that manages and edits photos and videos PlayMemories Home
playonmac 4.4.4 Allows installation and use of software designed for Windows PlayOnMac
plex,ca5000d0 Home media player Plex
plex-htpc,84278903 Home Theater PC media player Plex HTPC
plex-media-player Home media player Plex Media Player
plex-media-server,42456... Home media server Plex Media Server
plexamp 4.11.0 Music player focusing on visuals Plexamp
pliim 1.7.0 One click and be ready to go up on stage and shine! Pliim
plistedit-pro 1.9.7 Property list and JSON editor PlistEdit Pro
plotdigitizer 2.6.11 Digitize scanned plots of functional data Plot Digitizer
plover 4.0.0rc2 Stenotype engine Plover
plug 2.0.19,2067 Music player for The Hype Machine Plug
plugdata 0.9.0 Plugin wrapper for PureData PlugData
plugdata@nightly latest Plugin wrapper for PureData PlugData
pluginval 1.0.3 Cross-platform plugin validator and tester application pluginval
plus42-binary 1.1.12 RPN calculator based on HP-42S Plus42 Binary
plus42-decimal 1.1.12 RPN calculator based on HP-42S Plus42 Decimal
pngyu 1.0.1 Front-end GUI application for pngquant Pngyu
pock 0.9.0-22 Utility to display the Dock in the Touch Bar Pock
pocket-casts 2.0.2 Podcast platform Pocket Casts
podcastmenu 1.3 Tool to display Overcast on the menu bar PodcastMenu
podman-desktop 1.11.1 Browse, manage, inspect containers and images Podman Desktop
podolski 1.2.3,12092 Virtual analogue synthesiser Podolski
podpisuj 5.7.75 Application for electronic signing and validation of signatures Podpisuj
poe 1.1.21 AI chat client Poe
poedit 3.4.4 Translation editor Poedit
poi 10.9.2 Scalable KanColle browser and tool poi
pokemon-reborn 19.12 Third-party Pokemon game Pokemon Reborn
pokemon-showdown 0.11,bf46c879d0 Pokémon Showdown
pokemon-tcg-live 1.15.0,333109 Play the Pokémon Trading Card Game Pokemon Trading Card Game Live
pokemon-trading-card-game-online Play the Pokemon TCG online Pokemon Trading Card Game Online
poker-copilot 7.49,9374 Online poker HUD and tracking software Poker Copilot
pokerstars 69.403 Free-to-play online poker PokerStars
pokerth 1.1.2 Free Texas hold'em poker PokerTH
polkadot-js 0.132.1 Portal into the Polkadot and Substrate networks polkadot{.js}
pololu-avr-programmer-v2 0J1120,1.1.0 Drivers for the Pololu AVR Programmer v2 Software for Pololu AVR Programmer v2
polymail 2.3.11 Email productivity application Polymail
polypad 1.3.0 Scriptable Textpad for Developers Polypad
polypane 20.0.0 Browser for ambitious developers Polypane
polyphone 2.3.1,905 Soundfont editor for quickly designing musical instruments Polyphone
pomatez 1.6.4 Pomodoro timer Pomatez
pomello 0.10.17 Turns your Trello cards into Pomodoro tasks Pomello
pomotodo 3.4.2,1508736942 Time management app for creators Pomododo
pomotroid 0.13.0 Timer application Pomotroid
pongsaver 2.1.1 Screensaver which plays a game of Pong against itself PongSaver
pop 8.0.21 Remote pair programming Pop
popchar 10.2 Utility to display all characters of a font PopChar X
popclip 2024.5.2 Used to access context-specific actions when text is selected PopClip
popmaker 0.3 PopMaker
popo 4.8.1,1721032432947 Instant messaging platform NetEase POPO
popsql 1.0.129 Collaborative SQL editor PopSQL
portfolioperformance 0.69.1 Calculate the overall performance of an investment portfolio Portfolio Performance
porting-kit 6.3.2 Install games and apps compiled for Microsoft Windows Porting Kit
portx 2.2.9,10.60 SSH Client portx
positron 2024.07.0-85 Data science IDE Positron
post-haste 2.8.3,2832 Digital media project management tool Post Haste
postbird 0.8.4 Open-source PostgreSQL GUI client Postbird
postbox 7.0.61 Email client focusing on privacy protection Postbox
posterazor 1.5 Raster image splitter PosteRazor
postgres-unofficial 2.7.3,12-13-14-15-16 App wrapper for Postgres Postgres
postgrespreferencepane 2.7 Preference Pane for controlling PostgreSQL database servers PostgresPrefs
postico 2.1.1,9692 GUI client for PostgreSQL databases Postico
postico@1 1.5.22,9592 GUI client for PostgreSQL databases Postico 1
postman 11.4.0 Collaboration platform for API development Postman
postman-agent 0.4.28 Desktop agent for Postman on the Web Postman Agent
postman-cli 1.10.1 CLI for command-line API management on Postman Postman CLI
postman@canary 11.2.14-canary240... Collaboration platform for API development Postman Canary
posture-pal 1.3,19 Bad posture reminding tool Posture Pal
powder 98.2 Physics sandbox game Powder Toy
powder-player 1.60 Powder Player
power-manager 5.10.0 Utility to automate tasks and improve power management Power Manager
powerpanel 2.5.2 Manage and control UPS systems CyberPower PowerPanel Personal
powerphotos 2.5.9 Tool to organise photo libraries PowerPhotos
powershell 7.4.3 Command-line shell and scripting language PowerShell
powershell@preview 7.5.0-preview.3 Command-line shell and scripting language PowerShell
ppduck 3.10.19 Integrates several image compression algorithms PPDuck
pppc-utility 1.5.0 Create configuration profiles containing a PPPC payload PPPC Utility
ppsspp 1.17.1 PSP emulator PPSSPP
praat 6.4.13,6413 Doing phonetics by computer Praat
pref-setter 2.0 Edit plist files Pref Setter
preference-manager Trash, backup, lock and restore video editor preferences Preference Manager
preferencecleaner 2.0 Utility to simplify the task of deleting preference files PreferenceCleaner
preform 3.37.5,370_68586 3D printing setup, management, and monitoring PreForm
prefs-editor Graphical user interface for the 'defaults' command Prefs Editor
prepros 7.26.0 Web development companion Prepros
presentation 3.3.0 Tool for pdf slides Présentation
presonus-universal-control PreSonus software control interface Universal Control
prettyclean 0.1.38 Easy to use Disk Cleanup Tools PrettyClean
pretzel 2.12.6 DMCA-safe music for creators Pretzel
prezi-classic 6.14.0,24153 Desktop client for the Prezi presentation SaaS Prezi Classic
prezi-next 1.63.0 Presentation software Prezi Next
prezi-video 2.26.0 Lets you interact with your content live as you stream or record Prezi Video
prince 15.3 Convert HTML to PDF Prince
principle 6.35 Design animated and interactive user interfaces Principle
printopia 3.0.23 AirPrint to any printer Printopia
prism 10.2.3 Statistical analysis and graphing software GraphPad Prism
prisma-studio 0.458.0 Visual database editor for Prisma projects Prisma Studio
prismlauncher 8.4 Minecraft launcher Prism Launcher
pritunl 1.3.3883.60 OpenVPN client Pritunl
privadovpn 3.11.0,1338675978 VPN client PrivadoVPN
private-eye 1.1.0 Network monitor Private Eye
private-internet-access 3.5.7-08120 VPN client Private Internet Access
privatevpn 3.3.6 VPN provider PrivateVPN
privileges 1.5.4 Admin rights switcher Privileges
prizmo 4.6.1 Scanning application with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Prizmo
processing 4.3,1293 Flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code Processing
processing@3 3.5.4,0270 Flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code Processing
processmonitor 1.5.0 Monitor process activity ProcessMonitor
procexp 1.0.0 Process Explorer
proclaim Church presentation software Faithlife Proclaim
product-hunt 1.0.3 Product Hunt
productive 1.12.0 Agency management system Productive
profilecreator 0.3.2,20190717103... Create standard or customised configuration profiles ProfileCreator
profind 1.25 File search app ProFind
programmer-dvorak 1.2.13 Keyboard layout for programmers Programmer Dvorak
progressive-downloader 7.1 Download manager Progressive Downloader
projectlibre 1.9.3 Microsoft Project in your browser ProjectLibre
projector 1.1.0 Common and client-related code for running Swing applications remotely JetBrains Projector
prolific-pl2303 2.2.2_20221228 PL2303 USB-to-serial driver Prolific USB to Serial Cable driver
pronterface 2.1.0,3.10 Control your 3D printer from your PC Printrun
propresenter 7.16.3,118489862 Presentation and production application for live events ProPresenter
propresenter@beta 7.16.3,118489862 Presentation and production application for live events ProPresenter
prosys-opc-ua-browser 5.0.0,173 Browse and visualise data from OPC UA servers Prosys OPC UA Browser
protege 5.6.4 Ontology editor Protégé
protoio-overflow 1.10.1 Create interactive user flow diagrams Overflow
protokol 0.5.6,110 MIDI and OSC Monitor protokol
proton-drive 1.7.0 Client for Proton Drive Proton Drive
proton-mail 1.0.5 Client for Proton Mail and Proton Calendar Proton Mail
proton-pass 1.20.1 Desktop client for Proton Pass Proton Pass
protonmail-bridge 3.12.0 Bridges Proton Mail to email clients supporting IMAP and SMTP protocols Proton Mail Bridge
protonmail-import-export 1.3.3 Import emails to your secure ProtonMail inbox or make offline backups ProtonMail Import-Export
protonvpn 4.3.0 VPN client focusing on security ProtonVPN
protopie 8.2.0 Create interactive prototypes ProtoPie
provisioning 1.0.4 Provisioning
provisionql 1.6.4 Quick Look plugin for mobile apps and provisioning profiles ProvisionQL
prowlarr Indexer manager/proxy for various PVR apps Prowlarr
prowritingaid 2.5.41290 Grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor ProWritingAid
proxifier 3.11 Proxy client Proxifier
proximity 1.0.1 Proximity
proxy-audio-device 1.0.7 Sound and audio controller Proxy Audio Device
proxyman 5.6.1,50601 HTTP debugging proxy Proxyman
prudent 29 Integrated environment for your personal and family ledger Prudent
prusaslicer 2.8.0,202406270936 G-code generator for 3D printers (RepRap, Makerbot, Ultimaker etc.) PrusaSlicer
psi 1.4 Instant messaging application designed for the XMPP network Psi
psi-plus 1.5.1639 XMPP client designed for experienced users Psi+
psst 0.1.0,20240711.21... Spotify client Psst
psychopy 2024.2.0 Create experiments in behavioral science PsychoPy
ptpwebcam 1.3.2 DSLR live view video plugin PTP Webcam
publii 0.45.2 Static website generator Publii
publish-or-perish 8.12.4612.8838 Retrieves and analyzes academic citations Harzing Publish or Perish
pulsar 1.119.0 Text editor Pulsar
pulse 0.20.0 Logger and network inspector Pulse
pulse-sms 4.5.3 Desktop client for Pulse SMS Pulse SMS
puppetry 3.2.6 Web testing solution for non-developers on top of Puppeteer and Jest Puppetry
pure-writer 1.9.0,1.9.0 Desktop version of the Android app Pure Writer Desktop
purei-play 2024-07-22,aa1bc3ed PlayStation 2 emulator Play!
purevpn 9.22.0 VPN client PureVPN
pusher 0.7.5 Send push notifications through Apple Push Notification Service NWPusher
pushplaylabs-sidekick,70... Browser designed for modern work Sidekick
putio-adder 3.0.5 Put.IO Adder
puush 66 Share screenshots puush
puzzles 20240330 Collection of small computer programmes which implement one-player puzzle games Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection
pwnagetool 5.1.1 PwnageTool
pycharm 2024.1.4,241.1803... IDE for professional Python development PyCharm
pycharm-ce 2024.1.4,241.1803... IDE for Python programming - Community Edition Jetbrains PyCharm Community Edition
pycharm-ce-with-anaconda-plugin 2020.3.2,203.6682... PyCharm IDE with Anaconda plugin Jetbrains PyCharm Community Edition with Anaconda plugin
pycharm-edu 2022.2.2,222.4345.35 Professional IDE for scientific and web Python development Jetbrains PyCharm Educational Edition
pycharm-with-anaconda-plugin 2020.3.2,203.6682... PyCharm IDE with Anaconda plugin Jetbrains PyCharm with Anaconda plugin
pyfa 2.59.2 Fitting tool for EVE Online pyfa
pym-player 8.2.2,8C113 Media player that automatically searches for subtitles PYM Player
pynsource 1.84 Reverse engineer Python source code into UML Pynsource
pyzo 4.16.0 Python IDE focused on interactivity and introspection Pyzo
qbittorrent 4.6.5 Peer to peer Bitorrent client qBittorrent
qbittorrent@lt20 4.6.5 Edition of qBitorrent based on libtorrent-rasterbar 2.0.x qBittorrent
qblocker 1.2,20,1464612307 Stops you from accidentally quitting an app QBlocker
qbserve 1.89 Automatic time tracker Qbserve
qcad 3.30.1,12.7-14-qt6 Free, open source application for computer aided drafting in 2D QCAD
qcma 0.4.1,1 Cross-platform content manager assistant for the PS Vita Qcma
qctools 1.3.1 Audiovisual analytics and filtering for video files QCTools
qdesktop 0.1.2,6 App to set a website as the desktop background Qdesktop
qdirstat 1.9-2 Disk utilisation visualiser QDirStat
qdslrdashboard 3.6.12 Application for controlling Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras qDslrDashboard
qfinder-pro NAS management application Qnap Qfinder Pro
qflipper 1.3.3 Companion app for Flipper Zero devices qFlipper
qgis 3.38.1,20240719_1... Geographic Information System QGIS
qgis@ltr 3.34.9,20240719_1... Geographic Information System QGIS LTR
qgroundcontrol 4.4.0 Ground control station for drones QGroundControl
qingg 2.15 Wubi input method QinggIM
qlab 5.4.4 Sound, video and lighting control QLab
qladdict 1.3.0 Quick Look plugin for subtitle (.srt) files QLAddict
qlc-plus 4.13.1 Control DMX or analogue lighting systems Q Light Controller+
qlcolorcode 4.1.0 Quick Look plug-in that renders source code with syntax highlighting QLColorCode
qlcommonmark 1.1 Quick Look plugin for CommonMark and Markdown QLCommonMark
qldds 1.33 Quick Look plugin for DirectDraw Surface (DDS) texture files QuickLook DDS
qlfits 3.2.2 Quick Look plugin to view FITS files QLFits
qlgradle 0.0.1 Quick Look plugin for viewing gradle files qlgradle
qlimagesize 2.6.1 Display image info and preview unsupported formats in QuickLook qlImageSize
qlmarkdown 1.0.19 Quick Look generator for Markdown files sbarex QLMarkdown
qlmobi 0.6 Quick Look plugin for Kindle ebook formats QLMobi
qlnetcdf 0.0.3 Quick Look plugin for viewing NetCDF files QLNetcdf
qlplayground 0.2 Quick Look plugin for Swift files qlplayground
qlprettypatch 1.0 Quick Look plugin to view patch files QLPrettyPatch
qlstephen 1.5.1 Quick Look plugin for plaintext files without an extension QLStephen
qlswift 0.0.2 Quick Look plugin for Swift files QLSwift
qlvideo 2.00 Thumbnails, static previews, cover art and metadata for video files QuickLook Video
qlzipinfo 1.2.6 List out the contents of a zip file in the QuickLook preview qlzipinfo
qmk-toolbox 0.3.3 Toolbox companion for QMK Firmware QMK Toolbox
qmoji 1.3.1 Like mojibar, but written in reasonml qmoji
qnapi 0.2.3 QNapi
qobuz 7.1.4,008 Catalogue of hi-res music for streaming and download Qobuz
qownnotes 24.7.3 Plain-text file notepad and todo-list manager QOwnNotes
qq 6.9.39_240715_01 Instant messaging tool QQ
qqlive Tencent video streaming and sharing platform QQLive
qqmacmgr 2.4.16 腾讯电脑管家
qqmusic 9.3.1,00 Chinese music streaming application QQ音乐
qr-journal 3.0 Allows users with an iSight (or compatible) camera to read QR codes QR Journal
qspace-pro 5.0.4 Better Finder alternative QSpace Pro
qsync-client Automatic file synchronisation Qnap Qsync
qsyncthingtray 0.5.8 Tray app for Syncthing QSyncthingTray
qt-creator 13.0.2 IDE for application development Qt Creator
qt-creator@dev 14.0.0-rc1 IDE for application development Qt Creator Dev
qt3dstudio 2.8.0 Compositing tool Qt 3D Studio
qth 0.8.11 APRS client application QTH
qtox 1.17.6 Instant messaging and video conferencing app qTox
qtpass 1.4.0 Multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager QtPass
qtspim 9.1.24 Simulator that runs MIPS32 assembly language programmes QtSpim
quail 2.4.0 Unofficial but officially accepted esa app Quail
quakespasm 0.96.2 Engine for iD software's Quake QuakeSpasm
quarto 1.5.55 Scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc quarto
quassel 0.14.0 IRC client Quassel
quassel-client 0.14.0 Quassel IRC: Chat comfortably. Everywhere Quassel IRC
quaternion IM client for Matrix Quaternion
qudedup-extract-tool Restoring deduplicated .qdff files to their normal status Qnap QuDedup Extract Tool
querious 4.0.13 MySQL and compatible databases tool Querious 4
quick-app-ide 6.6.1 Quickapp Development Tool Quick App IDE
quickbooks,2023 Accounting software QuickBooks Desktop
quickbooks-online 5.1.0-95 Accounting software QuickBooks
quickboot 1.1-92 QuickBoot
quicken 7.8.2,708.53926.100 Personal finance manager Quicken
quickgeojson 1.1 Quick Look plugin for GeoJSON and TopoJSON quickgeojson
quickhash 3.3.4,2510,01,11,... Data hashing tool Quickhash
quickhue 1.3.3 Menu bar utility for controlling the Philips Hue lighting system QuickHue
quickjson 1.0.0 Quick Look plugin to pretty-print JSON QuickJSON
quicklook-csv 1.3 Quick Look plugin for CSV files QuickLookCSV
quicklook-json 2,1.0 Quick Look plugin for JSON files quick look JSON
quicklook-pat 1.0.0 Adobe Photoshop Patterns Quicklook Plugin
quicklook-pfm 1.1 Quick Look plugin for PPM, PGM, PFM and PBM files quicklook-pfm
quicklookapk 1.0 Quick Look plugin for Android packages QuickLookAPK
quicklookase 1.0 Quick Look generator for Adobe Swatch Exchange files QuickLookASE
quicknfo 1.2 Quick Look plugin for viewing NFO files QuickNFO
quicksilver 2.4.2 Productivity application Quicksilver
quicktune 7.0 QuickTime 7 style Apple Music controller QuickTune
quiet 2.2.0 Private, p2p alternative to Slack and Discord built on Tor & IPFS Quiet
quiet-reader 0.41.0 Read articles or text highlights distraction free Quiet Reader
quik Access and edit GoPro photos and videos GoPro Quik
quip 8.49.2 Tool for teams to create living documents Quip
quit-all 1.3.3 Quickly quit one, some, or all apps QuitAll
quiterss 0.19.4 Free news feeds reader QuiteRSS
quitter 1.0 Automatically hides or quits apps after periods of inactivity Quitter
quodlibet 4.4.0 Music player and music library manager Quod Libet
qutebrowser 3.2.1 Keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 qutebrowser
qv2ray 2.7.0 V2Ray GUI client with extensive protocol support Qv2ray
qview 6.1 Image viewer qView
qwerty-fr 0.7.3 QWERTY-based layout. Type EU languages, greek, math, currencies, & more! qwerty-fr keyboard layout
qxmledit 0.9.18 XML editor QXmlEdit
r 4.4.1 Environment for statistical computing and graphics R
r-name 3.1 R-Name
racket 8.13 Modern programming language in the Lisp/Scheme family Racket
radar 2.6.7 Check important metrics from the menubar Radar
radarr Fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato Radarr
radiant-player 1.12.0 App wrapper for Google Play Music Radiant Player
radio-silence 3.2 Network monitor and firewall Radio Silence
raindropio 5.6.38 All-in-one bookmark manager
rambox 2.3.4 Free and Open Source messaging and emailing app Rambox
ramme 3.2.5 Unofficial Instagram Desktop App Ramme
rancher 1.14.2 Kubernetes and container management on the desktop Rancher Desktop
random-mouse-clicker 6.1 Automate left, right and middle mouse button clicks Random Mouse Clicker
ransomwhere 1.2.5 Protect your personal files RansomWhere
rapidapi 4.2.5 HTTP client that helps testing and describing APIs RapidAPI
rapidminer-studio 2024.0.1 Data science platform RapidMiner Studio
rapidweaver 9.2.1,21062 Web design software RapidWeaver
rar 7.01 Archive manager for data compression and backups RAR Archiver
raspberry-pi-imager 1.8.5 Imaging utility to install operating systems to a microSD card Raspberry Pi Imager
raven-reader 1.0.80 News reader with flexible settings Raven Reader
raw-photo-processor 1949Beta Process raw photos Raw Photo Processor
rawtherapee 5.10 RAW photo processor RawTherapee
ray 2.8.1 Debug with Ray to fix problems faster Ray
raycast 1.79.1 Control your tools with a few keystrokes Raycast
raze 1.10.2 Build engine port backed by GZDoom tech Raze
razorsql 10.6.1 SQL query tool and SQL editor RazorSQL
rclone-browser 1.2,a1156a0 GUI for rclone Rclone Browser
react-native-debugger 0.14.0 Standalone app for debugging React Native apps React Native Debugger
react-proto 1.0.0 React application prototyping tool for developers and designers React Proto
react-studio 1.8.14,426 App design environment ReactStudio
reactotron 3.7.0 Desktop app for inspecting React JS and React Native projects Reactotron
readdle-spark Email client Spark
reader 0.1.769 Save articles to read, highlight key content, and organise notes for review Readwise Reader
readmoreading 0.14.13 Traditional Chinese eBook service Readmo Reading
readwise-ibooks 1.0 Import highlights from Apple Books to Readwise Readwise iBooks
readyapi 3.53.0 Automated API testing platform ReadyAPI Desktop
realforce 3.2.1 Software for Realforce keyboards and mice REALFORCE for Mac
reamp 1.6.3 WinAMP clone written in SwiftUI re:AMP
reaper 7.18 Digital audio production application REAPER
recaf 2.21.14 Java bytecode editor Recaf
receiptquicklook 1.4 Quick Look plugin to visualise App Store cryptographic receipts ReceiptQuickLook
receipts 1.15-702 Document management Receipts
recents 2.3.2,6577 File launcher Recents
recipeui 0.8.10 API discovery, testing and sharing tool RecipeUI
recordit 1.6.10,114 Screencasting software RecordIt
recovery-disk-assistant 1.0,18 Recovery Disk Assistant
rectangle 0.81 Move and resize windows using keyboard shortcuts or snap areas Rectangle
rectangle-pro 3.0.30 Window snapping tool Rectangle Pro
recut 2.1.7 Remove silence from videos and automatically generate a cut list Recut
red-canary-mac-monitor 1.0.5 Analysis tool for security research and malware triage Red Canary Mac Monitor
red-eye 1.2.0 Tool to prevent the system from going into sleep mode Red Eye
redcine-x-pro 62.0.29 Transcode and manipulate REDCODE RAW footage REDCINE-X PRO
redeclipse 2.0.0 Red Eclipse
redis-pro 3.1.0 Redis desktop redis-pro
redisinsight 2.52.0 GUI for streamlined Redis application development RedisInsight
redquits 2.0,1 Quit an app when closing the last window RedQuits
redream 1.5.0 Dreamcast emulator redream
reflect 2.1.9 Note taking app for meetings, ideas, journalling, and research Reflect Notes
reflector 4.1.1 Wireless screen-mirroring application Reflector
reflector@2 2.7.3 Wireless screen-mirroring application Reflector
reflex 1.2 Media key forwarder for Music (iTunes) and Spotify Reflex
regexhibit 1.2 Perl regex assistant RegExhibit
reikey 1.4.2 Scans, detects, and monitors keyboard taps ReiKey
rekordbox 7.0.2,20240620173348 Free Dj app to prepare and manage your music files rekordbox
remarkable,5347737... View, Screen Share, organise, import, and download files to a reMarkable device Remarkable
rember 0.3.7b Rember
remember-the-milk 1.4.5 To-do app Remember The Milk
reminders-menubar 1.22.0 Simple menu bar app to view and interact with reminders Reminders MenuBar
remix-ide 1.3.6 Desktop version of Remix web IDE used for Ethereum smart contract development Remix IDE desktop
remnote 1.16.17 Spaced-repetition powered note-taking tool RemNote
remote-buddy 2.6 Control apps and web videos from your phone Remote Buddy
remote-desktop-manager 2024.2.8.4 Centralises all remote connections on a single platform Remote Desktop Manager
remote-desktop-manager-free 2022.2.16.0 Centralises all remote connections on a single platform Remote Desktop Manager Free
remote-wake-up 1.4.1 Wake up devices with a click of a button Remote Wake Up
remotehamradio 2.4.0 Desktop console app for RemoteHamRadio service RemoteHamRadio
remoteviewer 0.5.7-1 Connect to virtual machines using SPICE Remote Viewer
remotix-agent 1.5.19,23333 Remote desktop and monitoring solution Remotix Agent
removebg 2.2.2 Automatic bulk background removal
renamer 6.2.0 Batch file renamer application Renamer
renpy 8.2.3 Visual novel engine in Python Ren'Py
repetier-host 1.2.1 3D printing application Repetier-Host
replacicon 1.6.3,35 App icon replacement utility Replacicon
replay 91.13.1,9124.3.18 Time travel debugging Replay
replit 1.0.12 Software development and deployment platform Replit
repoz 5.5 Zero-conf git repository hub RepoZ
reqable 2.20.2 Advanced API Debugging Proxy Reqable
requestly 1.7.1 Intercept and modify HTTP requests Requestly
rescuetime Time optimising application RescueTime
resilio-sync File sync and share software Resilio Sync
resolume-arena 7.21.2,37990 Video mapping software Resolume Arena
resolutionator 2.4.0 Use any of your display's available resolutions Resolutionator
responsively 1.12.0 Modified browser that helps in responsive web development Responsively
restfox 0.19.0 Offline-first web HTTP client Restfox
restream-chat 2.5.4-beta Keep your streaming chats in one place Restream Chat
retro-virtual-machine 2.1.16 ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC emulator Retro Virtual Machine
retroactive 2.1 Run Apple apps on incompatible OS versions Retroactive
retroarch 1.19.1 Frontend for emulators, game engines and media players (OpenGL graphics API) RetroArch
retroarch-metal 1.19.1 Frontend for emulators, game engines and media players (Metal graphics API) RetroArch
retroarch-metal@nightly latest Frontend for emulators, game engines, and media players (Metal graphics API) RetroArch Metal Nightly
retrobatch 2.1 Batch image processor Retrobatch
retroshare 0.6.6 Friend-2-Friend and secure decentralised communication platform RetroShare
reunion 13.0.0,230824unr Genealogy (family tree) app Reunion
reveal 48 Powerful runtime view debugging for iOS developers Reveal
reverso 2.13.5,567 Text translation application Reverso
revolver-office 8.13.0 Project management tool Revolver Office
rewind 15284.1,dcd0176 Record and search your screen and audio Rewind
rhino 8.9.24194.18122 3D model creator Rhinoceros
ricochet-refresh 3.0.25 Private and anonymous instant messaging over tor Ricochet Refresh
ricoh-theta 3.20.0 Companion software for 360 degree cameras RICOH THETA
rider 2024.1.4,241.1803... .NET IDE JetBrains Rider
ridibooks 0.11.6 Ebook reader Ridibooks
rightfont 8.7 Font manager that helps preview, install, sync and manage fonts RightFont
rightzoom 3.0 Changes the way the full screen button acts Right Zoom
ringcentral 24.2.371 Team messaging, video meetings, and business phone RingCentral
ringcentral-classic 20.4.30 VOIP and message application RingCentral Classic
ringcentral-meetings 21.4.53875.1128 Video conferencing, screen sharing, and team messaging platform RingCentral Meetings
ringcentral-phone 24.1.3 Phone system manager RingCentral Phone
rio 0.1.2 Hardware-accelerated GPU terminal emulator Rio
ripcord 0.4.29 Desktop chat client for Slack (and Discord) Ripcord
ripme 1.7.95 Album ripper for various websites RipMe
rippling 3.6.31 MDM for Rippling Rippling
ripx 7.1.0 Music stem separation and repair utility RipX
rive 0.8.1515 Design tool that creates functional graphics Rive
rnnoise 1.10 Real-time Noise Suppression Plugin Noise Suppression for Voice
roam 118.0.1-beta001 Virtual office Roam
roam-research 0.0.22 Note-taking tool for networked thought Roam Research
roaringapps 1.7.0 Show installed app compatibility information RoaringApps
roblox 0.634.0.6340420,5... Online multiplayer game platform Roblox
robo-3t 1.4.4,e6ac9ec MongoDB management tool Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo)
robofont 4.4,2310101500 Font editor RoboFont
roboform 9.6.1 Password manager and form filler application RoboForm
rockboxutility 1.5.1 Automated installer for the Rockbox digital music player firmware Rockbox Utility
rocket 1.9.3,85 Emoji picker optimised for blind people Rocket
rocket-chat 4.0.1 Official desktop client for Rocket.Chat Rocket.Chat
rocket-typist 3.1 Text expander for common phrases Rocket Typist
rocks-n-diamonds Arcade-style game Rocks'n'Diamonds
rode-central 2.0.45 RØDE companion app Rode Central
rode-connect 1.3.39 Podcasting software Rode Connect
rodeo 2.5.2 Data science IDE for Python Rodeo
roku-remote-tool Configuration tool Roku Remote Tool
rolisteam 1.9.3 Virtual tabletop software Rolisteam
roon 1.0 Music player Roon
roonbridge 1.0 Music player network extender Roon Bridge
rosaimagewriter 2.6.2 ROSA ImageWriter
rotato 147 Mockup generator & animator 3D Rotato
rotki 1.34.0 Portfolio tracking and accounting tool Rotki
roundpie 1.5.1558 Pomodoro time tracker RoundPie
routeconverter 3.0 GPS tool to display, edit, enrich and convert routes, tracks and waypoints RouteConverter
routine 0.18.1 Calendar for productive people Routine
rowanj-gitx 0.15,1964 Native graphical client for the git version control system GitX-dev
rowmote-helper 4.2.5 Control system with Rowmote Pro remote control Rowmote Helper
royal-tsx Remote management solution Royal TSX
royal-tsx@beta Remote management solution Royal TSX
rpn-scientific 1.2.5 RPN Scientific Calculator
rq 1.0.2 Record analysis and transformation tool rq
rstudio 2024.04.2,764 Data science software focusing on R and Python RStudio
rstudio@daily 2024.08.0-331 Data science software focusing on R and Python RStudio Daily
rsyncosx 6.8.0 GUI for rsync RsyncOSX
rsyncui 1.9.2 GUI for rsync RsyncUI
rubymine 2024.1.4,241.1803... Ruby on Rails IDE RubyMine
rubymotion 1.0 Write cross-platform native apps in Ruby RubyMotion
runelite 2.7.1 Client for Old School RuneScape RuneLite
runescape 1.0 RuneScape
runjs 2.12.1 JavaScript playground that auto-evaluates as code is typed RunJS
runway 0.19.2 Creative toolkit powered by machine learning Runway
rustdesk 1.2.6 Open source virtual/remote desktop application RustDesk
rustrover 2024.1.5,241.1789... Rust IDE RustRover
rwts-pdfwriter 3.1a Print driver for printing documents directly to a pdf file RWTS PDFwriter
ryver 1.3.2 Ryver
sabaki 0.52.2 Go board and SGF editor Sabaki
sabnzbd 4.3.2 Binary newsreader SABnzbd
safari-technology-preview 199,062-41346-202... Web browser Safari Technology Preview
safe-exam-browser 3.3.3 Web browser environment to carry out e-assessments safely Safe Exam Browser
safeincloud-password-manager 24.8.3,2408003 Cross-platform AES-256 password manager SafeInCloud Password Manager
sage 10.3,2.3.2 Mathematics software system Sage
sakura 3.1.1 Launcher of SakuraFrp SakuraLauncher
saleae-logic 2.4.14 Signal analysis for Saleae's devices Saleae Logic2
salt 3007.1 Automation and infrastructure management engine Salt
sameboy 0.16.6 Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator SameBoy
samsung-dex 20211210154322368 Extend some Samsung devices into a desktop-like experience Samsung DeX
samsung-portable-ssd-t7 1.7.5,1.0 Software for Samsung external storage drives (T7 series) Samsung Portable SSD Software for T7
sanesidebuttons 1.2.0 Menu bar app that enables system-wide navigation using side mouse buttons SaneSideButtons
santa 2024.5 Binary authorization system Santa
saoimageds9 8.5 Astronomical data visualisation tool SAOImage DS9
sapmachine-jdk 22.0.2 OpenJDK distribution from SAP SapMachine OpenJDK Development Kit
satellite-eyes 1.5.0 Changes your desktop wallpaper to the satellite view of where you are Satellite Eyes
sauce-connect 4.9.1 Proxy server to securely connect to the Sauce Labs automated testing platform Sauce Connect
sauerbraten 2020.11.29,2020.1... Multiplayer & singleplayer first person shooter Cube 2: Sauerbraten
save-hollywood 2.5 Screen saver for custom video files SaveHollywood Screensaver
scala-ide 4.7.0,2.12,20170929 Scala IDE
scap-workbench 1.2.1 SCAP Scanner And Tailoring Graphical User Interface SCAP Workbench
scapple 1.4.2 Notepad software Scapple
scatter 12.1.1 Desktop wallet for EOS Scatter
scene-maestro 1.3.3 Remote control video playback on Scenica Player-equipped hosts Scene Maestro
scenebuilder 22.0.0 Drag & drop GUI designer for JavaFX Scene Builder
scenica-player 1.4.5 Turn your device into an on-set player Scenica Player
schildichat 1.11.30-sc.2 Matrix client based on Element with a more traditional IM experience SchildiChat
schism-tracker 20240630 Oldschool sample-based music composition tool Schism Tracker
scidavis 2.8 Application for scientific data analysis and visualization SciDAVis
scidvsmac 4.25 Chess toolkit Scid vs. Mac
scihubeva 6.3.0 Cross-platform Sci-Hub GUI application powered by Python and Qt Sci-Hub EVA
scilab 2024.1.0 Software for numerical computation Scilab
scoot 1.2 Keyboard-driven cursor actuator Scoot
scout 2.18.16 Simple Sass processor Scout-App
scrapp 1.6 Screenshot tool with cloud storage Scrapp
scratch 3.29.1 Programmes interactive stories, games, and animations Scratch
screaming-frog-log-file-analyser 6.3 SEO log audit tool Screaming Frog Log File Analyser
screaming-frog-seo-spider 20.2 SEO site audit tool Screaming Frog SEO Spider
screen-studio 2.22.19 Screen recorder and editor Screen Studio
screencast 0.0.6 Simple screen video capture application Screencast
screenflick 3.2.6 Screen recorder with audio Screenflick
screenflow 10.0.10 Screen recording and video editing software ScreenFlow
screenfocus 1.1.1 Tool to manage multiple screens ScreenFocus
screenmemory 1.34.0 Record your screen and go back in time to see what you worked on ScreenMemory
screens 4.12.16,1696599453 Remote access software focusing on usability Screens
screens-assist 1.5,20075 Share screens link Screens Assist
screens-connect 5.1.4,22743 Remote desktop software Screens Connect
scribus 1.6.2 Free and open-source page layout program Scribus
script-debugger 8.0.7-8A77 Integrated development environment focused entirely on AppleScript Script Debugger
scriptql 1.1 AppleScript Quick Look plugin ScriptQL
scrivener 3.3.6,16305,1013 Word processing software with a typewriter style Scrivener
scroll 2.4.5 Configure scrolling on Trackpad and Magic Mouse Scroll
scroll-reverser 1.9 Tool to reverse the direction of scrolling Scroll Reverser
scrolla 2828.16.0 Scroll with the keyboard using Vim motions Scrolla
scummvm 2.8.1 Run classic graphical adventure and role-playing games ScummVM
sdformatter 5.0.2 Tool to format memory cards complying with the SD File System spec SD Formatter
sdm 21.73.0,AF3766BF3... StrongDM client sdm
seadrive 3.0.10 Manual for Seafile server Seadrive
seafile-client 9.0.6 File syncing client Seafile Client
seaglass 0.0.525-f5a1376 Matrix client Seaglass
seamonkey Development of SeaMonkey Internet Application Suite SeaMonkey
second-life-viewer 3D browsing software for Second Life online virtual world Linden Lab Second Life Viewer
secretive 2.4.1 Store SSH keys in the Secure Enclave Secretive
secure-pipes 0.99.11,c67223c50... Manage SSH tunnels Secure Pipes
securesafe 2.22.1 Highly secure online storage with password manager SecureSafe
securid 4.2.3 Authentication software RSA SecurID
security-growler 2.3 Security Growler
securityspy 6.4 Multi-camera CCTV software SecuritySpy
segger-embedded-studio-for-arm 7.32a IDE for embedded systems SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
segger-jlink 7.98a Software and Documentation pack for Segger J-Link debug probes Segger J-Link Command Line Tools
segger-ozone 3.34a Software and Documentation pack for Segger Ozone J-Link debugger Segger Ozone J-Link Debugger
sejda-pdf 7.7.0 PDF editor Sejda PDF Desktop
sekey 0.1 Use Touch ID or Secure Enclave for SSH authentication SeKey
selfcontrol 4.0.2 Block your own access to distracting websites SelfControl
semeru-jdk-open 22.0.1+8,openj9-0... Production-ready JDK with the OpenJDK class libraries and the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM IBM Semeru Runtime (JDK) Open Edition
semeru-jdk-open@11 11.0.23+9,openj9-... Production-ready JDK with the OpenJDK class libraries and the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM IBM Semeru Runtime (JDK 11) Open Edition
semeru-jdk-open@17 17.0.11+9,openj9-... Production-ready JDK with the OpenJDK class libraries and the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM IBM Semeru Runtime (JDK 17) Open Edition
semeru-jdk-open@21 21.0.3+9,openj9-0... Production-ready JDK with the OpenJDK class libraries and the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM IBM Semeru Runtime (JDK 21) Open Edition
semeru-jdk-open@8 8u412-b08,openj9-... Production-ready JDK with the OpenJDK class libraries and the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM IBM Semeru Runtime (JDK 8) Open Edition
semulov 2.6 Access mounted and unmounted volumes from the menubar Semulov
senadevicemanager 4.4.9 Manager for SENA devices Sena Bluetooth Device Manager
sencha Productivity and performance optimisation tool for Sencha Ext JS Sencha Cmd
send-anywhere 24.3.81156,170986... File sharing app Send Anywhere
send-to-kindle Tool for sending personal documents to Kindles from Macs Send to Kindle
sengi 1.8.0 Mastodon and Pleroma desktop client Sengi
sensei 1.5.10 Monitors the computer system and optimises its performance Sensei
sensiblesidebuttons 1.0.6 Utilise mouse side navigation buttons Sensible Side Buttons
sentinel 0.26.3 Language and framework for policy as code Sentinel
senuti 1.3.5 Transfers songs, playlists, or videos from an iPod to a computer Senuti
sequel-ace 4.0.17,20067 MySQL/MariaDB database management Sequel Ace
sequel-pro 1.1.2 MySQL/MariaDB database management platform Sequel Pro
sequential 2.1.2 Displays folders and archives of images and PDF files Sequential
serene 3.0.1 Productivity app for focus and planning Serene
serial 2.0.17 Connect to almost anything with a serial port Serial
serial-tools 0.6 Serial Tools
serviio 2.4 Media server Serviio
servo 0.0.1 Parallel browser engine Servo
servpane 0.1.1 Launchd menu bar app ServPane
session 1.12.4 Onion routing based messenger Session
session-manager-plugin 1.2.650.0 Plugin for AWS CLI to start and end sessions that connect to managed instances Session Manager Plugin for the AWS CLI
sessionrestore 2.8 Helps to keep numerous Safari tabs open for reading them later SessionRestore
setapp 3.37.1,79,1721207371 Collection of apps available by subscription Setapp
sf 2.50.6,6e9d7f7 Salesforce CLI tools Salesforce CLI
sf-symbols 5.1 Tool that provides consistent, highly configurable symbols for apps SF Symbols
sfdx 7.209.6 SalesForce CLI tools Salesforce DX CLI
sfm 1.9.3 Standalone client for sing-box, the universal proxy platform SFM
shades 1.2 Shades
shadow 9.9.10076 Online virtualised computer Shadow
shadow-bot 1.8.7 Application for robotic process automation Shadow Bot
shadow@beta 9.9.10079 Online virtualized computer Shadow PC Beta
shadowsocksx 2.6.3 Removed according to regulations ShadowsocksX
shadowsocksx-ng 1.10.2 Tunneling proxy ShadowsocksX-NG
shadowsocksx-ng-r 1.4.4-r8-resigning Next Generation of ShadowsocksX ShadowsocksX-NG-R
shapes 5.0 Diagramming app Shapes
shapr3d 5.661.0.7223 3D CAD software Shapr3D
sharemouse 6.0.62 Share peripherals between computers ShareMouse
sharepod 4.3.2 Sharepod
shattered-pixel-dungeon 2.4.2 Traditional roguelike dungeon crawler with randomised levels, enemies and items Shattered Pixel Dungeon
shearwater-cloud 2.11.7 Review, edit and share dive log data Shearwater Cloud
sherlock 2.10.0 iOS simulator visual debugger Sherlock
shiba 1.2.1 Rich markdown live preview app with linter Shiba
shield 1.2 App to protect against process injection Shield
shift Workstation to streamline your accounts, apps, and workflows Shift
shiftit 1.6.6 Tool to manage the size and position of windows ShiftIt
shifty 1.2 Menu bar app that provides more control over Night Shift Shifty
shimeike-formulatepro 0.0.6 Overlays text and graphics on PDF documents FormulatePro
shimo 5.0.4,8890 VPN client for secure internet access and private browsing Shimo
shimonote 3.1.1,6d78b4a Document editor Shimonote
shiori 1.1.0 Pinboard and Delicious client that allows you to find and add bookmarks Shiori
shop-different 1.0.1 3D reconstruction of Apple Retail Stores on their opening days Apple Store Time Machine
shortcat 0.11.4 App that enables mouse-free UI interaction Sproutcube Shortcat
shortcutdetective 1.0 Detects which app receives a keyboard shortcut (hotkey) ShortcutDetective
shortcutor 2021.1.4 iOS shortcuts editor Shortcutor
shortcuts 1.0.1 Restart/Sleep/Logout/Shutdown/Lock Shortcuts
shotcut 24.06.26 Video editor Shotcut
shottr 1.7.2 Screenshot measurement and annotation tool Shottr
showhiddenfiles 2.0.6,62 Reveals hidden files in Finder ShowHiddenFiles
showmeyourhotkeys 1.9,22 Show applications menu items hotkeys ShowMeYourHotKeys
showyedge 5.7.0 Visible indicator of the current input source ShowyEdge
shrinkit 1.3.2 ShrinkIt
shupapan Shupapan
shureplus-motiv 1.5.4 Additional features and controls for Shure MV7 and MV88+ microphones ShurePlus MOTIV
shutter-encoder 18.3 Video, audio and image converter Shutter Encoder
shuttle 1.2.9 Simple shortcut menu Shuttle
sia-ui 1.5.9 Graphical frontend for Sia Sia-UI
sidekick 4.2.8 Location-based settings manager Sidekick
sidenotes 1.4.15 Note-taking application SideNotes
sidequest 0.10.42 Virtual reality content platform SideQuest
sidestep 1.4.1 Sidestep
sigdigger 0.3.0 Qt-based digital signal analyzer SigDigger
sigil 2.2.1 EPUB ebook editor Sigil
sigmaos Web browser SigmaOS
signal 7.16.0 Instant messaging application focusing on security Signal
signal@beta 7.17.0-beta.1 Instant messaging application focusing on security Signal Beta
signet 1.3,2020.09 Scans and checks bundle signatures Signet
silentknight 2.9,2024.06 Automatically checks computer's security SilentKnight
silicon 1.0.5 Identify Intel-only apps Silicon
silicon-info 1.0.3 View the architecture of the running application Silicon Info
silicon-labs-vcp-driver 6.0.2 CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Driver Silicon Labs VCP Driver
silnite 10,2023.07 Checks EFI firmware and security data file updates silnite
silo 2024.2.0 3D polygonal modeller and UV mapper Silo
sim-daltonism 2.0.5 Colour blindness simulator for videos and images Sim Daltonism
sim-genie 2024.1,306 Easier access to Xcode Simulator functionality Sim Genie
simpholders 3.0.12,2366 SimPholders
simple-comic 1.9.8 Comic viewer/reader Simple Comic
simple-web-server 1.2.12 Create local web servers Simple Web Server
simpleclock 1.1 Simple analogue clock screensaver written entirely in Swift Simple Clock Screensaver
simplefloatingclock 1.8 Simple Floating Clock
simplemind 2.4.0,b3043 Cross-platform mind mapping tool SimpleMind
simplenote 2.22.1 React client for Simplenote Simplenote
simplesynth 1.1 Small and fast synth SimpleSynth
simpletex 0.2.6,0.2.5 Formula snipping and recognition app SimpleTex
simplex 5.8.2 Messenger for SimpleX protocol SimpleX Chat
simplistic latest SimPLISTic
simply-fortran 3.35.4226 Fortran development environment Simply Fortran
simsim 1.4.6 Tool to explore iOS application folders in Terminal or Finder SimSim
singlecrystal 5.1.0 Crystal diffraction software SingleCrystal
singularity Client for Second Life and OpenSim Singularity Viewer
sioyek 2.0.0 PDF viewer designed for reading research papers and technical books Sioyek
sip 3.5.1 Collect, organise & share colours Sip
sipgate-clinq 1.20.7 Softphone for making telephone calls over the internet Sipgate CLINQ
sipgate-softphone 1.17.19 Make telephone calls on the computer Sipgate Softphone
sirimote 1.4.5 Control your computer with your Apple TV Siri Remote SiriMote
sitala 2.0.1 Drum sampler plugin and standalone app Sitala
sitesucker-pro 5.4.2 Website downloader tool SiteSucker Pro
sixtyforce 2.0.2 N64 emulator sixtyforce
siyuan 3.1.1 Local-first personal knowledge management system SiYuan
sizeup 1.7.4 Utility to resize and position application windows SizeUp
sizzy 72.2.0 Tool to simulate responsive designs on multiple devices Sizzy
skala-preview 2.0 Design preview tool Skala Preview
sketch 100.2,180162 Digital design and prototyping platform Sketch
sketch-toolbox 0.5.1 Plugin manager for Sketch Sketch Toolbox
sketch@beta 100.1,180159 Digital design and prototyping platform Sketch
sketchbook 8.7.1,2019 Draw, paint, & sketch application Autodesk Sketchbook
skiff 0.4.0 End-to-end encrypted email, calendar, documents, and files support Skiff
skim 1.7.3 PDF reader and note-taking application Skim
skitch 2.9 Screen capture tool with mark up and sharing features Skitch
skychart 4.2.1-4073 Draw sky charts SkyChart
skyfonts Font manager SkyFonts
skype Video chat, voice call and instant messaging application Skype
skype-for-business Microsofts instant messaging enterprise software Skype for Business
skype@preview Video chat, voice call and instant messaging application Skype Preview
slab 1.5.3 Knowledge management for organisations Slab
slack 4.39.90 Team communication and collaboration software Slack
slack-cli 2.27.1 CLI to create, run, and deploy Slack apps Slack CLI
slack@beta 4.39.90 Team communication and collaboration software Slack
sleek 2.0.14 Todo manager based on the todo.txt syntax sleek
sleipnir 4.6.6 Web browser Sleipnir
slic3r 1.3.0 3D printing toolbox Slic3r
slicer 5.6.2,660fa2e930e... Medical image processing and visualization system 3D Slicer
slicer@preview latest Medical image processing and visualization system 3D Slicer
slidepilot 1.8.0 PDF presentation tool SlidePilot
slik 2.1.1 Apps and web apps launcher Slik
slimbatterymonitor 1.5 SlimBatteryMonitor
slimhud 1.5.1 Replacement for the volume, brightness and keyboard backlight HUDs SlimHUD
slippi-dolphin 3.4.1 Fork of the Dolphin GameCube and Wii emulator with netplay support via Slippi Slippi
slite 1.2.21,2403044dm7... Team communication and collaboration software Slite
sloth 3.3 Displays all open files and sockets in use by all running processes Sloth
smart-converter-pro 3.1.5 Video converter Smart Converter Pro
smartgit 23.1.3 Git client SmartGit
smartreporter-free 3.2.0 Drive failure monitoring tool SMARTReporter Free
smartsvn 14.4.1 Subversion client SmartSVN
smartsynchronize 4.5.0 File and directory compare tool SmartSynchronize
smcfancontrol 2.6 Sets a minimum speed for built-in fans smcFanControl
smcfancontrol@beta 2.6.1 Sets a minimum speed for built-in fans smcFanControl
smlnj 110.99.5 Compiler for the Standard ML '97 programming language Standard ML of New Jersey
smoothscroll 1.6.0 Smooth mouse scrolling utility SmoothScroll
smooze 1.9.26 Animates scrolling and adds functionality to scroll-wheel mice Smooze
smooze-pro 2.0.72 Animates scrolling and adds functionality to scroll-wheel mice Smooze Pro
smplayer 24.5.0 Media player with built-in codecs SMPlayer
sms-plus 1.3.7 Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator SMS Plus
smultron 14.0.9,14090 General-purpose text editor Smultron
snagit 2024.2.5 Screen capture software Snagit
snapmaker-luban 4.13.0 3D printing software Snapmaker Luban
snapmotion 5.2.4 Extract images from videos SnapMotion
snapndrag 4.5.1 Screen capture application SnapNDrag
snes9x 1.62.3 Video game console emulator Snes9x
snip 2.0,5771 Screen capture tool Snip
snipaste 2.9.2-Beta Snip or pin screenshots Snipaste
snipy 1.0.3 Snippet manager with sharing support Snipy
snowflake-snowsql 1.3.1 Command-line client for connecting to Snowflake SnowSQL
snwe 0.1.0 Extensible, customisable, menu bar replacement snwe
soapui 5.7.2 API testing tool SmartBear SoapUI
socket-io-tester 1.2.3
sococo 6.12.2 Online workplace client Sococo
soduto 1.0.1 Communicate and share information between devices Soduto
sofa-server 1.5 Remote control for your computer Sofa
softmaker-freeoffice 2024,1216 Office suite SoftMaker FreeOffice
softorino-youtube-converter 4.0.22 YouTube downloader and converter Softorino YouTube Converter
softraid 8.1 Powerful and intuitive software RAID utility SoftRAID
softube-central 1.11.0 Installer for installation and license activation of Softube products Softube Central
sol 2.1.82 Launcher & command palette Sol
solar2d 2024.3707 Lua-based game engine Solar2D
solvespace 3.1 Parametric 2d/3d CAD SolveSpace
sonarr PVR for Usenet and BitTorrent users Sonarr
sonarr-menu 3.3 Utility that adds a menu to the Status Bar for managing Sonarr Sonarr Menu
sonarr@beta PVR for Usenet and BitTorrent users Sonarr Beta
songkong 10.8,1.0 Automated audio tag editor SongKong
sonic-lineup 1.1,2768 Rapid visualisation of multiple audio files for comparison Sonic Lineup
sonic-pi 4.5.1 Code-based music creation and performance tool Sonic Pi
sonic-robo-blast-2 2.2.13 3D open-source Sonic the Hedgehog fangame built using a Doom Legacy port of Doom Sonic Robo Blast 2
sonic-robo-blast-2-kart 1.6 Classic styled kart racer, complete with beautiful courses, and wacky items Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart
sonic-visualiser 4.5.2,2851 Visualisation, analysis, and annotation of music audio recordings Sonic Visualiser
sonic3air Reimplementation of Sonic 3 & Knuckles (requires original game) Sonic 3 A.I.R.
sonixd 0.15.5 Desktop client for Subsonic-API and Jellyfin music servers Sonixd
sonoair 1.0-beta-7.0 SonoAir
sonobus 1.7.2 High-quality network audio streaming SonoBus
sonos 16.3,80.1.55014 Control your Sonos system Sonos S2
sonos-s1-controller 57.21-50280,LGeb8... Controller for Gen 1 Sonos products Sonos S1
sony-ps-remote-play 7.0.1 Application to control your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 PS Remote Play
soothe2 1.3.1 Dynamic resonance suppressor Soothe 2
soqlxplorer 4.6 Desktop client for platform SoqlXplorer
soulseek 2024-2-1 File sharing network Soulseek
soulver 3.11.3,447 Notepad with a built-in calculator Soulver
soulver-cli 1.0.1 Standalone cli for the Soulver calculation engine Soulver CLI
sound-control 3.1.10 Per-app audio controls Sound Control
sound-siphon 3.6.8 App audio capture SoundSiphon
soundboosterlite 0.31 App for an enhanced audio experience FroYoSoft Sound Booster Lite
soundflower 2.0b2 Soundflower
soundflowerbed 2.0.0 Taps into Soundflower channels and route them to an audio device SoundflowerBed
soundsource 5.6.3 Sound and audio controller SoundSource
soundtoys Audio Effects Plugins Soundtoys
sourcenote 1.3.2 Text snippet app SourceNote
sourcetrail 2021.4.19 Code source explorer Sourcetrail
sourcetree 4.2.8,265 Graphical client for Git version control Atlassian SourceTree
sourcetree@beta 4.2.8b18,264 Graphical client for Git version control Atlassian Sourctree
space-capsule 1.15 Spaces management tool Space Capsule
space-saver 0.6 Delete local Time Machine backups Space Saver
spacedrive 0.4.0 Open source cross-platform file explorer Spacedrive
spaceid 1.4 Menu bar indicator showing the currently selected space SpaceId
spacelauncher 2.0.12 App launcher/switcher SpaceLauncher
spaceman 1.0 View Spaces / Virtual Desktops in the menu bar Spaceman
spaceradar 5.1.0 Disk space and memory visualiser SpaceRadar
spamsieve 3.0.5 Spam filtering extension for e-mail clients SpamSieve
spark 3.3.2 Shortcut manager Spark
spark-ar-studio 181 Create and share augmented reality experiences using the Facebook family of apps Spark AR Studio
sparkle 2.6.4 Software update framework for Cocoa developers Sparkle
sparkleshare 3.28 Tool to sync with any Git repository instantly SparkleShare
sparkplate 1.0.0 Features a test page for resolving human readable domains to crypto addresses Sparkplate
sparrow 1.9.1 Bitcoin wallet application Sparrow Bitcoin Wallet
spatial 0.6.1 Tool for working with MV-HEVC/spatial videos Spatial
spatterlight 1.1 Play most kinds of interactive fiction game files Spatterlight
spechtlite 0.10.7 Rule-based proxy SpechtLite
spectacle 1.2,672 Move and resize windows with ease Spectacle
spectacle-editor 0.1.6 Drag and drop Spectacle editor Spectacle Editor
specter 2.0.5 Desktop GUI for Bitcoin Core optimised to work with hardware wallets Specter
speedcrunch 0.12 SpeedCrunch
speedify 14.8.6,10268 VPN client Speedify
spideroakone 7.5.0 Cloud backup and storage SpiderOak One Backup
spike 3.4.3 Develop with Scratch and Python for your LEGO Spike set Lego SPIKE
spillo 2.0,158 Spillo
spires 2.0.9 Frontend for inspire-hep and arxiv spires
spitfire-audio 3.4.13,1720086000 Download manager for Spitfire audio libraries Spitfire Audio
splashtop-business Remote access software Splashtop Business
splashtop-personal Connect to and control computers from desktop and mobile devices Splashtop Personal
splashtop-streamer Connect to and control computers from desktop and mobile devices Splashtop Streamer
splayer 4.9.4 Media player SPlayer
splice 5.0.16 Cloud-based music creation and collaboration platform Splice
spline 0.12.5 Design and collaborate in 3D Spline
splitshow 0.9.12-alpha Dual-head presentation of PDF slides SplitShow
spotifree 1.6.5 Automatically mutes ads on Spotify (not supported) Spotifree
spotify,242057... Music streaming service Spotify
spotify-now-playing 0.7.0 Spotify - now playing
spotify4bigsur 1.1 Implements a Widget for Spotify in the Notification Center Spotify4BigSur
spotmenu 1.9 Spotify and iTunes in the menu bar SpotMenu
spotspot 4.0.2 Spotify mini-player SpotSpot
springtoolsuite 4.23.1,4.32.0 Next generation tooling for Spring Boot Spring Tool Suite
spundle 1.8,2023.12 Create, resize and compact sparse bundles spundle
spybuster 3.0.1 Anti-spyware tool SpyBuster
spyder 5.5.5 Scientific Python IDE Spyder
sq-mixpad 1.5.1 Remote control for Allen & Heath SQ audio consoles SQ MixPad
sql-tabs 1.1.0 SQL Tabs
sqlcl Oracle SQLcl is the modern command-line interface for the Oracle Database sqlcl
sqlectron 1.38.0 Sqlectron
sqleditor 4.0.3 SQL database design tool SQLEditor
sqlexplorer 3.6.1 SQL Client for JDBC compliant databases Eclipse SQL Explorer
sqlight Database management tool SQLight
sqlitemanager 4.8.4 Database management system for sqlite databases SQLiteManager
sqlitestudio 3.4.4 Create, edit, browse SQLite databases SQLiteStudio
sqlpro-for-mssql 2024.21 Microsoft SQL Server database client SQLPro for MSSQL
sqlpro-for-mysql 2024.21 MySQL & MariaDB database client SQLPro for MySQL
sqlpro-for-postgres 2024.21 Lightweight PostgreSQL database client SQLPro for Postgres
sqlpro-for-sqlite 2024.30 Advanced sqlite editor SQLPro for SQLite
sqlpro-studio 2024.21 Database management tool SQLPro Studio
sqlworkbenchj 124 DBMS-independent SQL query tool SQL Workbench/J
squash 3.2.0,905 Batch image processor, resiser, and converter squash
squeak 6.0,22148 Smalltalk programming system Squeak
squidman 4.2 Manage and install Squid proxy cache SquidMan
squirrel 1.0.2 Rime input method engine Squirrel
squirrelsql 4.7.1 Graphical Java program for viewing the structure of a JDBC compliant database SQuirrel SQL
ssdreporter-free 1.6.0 SSD health monitoring tool SSDReporter Free
ssh-config-editor 2.6.5,105 Tool for managing the OpenSSH ssh client configuration file SSH Config Editor
ssh-tunnel-manager 227.006,1478083232 Application for managing SSH tunnels SSH Tunnel Manager
ssokit 1.2.1 TCP and UDP debug tool SSokit
stack 2.11.1-20220906 Personal online hard drive to store, view and share files STACK
stack-stack 3.43.2 Workspace to manage all your productivity apps from one place Stack
stand 2.1.1 Reminds you to stand up once an hour Stand
standard-notes 3.194.13 Free, open-source, and completely encrypted notes app Standard Notes
starcraft Starcraft
starnet-plus-plus 2,03,2022 Removes stars from astrophotography images using ML models starnet++
starnet2 02,2023 Removes stars from astrophotography images using ML models starnet2
starsector 0.97a-RC11 Open-world single-player space combat and trading RPG Starsector
start 0.301.15650-52 Tencent cloud gaming platform START
startupizer 2,2060,1527510167 Login items handler Startupizer2
staruml 6.2.2 Software modeller StarUML
stash 2.7.0,301 Network tool based on Clash Stash
stashpad 1.2.28 Notes app for collaborative work Stashpad
stationtv-link 1.1.1 DVR and Media Server StationTV® Link
stats 2.11.3 System monitor for the menu bar Stats
statusfy 1.4.0 Spotify in the status bar Statusfy
stay 1.4 Windows manager Stay
steam 4.0 Video game digital distribution service Steam
steam-plus-plus 3.0.0-rc.9 Steam helper tools Steam++
steamcmd 1721172922 Command-line client for Steam SteamCMD
steelseries-engine 3.22.0 Settings for SteelSeries peripherals and accessories SteelSeries Engine 3
steelseries-gg 66.0.0 Settings for SteelSeries peripherals and accessories SteelSeries GG 66
steermouse 5.7 Customise mouse buttons, wheels and cursor speed SteerMouse
steinberg-activation-manager Licenses manager for Steinberg Licensing Steinberg Activation Manager
stella 6.7.1 Multi-platform Atari 2600 Emulator Stella
stellarium 24.2 Tool to render realistic skies in real time on the screen Stellarium
stepmania 5.0.12 Advanced rhythm game designed for both home and arcade use StepMania
steveschow-gfxcardstatus 2.4.4i gfxCardStatus
stolendata-mpv 0.37.0 Media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2 mpv
stoplight-studio 2.10.0,9587.git-0... Editor for designing and documenting APIs Stoplight Studio
stork 1.0.18,1767 Messenger with powerful features for hybrid work Stork
storyboarder 3.0.0 Visualise a story as fast you can draw stick figures Wonder Unit Storyboarder
strawberry-wallpaper 1.4.2 Automatically update wallpapers of major galleries Strawberry Wallpaper
streamlabs 1.16.7 All-in-one live streaming software Streamlabs Desktop
streamlink-twitch-gui 2.5.2 Multi platform browser for Streamlink Streamlink Twitch GUI
streammusic 1.2.9 Music client compatible with self-hosted music services StreamMusic
stremio 4.4.168 Open-source media center Stremio
stretchly 1.15.1 Break time reminder app Stretchly
stringsfile 1.0 Quick Look plugin to preview .strings files StringsFile QuickLook plugin
stringz 0.7.5 Editor for localizable files Stringz
strongvpn 2.4.2,113487 VPN app with support for multiple protocols StrongVPN
studio-3t 2024.3.1 IDE, client, and GUI for MongoDB Studio 3T
studiolinkstandalone 21.05.0 SIP application to create high quality Audio over IP (AoIP) connections Studio Link Standalone
subethaedit 5.2.4 Plain text and source editor SubEthaEdit
subgit 3.3.17 Convert SVN repositories to Git SubGit
subler 1.8.4 Mux and tag mp4 files Subler
sublercli 1.5.1 Command-line version of Subler SublerCLI
sublime-merge 2096 Git client Sublime Merge
sublime-merge@dev 2095 Git client Sublime Merge
sublime-text 4169 Text editor for code, markup and prose Sublime Text
sublime-text@dev 4177 Text editor for code, markup and prose Sublime Text
submariner 3.2 Subsonic client Submariner
subsurface 6.0.5214 Open source divelog program Subsurface
subsync 0.17.0 Subtitle speech synchroniser subsync
subtitle-master 2.0.1 Search for subtitles Subtitle Master
subtools 1.0.1 Helper-application for MP4tools, MKVtools, and AVItools SUBtools
suitcase-fusion 21.4.4 Font manager Extensis Suitcase Fusion
sunloginclient Remote desktop control and monitoring tool Sunlogin Client
sunlogincontrol Target component of remote desktop control and monitoring tool SunloginControl
sunsama 2.3.5,2407084nf0y... Daily planner and calendar Sunsama
sunvox 2.1.1c Modular synthesiser SunVox
supercollider 3.13.0 Server, language, and IDE for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition SuperCollider
superduper 3.8,132 Backup, recovery and cloning software SuperDuper!
superhuman 25.1.35 Email client Superhuman
superkey 1.38 Search and click text anywhere on screen Superkey
superlist 1.11.0 Collaborative to-do list app Superlist
supermjograph 0.17.2 Generate scientific graphs from data SuperMjograph
supernotes 3.1.3 Collaborative note-taking app Supernotes
superproductivity 9.0.4 To-do list and time tracker Super Productivity
superslicer,240701 Convert 3D models into G-code instructions or PNG layers SuperSlicer
supersync 7.0.9 SuperSync
supertuxkart 1.4 Kart racing game SuperTuxKart
surfeasy-vpn 3.14.78 VPN client SurfEasy VPN
surfshark 4.15.1,2271 VPN client for secure internet access and private browsing Surfshark
surge 5.7.4,2806,afe676... Network toolbox Surge
surge-synthesizer 1.9.0 Hybrid synthesiser Surge
surge-xt 1.3.2 Hybrid synthesiser Surge XT
surge@4 4.11.2,2016,b4c9d... Network toolbox Surge
suspicious-package 4.4,1088 Application for inspecting installer packages Suspicious Package
suuntodm5 1.5.4 Create dive plans and analyze your dives Suunto DM5
svgcleaner 0.9.5 Tool to clean up SVG files by removing unnecessary data SVG Cleaner
svp 4.6.264 Real time video frame rate converter SVP 4 Mac
sweet-home3d 7.4 Interior design application Sweet Home 3D
swift 4.0.2 XMPP client Swift
swift-publisher 5.6.9 Page layout and desktop publishing application Swift Publisher
swift-quit 1.5 Enable Windows-like program quitting when all windows are closed Swift Quit
swiftbar 2.0.0 Menu bar customization tool SwiftBar
swiftcord 0.7.1 Native Discord client built in Swift Swiftcord
swiftdefaultappsprefpane 2.0.1 Replacement for RCDefaultApps, written in Swift SwiftDefaultApps
swiftformat-for-xcode 0.54.2 Xcode Extension for reformatting Swift code SwiftFormat for Xcode
swiftplantumlapp 1.6.0 Generate and view a class diagram for Swift code in Xcode swiftplantumlapp
swiftpm-catalog 1.2.2,1238 Browse and search for Swift Package Manager packages SwiftPM Catalog
swifty 0.6.13 Offline password manager tool Swifty
swiftybeaver 1.1.0 Swift logging SwiftyBeaver
swimat 1.7.0 Xcode formatter plug-in for Swift code Swimat
swinsian 2.3.6 Music player Swinsian
swish 1.10.3 Control windows and applications right from your trackpad Swish
switch 12.04 Multiple format audio file converter Switch Audio Converter
switchhosts App to switch hosts SwitchHosts
switchkey 1.1.3 SwitchKey
switchresx 4.13.5 Controls screen display settings SwitchResX
symboliclinker 2.2 Service that allows users to make symbolic links in the Finder SymbolicLinker
synalyze-it-pro 1.32 Hex editing and binary file analysis app Synalyze It! Pro
sync 2.2.41 Store, share and access files from anywhere Sync
sync-my-l2p 2.5.1a Synchronises your documents from the L2P and Moodle of RWTH Aachen Sync-my-L2P
syncalicious 0.0.6 Backup and synchronise preferences across multiple machines Syncalicious
syncmate 8.3.494 All-in-one sync tool SyncMate
syncovery 10.15.4 File synchronisation and backup software Syncovery
syncplay 1.7.3 Synchronises media players Syncplay
syncroom 1.6.4 Online remote concert service SYNCROOM
syncterm 1.1 BBS terminal program SyncTERM
syncthing 1.27.8-1 Real time file synchronisation software Syncthing
synfigstudio 1.4.5,2024.05.19,... 2D animation software Synfig Studio
synology-chat 1.2.3-0232 Messaging service that runs on Synology NAS Synology Chat
synology-cloud-station-backup 4.3.3,4469 Back up files to a centralised Synology NAS Synology Cloud Station Backup
synology-drive 3.5.0,16084 Sync and backup service to Synology NAS drives Synology Drive
synology-note-station-client 2.2.4-703 Write, view, manage and share content-rich notes Synology Note Station Client
synology-photo-station-uploader 1.4.6,098 Bulk upload photos and videos to Synology Photo Station Synology Photo Station Uploader
synology-surveillance-station-client 2.2.0-2507 Desktop utility to access Surveillance Station on Synology products Synology Surveillance Station Client
synologyassistant 7.0.4,50051 Tool to manage Synology NAS's across a LAN Synology Assistant
syntax-highlight 2.1.24 Quicklook extension for source files Syntax Highlight
synthesia 10.9 Learn how to play the piano using falling notes Synthesia
sysdig-inspect 0.12.0 Interface for container troubleshooting and security investigation Sysdig Inspect
sysex-librarian 1.5.2 Communicate with MIDI devices using System Exclusive messages SysEx Librarian
tabby 1.0.211 Terminal emulator, SSH and serial client Tabby
table-tool 1.2.1 CSV file editor Table Tool
tableau 2024.1.4 Data visualization software Tableau Desktop
tableau-prep 2024.1.4 Combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis Tableau Prep
tableau-public 2024.1.4 Explore, create and publicly share data visualisations online Tableau Public
tableau-reader 2024.1.4 Open and interact with data visualisations built in Tableau Desktop Tableau Reader
tablecruncher Lightweight CSV editor Tablecruncher
tableflip 1.6.2 Edit plain text tables in place: Markdown, CSV, JSON. LaTeX and HTML export TableFlip
tableplus 6.1.2,568 Native GUI tool for relational databases TablePlus
tabtopus 4.2.5 Web browser tabs URL exporter TabTopus
tabula 1.2.1 Tool for liberating data tables trapped inside PDF files Tabula
taccy 1.15,2023.06 Troubleshoot signature and privacy problems in applications Taccy
tachidesk-sorayomi 0.5.23 Manga reader Tachidesk Sorayomi
tad 0.14.0 Desktop application for viewing and analyzing tabular data Tad
tag 1.0.5,017 Music tag editor Tag
tageditor 1.0.15,1249 Spreadsheet style tag editor for audio files Tag Editor
tagger Music metadata editor supporting batch edits and importing VGMdb data Tagger
tagspaces 5.9.2 Offline, open-source, document manager with tagging support TagSpaces
tailscale 1.70.0 Mesh VPN based on WireGuard Tailscale
tales-of-majeyal 1.7.6 Topdown tactical RPG roguelike game and game engine Tales of Maj'Eyal
talon 0.4.0 Enables you to control your computer with voice, eye tracking, or noises Talon
tandem 2.2.1130 Virtual office for remote teams Tandem
tap-forms 5.3.41,dLlrE4jNTV... Helps to organise important files in one place Tap Forms 5
taskade 4.3.3 Task manager for teams Taskade
taskexplorer 2.0.2 Tool to explore all the running tasks (processes) TaskExplorer
taskpaper 3.9.1 App to make lists and help with organisation TaskPaper
taskwarrior-pomodoro 1.8.0 Taskwarrior-Pomodoro
tastytrade 2.14.0 Desktop trading platform tastytrade
tau 2.33.2 Profiling and tracing toolkit TAU
td-agent 4.4.1 Fluentd distribution package td-agent
tdr-kotelnikov 1.6.5 Wideband dynamics processor TDR Kotelnikov
tdr-nova 2.1.6 Parallel dynamic equaliser TDR Nova
tdr-vos-slickeq 1.3.8 Mixing equaliser TDR VOS SlickEQ
teacode 1.1.43 Text expanding app for developers TeaCode
teambition 2.0.3 Teambition
teamspeak-client 3.6.2 Voice communication client TeamSpeak Client
teamspeak-client@beta 5.0.0-beta77 Voice communication client TeamSpeak Beta
teamviewer 15.55.3 Remote access and connectivity software focused on security TeamViewer
teamviewer-host 15 Remote connectivity solution TeamViewer Host
teamviewer-quickjoin 15 Standalone TeamViewer app for joining presentations and meetings TeamViewer QuickJoin
teamviewer-quicksupport 15 Remote support for computers and mobile devices TeamViewer QuickSupport
teamviewermeeting 15.55.3 Videoconferencing and communication software TeamViewerMeeting
techsmith-capture 1.3.31 Screen capture software TechSmith Capture
teensy 1.59-beta3 Firmware flashing utility Teensy
teeworlds 0.7.5 Teeworlds
telegram 10.15.2,265540 Messaging app with a focus on speed and security Telegram for macOS
telegram-a 10.9.8 Web client for Telegram messenger Telegram A
telegram-desktop 5.2.3 Desktop client for Telegram messenger Telegram Desktop
telegram-desktop@beta 5.1.8 Desktop client for Telegram messenger Telegram Desktop
teleport-connect 16.1.0 Developer-friendly browser for cloud infrastructure Teleport Connect
tella 1.23,14385 Screen recorder Tella
tempbox 1.1 Disposable email client Tempbox
temurin 22.0.2,9 JDK from the Eclipse Foundation (Adoptium) Eclipse Temurin Java Development Kit
temurin@11 11.0.24,8 JDK from the Eclipse Foundation (Adoptium) Eclipse Temurin 11
temurin@17 17.0.12,7 JDK from the Eclipse Foundation (Adoptium) Eclipse Temurin Java Development Kit
temurin@19 19.0.2,7 JDK from the Eclipse Foundation (Adoptium) Eclipse Temurin Java Development Kit
temurin@20 20.0.2,9 JDK from the Eclipse Foundation (Adoptium) Eclipse Temurin Java Development Kit
temurin@21 21.0.4,7 JDK from the Eclipse Foundation (Adoptium) Eclipse Temurin 21
temurin@8 8,422,05 JDK from the Eclipse Foundation (Adoptium) Eclipse Temurin 8
tenable-nessus-agent 10.7.1,23573 Agent for Nessus vulnerability scanner Tenable Nessus Agent
tencent-docs 3.6.1 Online editor for Word, Excel and PPT documents Tencent Docs
tencent-lemon 5.1.9 Cleanup and system status tool Tencent Lemon Cleaner
tencent-meeting,c20d8b... Cloud video conferencing Tencent Meeting
tenor 2.0.5 Send, share and save gifs from the menu bar Tenor
tentacle-sync-studio 1.34 Automatically synchronise video and audio via timecode Tentacle Sync Studio
termhere 1.2.1 Finder extension for opening a terminal from the current directory TermHere
terminology 0.1 terminology
termius 9.1.0 SSH client Termius
termius@beta 9.1.0 SSH client Termius Beta
tetrio 9 Free-to-play Tetris clone TETR.IO
tev 1.27 HDR image comparison tool with an emphasis on OpenEXR images tev
tex-live-utility 1.54 Graphical user interface for TeX Live Manager TeX Live Utility
texifier 1.9.27,802,38a73af LaTeX editor Texifier
texmacs 2.1.4 Scientific editing platform GNU TeXmacs
texmaker 5.1.4 LaTeX editor Texmaker
texshop 5.36 LaTeX and TeX editor and previewer TeXShop
texstudio 4.8.1 LaTeX editor TeXstudio
textadept 12.4 Text editor Textadept
textbar 3.5.6 Add any text to menu bar TextBar
textbuddy 1.4.3,28 Convert, filter, sort, and transform text TextBuddy
textexpander 7.7.1,771.8 Inserts pre-made snippets of text anywhere TextExpander
textmate 2.0.23 General-purpose text editor TextMate
texts 1.5 Word processor that uses plain text Markdown Texts
textsniper 1.10.1 Extract text from images and other digital documents TextSniper
textual 7.2.3,240606.22,1... Application for interacting with Internet Relay Chat (IRC) chatrooms Textual
texturepacker 7.4.0 Game sprite sheet packer TexturePacker
texworks 0.6.9,20240212064... Main codebase TeXworks
tg-pro 2.92 Temperature monitoring, fan control and diagnostics TG Pro
thangs-sync 1.7.21 Secure, 3D-native revision control in the cloud Thangs Sync
the-archive 1.7.14 Note Taking: Nimble, Calm, Plain.txt The Archive
the-archive-browser 1.11.2,111,150401... Browse the contents of archives The Archive Browser
the-battle-for-wesnoth 1.18.1 Fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game The Battle for Wesnoth
the-cheat 1.2.5 Game trainer The Cheat
the-clock 4.9 Clock and time zone app The Clock
the-unarchiver 4.3.8,146,1715865652 Unpacks archive files The Unarchiver
the-unofficial-homestuck-collection 2.5.1 Offline viewer for the webcomic Homestuck The Unofficial Homestuck Collection
thebrain Mind mapping and personal knowledge base software TheBrain
thedesk 24.2.1 Mastodon/Misskey Client for PC TheDesk
theiaide 1.51.0 IDE framework TheiaIDE
themeengine 1.0.0,111 App to edit compiled .car files ThemeEngine
there 1.8.10 Tool to display the local times of people in a team There
therm 0.6.4 Fork of iTerm2 that aims to have good defaults and minimal features Therm
thetimemachinemechanic 2.02,2024.01 Time Machine log viewer & status inspector The Time Machine Mechanic
thingsmacsandboxhelper 3.39 Helper application for Things Things Helper
thinkorswim latest Desktop client for TD Ameritrade trading platform thinkDesktop
thinlinc-client 4.17.0_3543 Linux remote desktop server ThinLinc
thonny 4.1.4 Python IDE for beginners Thonny
thonny-xxl 3.3.13 Python IDE for beginners Thonny (XXL bundle)
thor 1.5.14 Utility to switch between applications Thor
thorium 3.0.0 Epub reader Thorium Reader
threads 2.3.0 Communication tool for focused discussions and decision taking Threads
threema 1.2.43 End-to-end encrypted instant messaging application Threema
threema-work 1.2.43 End-to-end encrypted instant messaging application Threema Work
threema@beta 2.0-beta38 End-to-end encrypted instant messaging application Threema
ths 4.5.0 Stock trading software Straight Flush
thumbsup 4.5.3 ThumbsUp
thunder VPN and WiFi proxy Thunder
thunderbird 115.13.0 Customizable email client Mozilla Thunderbird
thunderbird@beta latest Customizable email client Mozilla Thunderbird
thunderbird@daily latest Customizable email client Earlybird
thyme 0.5.1 Task timer Thyme
ti-connect-ce,D96C799... Connectivity software for the TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators TI Connect™ CE
ti-smartview-ce-for-the-ti-84-plus-family Software to emulate the TI 84 Plus family of calculators TI SmartView CE Emulator Software for the TI-84 Plus Family
tic80 1.1.2837 Fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games TIC-80
tickeys 0.5.0 Utility for producing audio feedback when typing Tickeys
ticktick 6.0.10 To-do & task list manager TickTick
tidal 2.37.8 Music streaming service with high fidelity sound and hi-def video quality TIDAL
tiddly 0.0.20 Browser for TiddlyWiki TiddlyWiki
tidelift 1.13.36 Tool to interact with the Tidelift system Tidelift CLI
tidgi 0.10.3 Personal knowledge-base app TidGi
tiger-trade 8.27.2,6C0EF9 Trading platform Tiger Trade
tigerjython 2.39 Jython-based educational programming environment TigerJython
tigervnc-viewer 1.13.1 Multi-platform VNC client and server TigerVNC
tikzit 2.1.6 PGF/TikZ diagram editor TikZiT
tiled 1.11.0 Flexible level editor Tiled
tiles 1.3.2,03b500a8 Window manager Sempliva Tiles
timche-gmail-desktop 2.25.3 Unofficial Gmail desktop app Gmail Desktop
time-lapse-assembler 1.5.3 Tool to create movies from a sequence of images Time Lapse Assembler
time-out 2.9.7 Customizable timing of breaks Time Out
time-sink 2.2.3 Tracks how you spend your time on your computer Time Sink
time-to-leave 3.0.0 Log work hours and get notified when it's time to leave the office Time To Leave
time-tracker 1.3.13 Time tracking app TimeTracker
timecamp Client application for TimeCamp software - track time and change tasks TimeCamp
timelane 2.0 Timelane
timelapze 1.2.0 Record screen and camera time lapses in a menu bar interface TimeLapze
timemachineeditor 5.2.2 Utility to change the default backup interval of Time Machine TimeMachineEditor
timemachinestatus 0.1.1 Menu bar app to show Time Machine information TimeMachineStatus
timemator 3.0.4 Automatic time-tracking application Timemator
timer 9.0.3 Stopwatch, alarm clock, and clock utility Timer
timestamp 1.0.1 Improved clock for the menu bar Timestamp
timeular 6.8.1 Time tracking aided by a physical device Timeular
timing 2024.2.1 Automatic time and productivity tracking app Timing
timings 3.2.8 Time tracking Timings
tinderbox 10.0.0 Tool to take, visualise and analyze notes Tinderbox
tinkerwell 4.18.0 Tinker tool for PHP and Laravel developers Tinkerwell
tint 1.0.0 Tailwind CSS colour picker Tint
tiny-player 1.6.8 Media player Tiny Player for Mac
tinymediamanager 5.0.8 Media management tool tinyMediaManager
tinypng4mac 1.0.7 TinyPNG client TinyPNG4Mac
tip 2.0.0 Programmable tooltip that can be used with any app Tip
tiptoi-manager 5.2 Manage the data on children's Ravensburger tip toi audio pen tiptoi Manager
tl-legacy 1.148.3 Launcher for Minecraft TL Legacy
tla-plus-toolbox 1.7.1 IDE for TLA+ TLA+ Toolbox
tlv 1.3 Tool for working with Tableau logs Tableau Log Viewer
tmpdisk 2.0.7 Ram disk management TmpDisk
tnefs-enough 3.8 Read and extract files from Microsoft TNEF files TNEF's Enough
to-audio-converter 1.0.19,1244 Audio converter To Audio Converter
todesk Remote control software ToDesk
todoist 9.7.1 To-do list Todoist
todometer 2.0.1 Meter-based to-do list todometer
todotxt 2.4.0 Minimalist, keyboard-driven to-do manager TodoTxtMac
todour 2.22 Todo.txt application Todour Todour
tofu 3.0.1 E-reader software Tofu
toinane-colorpicker 2.2.2 Get and save colour codes Colorpicker
toland-qlmarkdown 1.3.6 Quick Look generator for Markdown files QLMarkdown
tomatobar 3.5.0 Menu bar pomodoro timer TomatoBar
tomighty 1.2 Pomodoro desktop timer Tomighty
toneprint 4.5.11 Alter the character of your TonePrint pedal TonePrint
tongbu Mobile phone management tool Tongbu
toolreleases 1.5.0,59 Utility to notify about the latest Apple tool releases (including Beta releases) ToolReleases
toontown-rewritten 1.5.0 Fan-made revival of Disney's Toontown Online Toontown Rewritten
topaz-denoise-ai 3.7.2 Eliminate noise in your images Topaz DeNoise AI
topaz-gigapixel-ai 7.3.0 AI image upscaler Topaz Gigapixel AI
topaz-photo-ai 3.1.0 AI image enhancer Topaz Photo AI
topaz-sharpen-ai 4.1.0 AI-powered image sharpener that produces natural results Topaz Sharpen AI
topaz-video-ai 5.2.0 Video upscaler and quality enhancer Topaz Video AI
topcat 4.9-1 Interactive graphical viewer and editor for tabular data TOPCAT
topnotch 1.3.2 Utility to hide the notch topnotch
toptracker 1.6.2,6524 Time tracking and invoice processing TopTracker
tor-browser 13.5.1 Web browser focusing on security Tor Browser
tor-browser@alpha 13.5a9 Web browser focusing on security Tor Browser
torguard 4.8.29 VPN client TorGuard
torrent-file-editor 0.3.18 GUI for editing and creating torrent files Torrent File Editor
tortoisehg 6.6.3 Tools for the Mercurial distributed revision control system TortoiseHg
toshiba-color-mfp,20758 Drivers for Toshiba ColorMFP devices Toshiba ColorMFP Drivers
touch-bar-simulator 4.2.0 Touch Bar as a standalone app Touch Bar Simulator
touch-portal 4.2.0 Macro remote control Touch Portal
touchbarserver 1.6 TouchBarServer
touchdesigner 2023.11880 Tool for creating dynamic digital art Derivative TouchDesigner
touchosc 1.3.4,209 MIDI and OSC Controller Software touchosc
touchosc-bridge Modular touch control surface bridge for OSC & MIDI TouchOSC Bridge
touchosc-editor 1.8.9 Modular touch control surface editor for OSC & MIDI TouchOSC Editor
touchswitcher 1.4.6 Use the Touch Bar to switch apps TouchSwitcher
tower 11.1,405,2fc8ee02 Git client focusing on power and productivity Tower
townwifi 1.0.4,21 TownWiFi
tqsl 2.7.3 Sign and upload QSO records to Logbook of The World (LoTW) Trusted QSL
trackerzapper 1.2.1 Menubar app to remove link tracking parameters automatically trackerzapper
trader-workstation 10.30.1h Trading software Trader Workstation
tradingview 2.8.1 Charting and social-networking for investment traders TradingView Desktop
trailer 1.8.11 Managing Pull Requests and Issues For GitHub & GitHub Enterprise Trailer
trainerroad 2024.28.0.335 Cycling training system TrainerRoad
transcribe 9.41.2 Transcribes recorded music Transcribe!
transfer 2.2.2 Standalone TFTP, FTP, and SFTP server transfer
transmission 4.0.6 Open-source BitTorrent client Transmission
transmission-remote-gui 5.18.0 Transmission Remote GUI
transmission@nightly latest Open-source BitTorrent client Transmission
transmit 5.10.4 File transfer application Transmit
transnomino 8.5.1 Batch rename utility Transnomino
transocks 3.0.9 Tool to optimise access to various video music resources Transocks
treesheets 10029896019 Hierarchical spreadsheet and outline application TreeSheets
tresorit 3.5.3057.4290 Client for the Tresorit cloud storage service Tresorit
trex 1.7.0 Easy to use text extraction tool TRex
trezor-bridge 2.0.27 Facilitates communication between the Trezor device and supported browsers TREZOR Bridge
trezor-suite 24.7.2 Companion app for the Trezor hardware wallet TREZOR Suite
tribler 7.14.0 Privacy enhanced BitTorrent client with P2P content discovery Tribler
trilium-notes 0.63.7 Personal knowledge base Trilium Notes
trim-enabler 4.3.6,26,1609590590 Enable trim for SSD performance Trim Enabler
trinity 1.6.2 Cryptocurrency wallet IOTA Trinity Wallet
triplecheese 1.3,12092 Luscious and cheesy synthesiser Triple Cheese
tripmode 3.2.3,1384,1834 Control your data usage on slow or expensive networks TripMode
trivial 1.0.10 Simple file transfer server supporting many protocols Trivial
trojanx 0.4 Mechanism to bypass the Great Firewall TrojanX
trolcommander 0.9.9 Fork of the muCommander file manager trolCommander
tropy 1.16.2 Research photo management Tropy
truhu 315 Display calibration utility TruHu
trunk-io 1.3.1 Developer experience toolkit used to check, test, merge, and monitor code Trunk Launcher
tsh 16.1.0 SSH server for teams managing distributed infrastructure Teleport TSH
tsh@13 13.4.26 SSH server for teams managing distributed infrastructure Teleport TSH (v13)
ttscoff-mmd-quicklook 1.2 Quick Look plugin for viewing MultiMarkdown MMD-QuickLook
tuck 1.0 Window manager Tuck
tuist 4.21.2 Create, maintain, and interact with Xcode projects at scale Tuist
tunein 1.28.0 Free Internet Radio TuneIn
tuneinstructor 3.7v5 Menu bar control for Apple Music Tune•Instructor
tunetag 1.5 ID3 and metadata editor for audio files TuneTag
tunnelbear 5.3.1 VPN client for secure internet access and private browsing TunnelBear
tunnelblick 4.0.1,5971 Free and open-source OpenVPN client Tunnelblick
tunnelblick@beta 6.0beta04,6080 Free and open source graphic user interface for OpenVPN Tunnelblick
tuple 0.118.0,2024-07-0... Remote pair programming app Tuple
turbo-boost-switcher 2.13.0 Enable and disable the Intel CPU Turbo Boost feature Turbo Boost Switcher
turbovnc-viewer 3.1.1 Remote display system TurboVNC
turtl Secure collaborative notebook turtl
tusk 0.23.0 Refined Evernote desktop app Tusk
tuta-mail 235.240718.0 Email client Tuta Mail
tuxera-ntfs 2023.1 File system and storage management software Tuxera NTFS
tuxguitar 1.5.6 Multitrack guitar tablature editor and player TuxGuitar
tv-browser 4.2.7 Electronic TV guide TV-Browser
tvrenamer 0.8 Utility to rename TV episodes from TV listings TVRenamer
twelite-stage 2022_08_30 Evaluation & Development tools for TWELITE wireless modules TWELITE STAGE SDK
twilioquest 8.0.0 Learn to code and lead your crew on a mission to save The Cloud in a 16bit game TwilioQuest
twine 2.9.1 Tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories Twine
twingate 2024.191.5542 Zero trust network access platform Twingate
twist 1.0.9 Team communication and collaboration software Twist
twitch-studio 0.114.8 Free streaming software designed for new streamers Twitch Studio
twobird 1.0.52 Email client with collaborative notes Twobird
twonkyserver 8.5.2 DLNA/UPnP media server Twonky Server
tyke 1.0 Scratch paper that lives on your menu bar Tyke
tyme 2024.13 Time tracking app Tyme 3
typcn-bilibili 2.56 Unofficial bilibili client Bilibili
typeface 3.14.0,4194 Font manager application Typeface
typeit4me 6.3.9,258 Text expander TypeIt4Me
typinator 9.1 Tool to automate the insertion of frequently used text and graphics Typinator
typora 1.9.4 Configurable document editor that supports Markdown Typora
typora@dev 1.9.2 Configurable document editor that supports Markdown typora-dev
tysimulator 0.10.0 Utility for fast access to your iPhone Simulator apps TySimulator
ubar 4.2.2,422 Window manager and productivity tool uBar
ubersicht 1.6.82 Run commands and display their output on the desktop Übersicht
ubiquiti-unifi-controller 8.3.32 Set up, configure, manage and analyze your UniFi network Ubiquiti UniFi Network Controller
ubports-installer 0.10.0 Application to install ubports on mobile devices ubports installer
udig 2.0.0 uDig
ueli 9.0.4 Keystroke launcher Ueli
ugg 1.7.4 Game analysis and champion picker U GG
uhk-agent 4.2.0 Configuration application for the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Agent
ui 0.69.2,f2822fbb-5... Corporate Wi-Fi, VPN, SSO, and HR Application UI Desktop
ui-browser 3.0.2 Assistant for Apple's Accessibility and AppleScript GUI scripting UI Browser
ukelele 3.5.12 Unicode keyboard layout editor Ukelele
ukrainian-typographic-keyboard 2.0.0 Combined Ukrainian keyboard layout with typographic symbols Ukrainian Unicode Layout
ukrainian-unicode-layout 1.2.2 Installer for Ukrainian Unicode layout Ukrainian Unicode Layout
ulbow 1.10,2023.02 Log browser Ulbow
ultdata iPhone data recovery software UltData
ultimaker-cura 5.7.2,5.7.2-RC2 3D printer and slicing GUI UltiMaker Cura
ultimate Convert and remove DRM on eBooks Epubor Ultimate
ultimate-control 1.2 Take control of your computer wirelessly NEGU Soft Ultimate Control
ultimate-vocal-remover 5.6 Removes vocals from audio files Ultimate Vocal Remover
ultracopier Replacement for files copy dialogs ultracopier
ultrastardeluxe 2024.5.1 Karaoke game UltraStar Deluxe
unclack 1.2.0 Mutes your keyboard while you type Unclack
unclutter 2.1.25d Desktop storage area for notes, files and pasteboard clips Unclutter
uncolored 0.10.2 Rich text (HTML & Markdown) editor that saves documents with themes (Un)colored
uncrustifyx 0.4.3 Uncrustify utility and documentation browser UncrustifyX
understand 6.5.1194 Code visualization and exploration tool SciTools Understand
unetbootin 702 Tool to install Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive UNetbootin
unexpectedly 1.0b Browse and visualise the reports from crashes Unexpectedly
unicodechecker 1.24,835 Explore and convert Unicode UnicodeChecker
unified-remote Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control Unified Remote
uniflash Flash tool for microcontrollers TI UniFlash
uninstallpkg 1.2.1 PKG software package uninstall tool UninstallPKG
unipro-ugene 50.0 Free open-source cross-platform bioinformatics software Ugene
unison 2.53.5 File synchroniser Unison
unite 5.2.1 Turn websites into apps Unite
unite-phone 2024.5.0 Video and voice calling application Unite Phone
unity 2023.2.20f1,0e25a... Platform for 3D content Unity Editor
unity-android-support-for-editor 2023.2.20f1,0e25a... Android target support for Unity Unity Android Build Support
unity-hub 3.8.0 Management tool for Unity Unity Hub
unity-ios-support-for-editor 2023.2.20f1,0e25a... iOS target support for Unity Unity iOS Build Support
unity-webgl-support-for-editor 2023.2.20f1,0e25a... WebGL target support for Unity Unity WebGL Build Support
unity-windows-support-for-editor 2023.2.20f1,0e25a... Windows (Mono) target support for Unity Unity Windows (Mono) Build Support
universal-android-debloater 0.5.1 GUI which uses ADB to debloat non-rooted Android devices Universal Android Debloater
universal-gcode-platform 2.1.8 G-code sender for CNC (compatible with GRBL, TinyG, g2core and Smoothieware) Universal G-code Sender (Platform version)
universal-media-server 14.2.1 Media server supporting DLNA, UPnP and HTTP(S) Universal Media Server
unlox Unlock your computer with your fingerprint Unlox
unnaturalscrollwheels 1.3.0 Tool to invert scroll direction for physical scroll wheels UnnaturalScrollWheels
unpkg 4.8 Unarchiver for .pkg and .mpkg that unpacks all the files in a package unpkg
unraid-usb-creator 2.1 Utility for installing Unraid on a USB drive Unraid USB Creator
unshaky 0.7.0 Software fix for double key presses on Apple's butterfly keyboard Unshaky
updf 1.7.23 PDF editor UPDF
upm 1.15.1 Password manager Universal Password Manager
upscayl 2.11.5 AI image upscaler Upscayl
upterm 0.4.4 Terminal emulator for the 21st century Upterm
usage 1.4.6 Tracks application usage Usage
usb-overdrive 5.3.1 USB and Bluetooth device driver USB Overdrive
usbimager 1.0.10 Very minimal GUI app that can write/read to disk images and USB drives USBImager
usenapp 1.27.4 Newsreader and Usenet client Usenapp
usmart-trade 3.28.1,29485216-b... Stock and options trading platform uSMART Trade
usr-sse2-rdm 2.5.0 Set a Retina display to custom resolutions RDM
utc-menu-clock 1.3 Menu bar clock UTCMenuClock
utm 4.5.3 Virtual machines UI using QEMU UTM
utm@beta 4.5.3 Virtual machines UI using QEMU UTM
utools 5.1.1 Plug-in productivity tool set uTools
utterly 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT-c4... Remove background noise during your calls in any audio or video conferencing app Utterly
uu-booster 2.8.1,250 Network accelerator UU Booster
uvtools 4.3.2 MSLA/DLP, file analysis, calibration, repair, conversion and manipulation UVtools
uxprotect 1.1.1 UXProtect
v2ray-unofficial 2.3.1 GUI client that supports Shadowsocks(R), V2Ray, and Trojan protocols V2Ray Desktop
v2rayu 4.2.0 Collection of tools to build a dedicated basic communication network V2rayU
v2rayx 1.5.1 GUI for v2ray-core V2RayX
vagrant 2.4.1 Development environment Vagrant
vagrant-manager 2.7.1 Vagrant Manager
vagrant-vmware-utility 1.0.22 Gives Vagrant VMware plugin access to various VMware functionalities Vagrant VMware Utility
valentina-studio 14.1.2 Visual editors for data Valentina Studio
valkyrie 2.6.0 Game Master for Fantasy Flight board games Valkyrie
valley 1.0 Software to test performance and stability for PC hardware Valley Benchmark
vallum 4.1.3 Application firewall Vallum
vamiga 2.6.2 Amiga 500, 1000, 2000 emulator vAmiga
vanilla 2.1.1,59 Tool to hide menu bar icons Vanilla
vapor 3.9.2 Visualisation and analysis platform VAPOR
vassal 3.7.12 Board game engine VASSAL
vb-cable 108 Virtual audio cable for routing audio from one application to another VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device
vbrokers 2.4.503,600004,17... Trading platform VBrokers
vcam 2.0.175 Webcam background tool
vcv-rack 2.5.2 Open-source virtual modular synthesiser VCV Rack
ved 1.11.1 External level editor for VVVVVV ved
veepn 2.3.7 VPN client VeePN
vellum 3.7.4,37400 Ebook creation software Vellum
veracrypt 1.26.7 Disk encryption software focusing on security based on TrueCrypt VeraCrypt
vero 0.12.1736 Ad-free, Algorithm-free Social VERO
versions 2.4.4,2040 Subversion client Versions
vertcoin-core 23.2 Vertcoin client and wallet Vertcoin Core
vesta 3.5.8 Visualisation for electronic and structural analysis VESTA
veusz Scientific plotting application Veusz
via 3.0.0 Keyboard configurator VIA
viable 1b12,2023.11 Create and run macOS virtual machines on Apple silicon Macs Viable
vial 0.7.1 Configurator of compatible keyboards in real time Vial
viber 23.1.0,2310 Calling and messaging application focusing on security Viber
vidcutter Media cutter and joiner VidCutter
videoduke 2.15.2 Video downloader VideoDuke
videofusion Free all-in-one video editor VideoFusion
videostream 0.4.3 Stream media from your computer to Chromecast Videostream
vidl 1.0.2 GUI frontend for youtube-dl ViDL for Mac
vieb 12.0.0 Vim Inspired Electron Browser Vieb
vienna 3.9.1 RSS and Atom reader Vienna
vimcal 1.0.30 Calendar Vimcal
vimediamanager 0.7a23 Manage digital artifacts for your movie, television and anime collections ViMediaManager
vimr 0.47.5,20240630.1... GUI for the Neovim text editor VimR
vincelwt-chatgpt 0.0.5 Menu bar application for ChatGPT ChatGPT for Mac
vine-server 5.3.2 VNC server Vine Server
vip-access 1.0.7 Two-step authentication software Symantec VIP Access
virtual-desktop-streamer 1.32.9 VR Virtual Desktop Streamer Virtual Desktop Streamer
virtual-ii 11.4 Apple II Emulator Virtual ][
virtualbox 7.0.20,163906 Virtualiser for x86 hardware Oracle VirtualBox
virtualbox@6 6.1.50,161033 Virtualizer for x86 hardware Oracle VirtualBox
virtualbox@beta 7.0.19_BETA4-163780 Virtualizer for x86 and arm64 hardware Oracle VirtualBox
virtualbuddy 1.5,117 Virtualization tool VirtualBuddy
virtualbuddy@beta 1.3,100 Virtualization tool VirtualBuddy
virtualc64 5.0 Cycle-accurate C64 emulator VirtualC64
virtualdj 2024,8225,67AC1790 DJ Software VirtualDJ
virtualgl 3.1 3D without boundaries VirtualGL
virtualhere 5.6.8 Use USB devices remotely over a network VirtualHere
virtualhereserver 4.6.6 Remotely access your connected USB devices over the network VirtualHereServer
virtualhostx 2021.01.10,1017 Local server environment VirtualHostX
viscosity 1.11.2 OpenVPN client with AppleScript support Viscosity
visit 3.4.1 Visualisation and data analysis for mesh-based scientific data VisIt
viso 8.9.4 Image viewer Viso
visual 1.27 Learn ARM assembly language VisUAL
visual-paradigm 17.2,20240624 UML, SysML, BPMN modelling platform Visual Paradigm
visual-paradigm-ce 17.2,20240624 UML, SysML, BPMN modelling platform Visual Paradigm Community Edition
visual-studio,f9667... Integrated development environment Microsoft Visual Studio
visual-studio-code 1.91.1 Open-source code editor Microsoft Visual Studio Code
visual-studio-code@insiders latest Code editor Microsoft Visual Studio Code
visualboyadvance-m 2.1.9 Game Boy Advance emulator Visual Boy Advance - M
visualvm 2.1.9 All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool VisualVM
vitals 0.9 Tiny process monitor Vitals
vitalsource-bookshelf Access etextbooks VitalSource Bookshelf
vitamin-r 4.18 Collection of productivity tools and techniques Vitamin-R
vivaldi 6.8.3381.48 Web browser with built-in email client focusing on customization and control Vivaldi
vivaldi@snapshot 6.9.3405.3 Web browser with built-in email client focusing on customization and control Vivaldi Snapshot
vivid 2.9 Adaptive brightness for displays Vivid
vk-calls 1.34.22110 Platform for video calls of any purpose VK Calls
vk-messenger 5.3.2,723 Messenger app VK Messenger
vlc 3.0.21 Multimedia player VLC media player
vlc-setup 3.70 Set up VLC for VLC Remote VLC Remote Setup Helper
vlc-webplugin 3.0.4 Web browser plugin VLC for OS X web plugin
vlc@nightly latest Open-source cross-platform multimedia player VLC media player
vlcstreamer 5.25 Stream videos to mobile devices using VLC VLC Streamer
vmpk 0.9.0 Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard VMPK
vmware-fusion 13.5.2,23775688 Create, manage, and run virtual machines VMware Fusion
vmware-fusion@preview 22068932 Create, manage, and run virtual machines VMware Fusion Tech Preview
vmware-horizon-client 2312.1-8.12.1-235... Virtual machine client VMware Horizon Client
vnc-server 7.12.0 Remote desktop server application Real VNC Server
vnc-viewer 7.12.0 Remote desktop application focusing on security Real VNC Viewer
vnote 3.18.1 Note-taking platform VNote
voicepeak 1.2.2 High quality text-to-speech software with emotional expression VOICEPEAK
voikkospellservice 1.1.0b1 Spell-checking service for Finnish VoikkoSpellService
volanta 1.9.3,7b80477b Personal flight tracker Volanta
volley 1.3.1 Asynchronous video messaging app Volley
volt 0.96 Client for Slack, Discord, Skype, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and more Volt
volta 1.18.1 GitHub issues and notifications Volta
voodoopad 5.4.0 Notes organiser VoodooPad
voov-meeting,577b1e... Video conferencing software VooV Meeting
vorta 0.9.1 Desktop Backup Client for Borg Vorta
vox 3.6.1 Music player for high resolution (Hi-Res) music through the external sources VOX
vox-preferences-pane 1.5.14 VOX Add-on for Apple Remote, EarPods and System Buttons VOX Preferences
voxql 0.1.0 Quick Look generator for MagicaVoxel files voxql
vpn-by-google-one VPN provided by Google One VPN by Google One
vpn-enabler 5.2 VPN settings utility VPN Enabler
vpn-tracker-365 24.0.3,240033 VPN client: IPsec, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, SonicWALL/AnyConnect/Fortinet SSL VPN Tracker 365
vrew 2.3.4 Video editor Vrew
vscodium Binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing VSCodium
vscodium@insiders Code editor VSCodium
vsd-viewer 6.16.1 Preview .VSD, .VDX, .VSDX file formats of Visio drawings Nektony VSD Viewer
vsdx-annotator 1.16.1 Preview, edit and convert Visio drawings Nektony VSDX Annotator
vsee 4.22.0,51351 Group video calls, screen sharing and instant messaging VSee
vu 1.2,6,1523016199 Instagram client vu
vuescan 9.8.35 App that provides drivers for older model scanners that are no longer supported VueScan
vuze Bit torrent client Vuze
vv 2.6.1 Neovim client VV
vym 2.9.22 Generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts VYM (View Your Mind)
vyprvpn VPN client VyprVPN
vysor 5.0.7 Mirror and control your phone Vysor
wacom-inkspace 2.7.4 Wacom Inkspace
wacom-tablet 6.4.6-3 Resources for Wacom tablets Wacom Tablet
wail 0.2019.05.21 Web Archiving Integration Layer: One-Click User Instigated Preservation WAIL
wakatime 5.16.0 System tray app for automatic time tracking Wakatime
wallpaper-wizard 2.2.0 Adjustable wallpaper application Wallpaper Wizard
waltr 2.6.27 Media direct transfer tool for Apple devices WALTR
waltr-heic-converter 1.0.2,1537972843 Drag-and-drop HEIC to JPEG image converter WALTR HEIC Converter
waltr-pro 4.0.115 Media conversion and direct transfer tool for Apple devices WALTR PRO
wannianli 2019-12-06 Chinese lunar calendar on the menu bar WanNianLi
warcraft-logs-uploader 8.10.4 Client to upload warcraft logs Warcraft Logs Uploader
warp 0.2024. Rust-based terminal Warp
warsow 2.1.2 First-person shooter game Warsow
warzone-2100 4.5.1 Free and open-source real time strategy game Warzone 2100
wasabi-wallet Open-source, non-custodial, privacy focused Bitcoin wallet Wasabi Wallet
watchfacestudio 1.6.9,1c780166-bc... Graphic authoring tool for creating watch faces for Wear OS Watch Face Studio
waterfox 6.0.17 Web browser Waterfox
waterfox-classic 2022.11 Web browser Waterfox Classic
wave 0.7.6 Terminal emulator Wave Terminal
wavebox Web browser Wavebox
waves-central 15.0.2 Client to install and activate Waves products Waves Central
wavesurfer 1.8.8p6.1 Tool for sound visualization and manipulation WaveSurfer
wch-ch34x-usb-serial-driver 1.8 USB serial driver WCH USB serial driver for CH340/CH341/CH342/CH343/CH344/CH9101/CH9102/CH9103/CH9143
wd-security Lock and unlock Western Digital external drives with hardware encryption WD Security
weakauras-companion 5.2.4 Update your auras from and creates regular backups of them WeakAuras Companion
weasis 4.4.0 Free DICOM viewer for displaying and analyzing medical images Weasis
webcamoid 9.0.0 Webcam suite Webcamoid
webcatalog 57.7.0 Tool to run web apps like desktop apps WebCatalog
webex Video communication and virtual meeting platform Webex Teams
webex-meetings latest Video communication and virtual meeting platform Webex Meetings
webots R2023b Open source desktop application used to simulate robots Cyberbotics Webots Robot Simulator
webpack-dashboard 1.0.0 Electron Desktop GUI for Webpack Dashboard Webpack Dashboard
webplotdigitizer 4.7 Extract numerical data from plot images WebPlotDigitizer
webpquicklook 1.0 Quick Look plugin for webp files WebPQuickLook
webrecorder-player 1.8.0 Webrecorder Player
website-watchman 3.3.1 Monitor a whole website, part of a website or a single page Website Watchman
webstorm 2024.1.5,241.1803... JavaScript IDE WebStorm
webtorrent 0.24.0 Torrent streaming application WebTorrent Desktop
webull 8.0.0,80000025 Desktop client for Webull Financial LLC Webull
webviewscreensaver 2.4 Screen saver that displays web pages WebViewScreenSaver
wechat Free messaging and calling application WeChat for Mac
wechatwebdevtools 1.06.2405020 Wechat DevTools for Official Account and Mini Program development Wechat DevTools
wechatwork Messaging and calling application WeChat Work
weektodo 2.2.0 Weekly planner app focused on privacy WeekToDo
weiyun 5.2.1423 Document backup and online management Weiyun
weka 3.8.6 Collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks Weka
welly 3.2.0 BBS client Welly
wetype 1.2.1,372 Text input app from WeChat team for Chinese users WeType
wewechat 1.1.7 Unofficial WeChat client weweChat
wey 0.3.7 Open-source Slack desktop app Wey
wezterm 20240203-110809,5... GPU-accelerated cross-platform terminal emulator and multiplexer WezTerm
wezterm@nightly latest GPU-accelerated cross-platform terminal emulator and multiplexer WezTerm
whale 2.4.0 Unofficial Trello app Whale
whalebird 6.1.3 Mastodon, Pleroma, and Misskey client Whalebird
whatroute 2.6.9 Network diagnostic utility WhatRoute
whatsapp Native desktop client for WhatsApp WhatsApp
whatsapp@beta Native desktop client for WhatsApp WhatsApp Beta
whatsapp@legacy 2.2425.52 Legacy desktop client for WhatsApp WhatsApp Legacy
whatsize 7.7.7 File system utility used to view and reclaim disk space WhatSize
whatsyoursign 2.2.2 Shows a files cryptographic signing information What's Your Sign?
whichspace 0.3.2 Active space menu bar icon WhichSpace
whisky 2.3.2 Wine wrapper built with SwiftUI Whisky
whoozle-android-file-transfer 4.3 Android File Transfer for Linux Android File Transfer
whoozle-android-file-transfer@nightly latest Android File Transfer for Linux Android File Transfer
widelands 1.2 Free real-time strategy game like Settlers II Widelands
wifi-explorer 3.5.2 Scan, monitor, and troubleshoot wireless networks WiFi Explorer
wifi-explorer-pro 3.6.5 Scan, monitor, and troubleshoot wireless networks WiFi Explorer Pro
wifiman 0.3.0 Network monitoring and troubleshooting tool WiFiman Desktop
wifispoof 3.9.5 Change your computer's MAC address WiFiSpoof
winclone 10.3 Boot Camp cloning and backup solution Winclone
windows95 3.1.1 Electron Windows 95 Windows 95
windscribe 2.10.15 VPN client for secure internet access and private browsing Windscribe
windterm 2.6.1,2.6.0 SSH/SFTP/Shell/Telnet/Serial terminal WindTerm
wine-stable 9.0_3 Compatibility layer to run Windows applications WineHQ-stable
wine@devel 9.13 Compatibility layer to run Windows applications WineHQ-devel
wine@staging 9.13 Compatibility layer to run Windows applications WineHQ-staging
wing-personal Free Python IDE designed for students and hobbyists Wing Personal
wings3d 2.3 Advanced subdivision modeller Wings 3D
wins 2.1.1 Window manager Wins
wintertime 0.0.7 Utility to freeze apps running in the background to save battery Wintertime
winx-hd-video-converter 6.8.2,20240112 HD video converter Winx HD Video Converter
winzip 11.0.6675 File archiving tool WinZip
wire 3.35.4861 Collaboration platform focusing on security Wire
wirecast 16.2.2 Live video streaming production tool Wirecast
wireframe-sketcher 7.1.1 Tool for creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes WireframeSketcher
wireshark 4.2.6 Network protocol analyzer Wireshark
wireshark-chmodbpf 4.2.6 Network protocol analyzer Wireshark-ChmodBPF
wiso-steuer-2022 29.15.4410 Tax declaration for the fiscal year 2021 WISO Steuer 2022
wiso-steuer-2023 30.14.4340 Tax declaration for the fiscal year 2022 WISO Steuer 2023
wiso-steuer-2024 31.08.4050 Tax declaration for the fiscal year 2023 WISO Steuer 2024
witch 4.6.2 Switch apps, windows, or tabs Witch
wiznote 0.1.106 Note-taking application WizNote
wjoy 0.7.1 Nintendo wiimote driver WJoy
wkhtmltopdf 0.12.6-2 HTML to PDF renderer wkhtmltopdf
wljs-notebook 2.5.0 Javascript frontend for Wolfram Engine WLJS Notebook
wolai 1.2.10 Cloud notes wolai for mac
wolfram-engine Evaluator for the Wolfram Language Wolfram Engine
wombat 0.5.0 Cross platform gRPC client Wombat
wonderfultools-screensaver 1.0 Screensaver based on opening video from Apple's September 2019 event Wonderful Tools Screensaver
wondershare-edrawmax 12.6.1 Diagram software EdrawMax
wondershare-filmora 13.0.25 Video editor Wondershare Filmora
wondershare-uniconverter 15.5.13 Video editing software UniConverter
wooshy 2828.27.0 Click and more on UI Elements through typing Wooshy
wordpresscom 8.0.3 WordPress client
wordpresscom-studio 1.0.6 WordPress local development environment Wordpress Studio
wordservice 2.8.3 Tool that provides commands for working with selected text WordService
workbench 1.0.9 Seamless, automatic, “dotfile” sync to iCloud Workbench
workflowy 4.0.2407181042 Notetaking tool WorkFlowy
workman 1.0 Alternative English keyboard layout Workman keyboard layout
workplace-chat Communications portal for your organisation Facebook Workplace Chat
workspace-one-intelligent-hub VMware workspace Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
workspaces 2.1.3 Workspace organising app Workspaces
worldpainter 2.22.1 Interactive map generator for Minecraft WorldPainter
wormhole 1.8.0 Browse & Control phone on PC, Screen Fusion for iOS & Android Wormhole
wow 8.15.0 Stream Wow TV content (formerly Sky Ticket) Wow TV player
wowmatrix WoW AddOn Installer and Updater WowMatrix
wowup 2.12.0 World of Warcraft addon manager WowUp
wpsoffice 3.2.0,6370 All-in-one office suite WPS Office
wpsoffice-cn 6.9.0,8865 All-in-one office service platform in Chinese WPS Office
wrike 4.4.2 Project management app Wrike
write 3.0.0 Word processor for handwriting Write
writefull 3.0.0-beta19 Provides feedback on your writing Writefull
writemapper 2.10.0 Writing tool that helps produce text documents using mind maps WriteMapper
writer 2.1.1 Screenwriting app based on the fountain language Writer
writerside 2024.1,241.18775.98 Technical writing environment Writerside
wwdc 7.5,1044 Allows access to WWDC livestreams, videos and sessions WWDC
wxmacmolplt 7.7,ijfreodzydtqn... Cross-platform GUI input generator for GAMESS wxMacMolPlt
x-mirage 3.0.2 AirPlay and Google Cast receiver X-Mirage
x-moto 0.6.2 2D motocross platform game X-Moto
x-swiftformat 2.0.1 Xcode extension to format Swift code X-SwiftFormat
x2goclient Remote desktop software X2Go Client
xact 2.55 X Audio Compression Toolkit xACT
xamarin-android Gives .NET developers complete access to Android SDK's Xamarin.Android
xamarin-ios,ceb0ea3... Gives .NET developers complete access to iOS, watchOS, and tvOS SDK's Xamarin.iOS
xamarin-mac,ceb0ea3f... Gives C# and .NET developers access to Objective-C and Swift API's Xamarin Mac
xamarin-profiler 1.6.13,11 Mono log profiler graphical interface Xamarin Profiler
xamarin-studio IDE for mobile app development Xamarin Studio
xamarin-workbooks 1.5.0 C# documentation and coding materials Xamarin Workbooks
xampp 8.2.4-0 Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP, and Perl XAMPP
xampp-vm 8.1.6-0 Virtual machine with apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP, and Perl XAMPP-VM
xampp@7 7.4.33-0 Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP 7, and Perl XAMPP
xaos 4.3.2 Real-time interactive fractal zoomer GNU XaoS
xattred 1.5,2023.05 Extended attribute editor xattred
xbar 2.1.7-beta View output from scripts in the menu bar xbar
xbench 1.3 Benchmarking software Xbench
xca 2.6.0 X Certificate and Key management XCA
xcodeclangformat 1.2.1 Format code in Xcode with clang-format XcodeClangFormat
xcodepilot 1.5.0,27 Toolset for Apple developers to increase productivity and efficiency XcodePilot
xcodes 2.2.0b27 Install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode Xcodes
xctu 6.5.13,658 Configuration Platform for XBee/RF Solutions XCTU
xdm 7.2.7 Tool to increase download speed Xtreme Download Manager
xee 3.5.4,69,1640101604 Image viewer and file browser Xee³
xemu 0.7.130 Original Xbox Emulator Xemu
xiami 7.5.8,7058,30b524... Music content management and distribution Xiami
xiaomi-cloud 2.6.2 Sync photos, contacts, messages and devices Xiaomi Cloud
ximalaya 4.0.2,GMCoOSAJWGU... Platform for podcasting and audio-sharing ximalaya
xit 1.0b17 GUI for the git version control system Xit
xiv-on-mac 4.14.1 Wine wrapper, setup tool and launcher for FFXIV XIV on Mac
xld 20240511 Lossless audio decoder X Lossless Decoder
xliff-editor 2.12 Localization file editor Xliff Editor
xlplayer Video player XLPlayer for Mac
xmind 24.04.10311-20240... Mind mapping and brainstorming tool XMind
xmind@beta 24.07.03011,20240... Mind mapping and brainstorming tool XMind
xmplify 1.11.4 XML editor Xmplify
xnapper 1.17.1 Screenshot tool Xnapper
xnconvert 1.100.1 Image-converter and resiser tool XnSoft XnConvert
xnviewmp 1.7.2 Photo viewer, image manager, image resiser and more XnViewMP
xonotic 0.8.6 Arena-style first person shooter Xonotic
xournal-plus-plus 1.2.3 Handwriting notetaking software Xournal++
xpra 6.0.2,0 Screen and application forwarding system Xpra
xprocheck 1.5,2023.04 Anti-malware scan logging tool XProCheck
xquartz 2.8.5 Open-source version of the X.Org X Window System XQuartz
xrg 3.2.1 System monitor XRG
xscope 4.7.1,141 Tools for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts xScope
xscreensaver 6.09 Screen savers XScreenSaver
xsplit-vcam 4.0.2206.0801 Webcam background tool XSplit VCam
xstation5 2.50.0-Build.5 Desktop trading platform xStation5
xtool-creative-space 1.7.8,28,bef4f224... Design and control software for xTool laser machines xTool Creative Space
xtorrent 2.1,171 Torrent client Xtorrent
yaak 2024.6.6 REST, GraphQL and gRPC client Yaak
yacreader Comic reader YACReader
yakyak Desktop chat client for Google Hangouts Yakyak
yam-display 2.4.5 Yet another monitor Yam Display
yandex 24.6.3 Web browser Yandex.Browser
yandex-cloud-cli 0.128.0 CLI for Yandex Cloud Yandex Cloud CLI
yandex-disk 3.2.40,3216 Cloud storage Yandex.Disk
yandex-music 5.7.14 Tune in to Yandex Music and get personal recommendations Yandex Music
yandex-music-unofficial 1.8.1 Unofficial app for Yandex Music Yandex Music Unofficial
yass 1.11.4 Lightweight and efficient, socks/http forward proxy Yet Another Shadow Socket
yate 6.20 Media file tag editor Yate
yattee 1.5.1 Alternative and privacy-friendly YouTube frontend Yattee
yealink-meeting 4.6.26,a8e8023773... Video communication and virtual meeting platform Yealink Meeting
yed 3.24 Create diagrams manually, or import external data for analysis yWorks yEd
yemuzip 2.5 YemuZip
yep 4.0.4 Document manager Yep
yes24-ebook Crema Ebook reader for Yes24 YES24eBook
yesplaymusic 0.4.8-2 Third-party NetEase cloud player YesPlayMusic
yggdrasil 0.5.6 End-to-end encrypted IPv6 networking to connect worlds Yggdrasil
yinxiangbiji 9.7.18_475762 Note taking app Evernote
yippy 2.8.1 Open source clipboard manager Yippy
yo 2.0.1 Utility to emit Notification Center messages from the command-line Yo Scheduler
yoda 1.0.1 App to browse and download YouTube videos Yoda
yojimbo 4.6.3 Your effortless, reliable information organiser Yojimbo
youdaodict 10.2.9,988 Youdao Dictionary YoudaoDict
youdaonote 8.0.10 Multi-platform note application youdaonote
youku Chinese video streaming and sharing platform Youku
youlean-loudness-meter 2.4.4,2023,03 Loudness meter Youlean Loudness Meter
youll-never-take-me-alive 1.0.2 Utility to enhance the protection of encrypted data You'll Never Take Me Alive!
yousician Musical instrument learning tool Yousician
youtrack-workflow 3385 Create and edit workflows for YouTrack JetBrains Youtrack Workflow Editor
youtube-downloader 0.14 Simple menu bar app to download YouTube movies YouTube Downloader
youtube-to-mp3 Downloads music from playlists or channels MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter
youtype 0.7.3 Input method helper YouType
yt-music 1.3.3 App wrapper for YouTube Music
ytmdesktop-youtube-music 2.0.0 YouTube music client YouTube Music Desktop App
yu-writer 0.5.3 Markdown editor Yu Writer
yubico-authenticator 7.0.0 Application for generating TOTP and HOTP codes Yubico Authenticator
yubico-yubikey-manager 1.2.5 Application for configuring any YubiKey Yubikey Manager
yubihsm2-sdk 2023-11 Libraries and utilities to interact with a YubiHSM 2 natively and via PKCS#11 YubiHSM 2 SDK
yuna 1.4.23 Anime player and list manager Yuna
yuque,BJac38... Cloud knowledge base Yuque
zalo 24.7.1 Messaging and calling application Zalo
zandronum 3.1 Multiplayer oriented port for Doom and Doom II Zandronum
zap 2.15.0 Free and open source web app scanner Zed Attack Proxy
zappy 4.7.5 Screen capture tool for remote teams Zappy
zazu 0.6.0 Extensible and open-source launcher for hackers, creators and dabblers Zazu
zdoom 2.8.1 Source port of Doom ZDoom
zecwallet-lite 1.8.8 Zcash Light Wallet Zecwallet Lite
zed 0.144.4 Multiplayer code editor Zed
zed@preview 0.145.1 Multiplayer code editor Zed Preview
zeebe-modeler 0.11.0 Desktop Application for modelling Zeebe Workflows with BPMN Zeebe Modeler
zeitgeist 2.3 Keep an eye on your Vercel deployments Zeitgeist
zenbeats 3.1.7,9379 Music creation app Zenbeats
zenmap 7.95 Multi-platform graphical interface for official Nmap Security Scanner Zenmap
zenmate-vpn VPN client ZenMate VPN
zeplin 10.6.0 Share, organise and collaborate on designs Zeplin
zerobranestudio 2.01 Lua IDE ZeroBrane Studio
zeronet 0.7.1 Decentralised websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network ZeroNet
zerotier-one 1.14.0 Mesh VPN client ZeroTier One
zesarux 11.0 ZX machines emulator ZEsarUX
zettelkasten 3.2022.8 Note box according to Luhmann Zettelkasten
zettlr 3.2.0 Open-source markdown editor Zettlr
zight 8.2.1,2847 Visual communication platform Zight
znote 2.6.4 Notes-taking app Znote
zoc 8.08.6 Professional SSH client and terminal emulator ZOC
zoho-docs 1.10.2 Sync files to/from Zoho Docs Zoho Docs
zoho-mail 1.6.3 Email client Zoho Mail
zoho-workdrive 2.7.39 Client for the Zoho cloud storage service Zoho WorkDrive
zoom Video communication and virtual meeting platform Zoom
zoom-for-it-admins Video communication and virtual meeting platform Zoom for IT Admins
zotero 6.0.37 Collect, organise, cite, and share research sources Zotero
zotero@beta 7.0.0-beta.105,c5... Collect, organize, cite, and share research sources Zotero Beta
zprint 1.2.9 Library to reformat Clojure and Clojurescript source code and s-expressions zprint
zsa-wally 2.1.0 Flash tool for ZSA keyboards Wally
zspace 2.7.2024061401,17... NAS Client zspace
zui 1.17.0 Graphical user interface for exploring data in Zed lakes Zui
zulip 5.11.0 Desktop client for the Zulip team chat platform Zulip
zulu 22.0.2,22.32.15 OpenJDK distribution from Azul Azul Zulu Java Standard Edition Development Kit
zulu@11 11.0.24,11.74.15 OpenJDK distribution from Azul Azul Zulu Java Standard Edition Development Kit
zulu@17 17.0.12,17.52.17 OpenJDK distribution from Azul Azul Zulu Java Standard Edition Development Kit
zulu@21 21.0.4,21.36.17 OpenJDK distribution from Azul Azul Zulu Java Standard Edition Development Kit
zulu@8 8.0.422, OpenJDK distribution from Azul Azul Zulu Java 8 Standard Edition Development Kit
zulufx 22.0.2,22.32.15 Azul ZuluFX Java Standard Edition Development Kit ZuluFX
zwift 1.1.13 Indoor cycling game Zwift
zxpinstaller 1.8.2 Adobe extensions installer ZXPInstaller
zy-player 2.8.8 Video resource player ZY Player
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